Tuesday, February 17, 2009

tuesday february 17 2009

i wrote out my post for the day (which had no pictures because i didn't really want to get my camera out), which documented my parent/teacher conference this morning. it went awesome, and i can't wait to brag on my little man. it was incredible, and i left crying at all of the things that God is doing in and through my son.

but tonight? i can't. i can't post about that. i have to post about someone who needs prayer.

remember when i posted about the blogs i read? she's one of them. she's a friend from high school, and i have had such a wonderful time reconnecting with her.

today, she and her family got some devastating news. and i can't think about anything else today.

so if you read this blog, i urge you to pray for her and her family. and if you feel comfortable, head over there and leave some words of encouragement. they need it.

i know that God is the ultimate Healer. and i know she knows it too. but i want her and her family to REALLY feel His presence right now.

thanks, in advance.


windyday said...

Thanks we are so encouraged! I feel God's voice through all the many messages we are getting! Thanks for sending prayers our way!!

Anonymous said...

I will be praying for healing and for peace. hugs.

aimee said...

I'm saying a prayer.

Ani said...

my prayers are with all of you.

j.ro said...

thanks so much for posting this janet! i hadn't read her blog in a few months, so I'm so thankful you sent us her way!