Friday, February 06, 2009

friday, february 6 2009

ok, i'm not sure how to say this. but today? was the best day i've had in a LONG time.

it started when i got home from my "sex talk" last night, buz said, "oh, by the way, i'm taking a 'mental health day' tomorrow."

literally, i had trouble going to sleep.

so this morning. was a regular friday. except dad was part of everything. it started with big h realizing that dad was going to be with us the whole day. he was elated. um, ELATED.

got goo up, made lunches, got everyone dressed, got ready. and we left the house for donut friday BEFORE we normally leave. which makes life less stressful. a LOT less stressful.

got in the car and the mood in the air was so light and wonderful. got donuts and headed to school. big h was so excited to tell his teachers that dad was with us today. and dad got to watch goo interact when she got to school and got loved on by her teachers.

buz and i left school. together. headed to starbucks. and then headed home. i wanted to walk the neighborhood. and get this, ladies. (and any gentleman reading this) buz went on a walk WITH me.

oh my. it was the most wonderful time. we just talked. talked about silly things. talked about meaningful things. didn't talk. walked.

it was AWESOME. seriously, right now i need to check out to come up with other ways to say AWESOME. awesome, awesome, awesome.

i love my man.

we came home and got ready. we headed out to ikea. and just walked around. for like TWO HOURS. we held hands. we dreamed about remodeling. we dreamed about what big h's room will look like when he's a teenager. we dreamed about goo moving into a big girl bed and what it will look like.

we ate lunch and ate off of each other's plate.

seriously. we were that couple. that annoying couple that makes other couples barf at our cuteness. i'm serious. i loved it.

we finished up and got ready to head to school. we got to look in the one-way mirrors of both kids' rooms before they saw us. when we got to goo's room, her teachers said, "mom and dad. goo has something she wants to tell you." we saw goo, and her face LIT UP.


i'm not kidding when i almost started crying. both of her teachers were so thrilled for her. they were so proud. we picked up big h and he (re)introduced buz to his teachers. we went outside to the school playground. the both played together. and buz and i just got to watch them. just play. it was surreal.

we headed home to play.

then...big h and i started preparing for our departure.


i know.

it's the same boy that slept over here a couple of months ago. big h has been BESIDE HIMSELF about this night.

this is the FIRST night he's ever been away from us and not with family. this is huge, people.

buz stayed home with goo this afternoon, and i got to take big h to his house. let me tell you that the conversation from our house to this boy's house is one i want to remember for the rest of my life. not for the content of what we talked about. but for the anticipation and excitement in my little boy's voice. i have never heard so many times, "is this his neighborhood?" he could. not. wait.

i packed his backpack this afternoon with clothes for tomorrow, jammies for tonight (which, of COURSE, had to be his batman jammies), his toothbrush and toothpaste, and his stuffed batman to sleep with tonight.

on the way there, we talked about obedience and what we do when his mommy or daddy asks him to do something or not to do something. and his response was, "well, i will say 'yes ma'am' or 'yes sir' and do what they say to do."

hi. i'd like to introduce you to my melted heart.

it was a wonderful car ride. won.der.ful. literally, i will hold that memory in my heart for as long as i possibly can.

when we finally arrived, his pal ran out to the car to meet us. my little man got out of the car with his HUGE monogrammed backpack on his back and he SKIPPED inside the house. i had tears.

i talked to his mom for a while. and then i was ready to head out. he and his pal were playing a game. and big h said, "i gotta stop for a minute. i gotta hug my mama and tell her bye."

i hugged him, and i'm going to tell you right here and now. i had to hurry down the stairs to get into the car. because my eyes were watery.

i said goodbye to the mom and told her to call me if there were any issues. but that i would see her in the morning. i got in the car and wept. and honestly, i can't tell you all the reasons why. because i don't know them. but the main one was that my "little man" is getting to be such a big kid. and i am mourning his exit out of little toddlerhood.

but i headed straight for a local mall. when buz and i talked about big h not being with us tonight, we wanted to do something special for goo. there is one mall play area that she loves. which is surprising because it's the scene of the crime. but apparently, she's forgiven and forgotten.

so i met up with her and buz. and she played and played and played. and i chased her. and buz chased her. and tickled her. and we both watched her laugh. and we made her the CENTER OF OUR ATTENTION. and she did NOT know what to do with herself. when she was ready to be done playing, she looked right at buz and said, "i want peh-zuhs. i ree hunnnn-gee."

oh. you want pretzels because you're real hungry?

i mean, it was plain as day.

so we got some pretzels. she sat on a bench and told us she was having a picnic. she shared her pretzels with us. it was a beautiful moment. then, we got back on the move. we went up and down escalators. she wanted to be in between both of us and have us swing her. so we did. it was so weird. and lovely. and wonderful for her. and wonderful for us.

we headed to the food court to have some dinner. we just watched her eat and play with her minnie mouse. and smile. and laugh.

we left and came home. dad stopped and got the two of us dinner while she and i played in the bathroom. she splashed and ate bubbles. we got out of the bathtub and i got her jammies on. dad had just got home, and she said to me, "i hear sum-ting. i hear daddy." daddy came in her room. we read a noah's ark book about four times. and she made all of the animal sounds. and was so happy for noah in the end because "he is not crying." which is her way of knowing if someone's happy or not. are they crying?

then, she read good night moon to us.

oh. my.

i LOVE when she reads this book. big h NEVER ONCE liked this book. we had heard it was supposed to be some award-winning book. but big h never got that memo.

goo, on the other hand, did.

doh-night comb
doh-night mush
doh-night yady shhhhh
doh-night cow....JUMPING OVER UH MOON!!!!!!! (very emphatic about this phrase)
doh-night bears in chairs
doh-night mouse (SQUEAK SQUEAK)
doh-night kitten (MEOW)
uh in. (the end)

then, i put her to bed. and she talked to herself and read the book to herself in the dark over and over again.

and all of the sudden, it's 7:45, and we have nothing to do. on a friday night.

so because we're sappies at heart. we watched our engagement slideshow and then we watched our wedding.

and i'll say, it was wonderful to relive those memories. wow, my man is handsome in a tux. wow, my parents and in-laws looked fabulous. wow, i have amazing friends. kelly, your toast was freaking awesome. and you did a great job fixing my dress every time.

we sat together and cuddled and relived what God started in us almost eight years ago. and it was a night to remember.

and now, buz is snoring, and i'm determined to get this up before midnight.

best part of my day? don't have one. every single detail of the entire day was too perfect. (i know. you're barfing. it's ok. i would be too.)

goo beginning the daily process of brushing her OWN teeth.

it's really more of a fascination with water.

but she distracts us by actually, you know, BRUSHING HER TEETH.

big h showing me his lego spaceship and daddy in the background preparing his own lego spaceship for flight.

goo having the time of her life being an only child.

mama lovin' on her sweet pea.

goo says "cheers" to almost everything edible or drinkable.

when she shared her pretzel with daddy. she ADORES daddy.

just kickin' back without a care in the world or a place to be.

about to dig in to her sonic hot dog.

minnie joined us for dinner, and she needed an after-meal jog around the booth. idea why blogger does such weird things. tonight, it's highlighted words. UGH.


Jeff and Steph said...

I know I don't know you, but I so look forward to your posts everyday! Your post made me get teary with how happy your day was! I love how you work to make everything so special for your kids. Thanks.

Ani said...

I loved, loved, loved this post. I was crying right along with you when you dropped big h at his friends... hope he had a great time. Sounds like the rest of the family did :)

Anonymous said...

sometimes I just wish I were Janet. That sounds like an absolutely perfect day :)
So sweet.
(we love us some Goodnight Moon too.)

Casey said...

totally barfing. but still love it :) love that you had such a fun day w/ your kiddos. love that you adore your hubby so. love that all was perfect today! not so much in my world (sick, cranky baby...) but my day will come--oh yes it will.

Jenna said...

Loved every minute of your "loved every minute" day!

Kelly said...

Sounds like a super duper day!! Glad you got to have it.

I hope Big H had a really fabulous time at his sleepover.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations goo!!!

R said...

funny! M says "cheers" to everything too!

Kelly from Montana said...

i'm not typically the jealous type however i am totally jealous of your sweet and AWESOME life!!! i love you, buddy! way to go, buz! only God could create someone so perfect for my friend! praise Him! oh yeah and go wolfpack;)

Anonymous said...

loved hearing about your day and laughing that in this post you used the word barf 2x. i am so juvenile. see you tomorrow!!!!

Anonymous said...

loved hearing about your day and laughing that in this post you used the word barf 2x. i am so juvenile. see you tomorrow!!!!

Colored With Memories said...

praise god for mental health days...and a man that WALKS with you...oh my.

if and when mine walks with me it is more like he is jogging ahead and then coming back. repeat. pretty hard to have convo! that's makes me laugh.

loved reading about your wonderful day!

Heather Thorne said...

precious. all of it. :) And Goodnight Moon is the best book ever. Look forward to reading it with my own children some day!