Friday, May 25, 2007

i define cool

seriously, i do.

i am sitting at a starbucks at 10 in the morning, listening to some music (cool music, nonetheless), typing a post for my blog on "my" laptop, utilizing the WiFi, while sipping a nice warm caffeinated beverage.

i have no doubt people looking at me totally think i'm a college student in the middle of my minimester and plotting out my hip evening with my friends tonight. you know, my friends who wear low rise jeans and vintage t-shirts with palm trees or lacrosse strung heads on the front. and wearing flip flops, of course.

then, i wake from my little fairy tale.

since i was supposed to be in oklahoma with big h, the goo, and my parents spending time soaking up all of my childhood memories, buz had taken the day off to get work done. the work he can't do while the backyardigans are on or the 10-month-old is asleep with the mobile going. the work he can't do because the paint fumes would be too much for the youngsters. the work he can't do with the 3 1/2-year-old on the backpack. i was unaware that he was taking the day off. you know, because i wasn't supposed to be here anyway. buz knows how i love a good surprise. yes, i am one of those people that really does like to be surprised.

last night, we loaded our kids up on meds to hopefully ensure a solid night sleep for everyone. buz and i watched a movie together, and then he played his game and i went to sleep first.

i got to sleep before buz. (shhh...don't tell. buz has a snoring problem, and i sometimes fear nighttime. my dream is to get to sleep before he does, so i don't have trouble falling asleep. and it happened. i fell asleep first.)

the next thing i knew, it was SEVEN O'CLOCK in the morning. i went and got big h out of bed and buz wasn't in bed. nothing out of the ordinary. so big h and i laid in my bed together watching some dora before the sun got up. all the sudden...the door opened.

and my prince charming entered. with starbucks. however, only one starbucks.

was i allowed to be jealous or wonder where mine was?

until he handed me the keys to his car. he said that he had gone downtown to work to get his laptop and his morning gift to me was the keys to his car and his laptop. "go grab some coffee and have a good time online."

love language, people.

so after i changed diapers and put clothes on little people, i was given my ticket to freedom.

and this is when i began thinking of all the young, hip, cool people who will probably want me to go rock climbing or poetry reading with them. or go with them to the latest art exhibit. you know...young, hip, cool things.

poor me. in true janet fashion, things didn't turn out quite the way i had planned. i got to my local starbucks and ordered my fancy drink and some coffeecake. you know, the coffeecake that is LOADED with butter and other things that are so NOT good for you but taste so extremely delicious. i turned on the computer and typed in his password. and the computer froze. so i called to ask advice. we talked on the phone for a while until i realized it wasn't going to work.

i came back home, only to be greeted by 2 very cute munchkins who thought mommy was alreayd back home. buz called the helpdesk and we figured out hte problem.

and bull if i was going to go back to the same starbucks. luckily, i live in a big city with starbucks literally on every corner. so i headed the opposite direction and walked in with such confidence. i turned it on and started having WiFi issues with the hot spot. if you are my mom or dad and are reading that, i'll explain WiFi next time we talk. don't worry. i finally got it to work and i was feeling good.

yeah, so back to me being really hip. i had to come to the realization very quickly that i am, in fact, not hip. i know, i can't believe it either.

first of all, i haven't showered this morning. and it's not that cool "i havne't showered because i have my 8 o'clock class this morning but i look cool because i have on my boyfriend's SAE baseball hat and my function t-shirt from a couple of weekends ago" look. it's the "i haven't showered because my toddler and infant have had mouth sores and have been on pain relievers, and we have lived at the pediatrician's office" look. i don't have cool low-rise jeans and flip flops and some college t-shirt on. i have on the yoga pants, my shoes (which i'm not sure if i should have bought in the first place), and an old t-shirt from a kamp friend. my hair is still sticky from spit out tylenol and mashed green beans.

i also realized my lack of hipness the other day when i went to the mall. apparently, "peep toed" shoes are in. weren't those in back when my mom was pregnant? i mena, they say fashion always comes full circle. but when did i miss the re-entrance of this fad? and gold? it's coming back in? (stop laughing.) and the big wedges and espadrille platforms that will most likely send me back to the neighborhood ER. and shorts that left me with no imagination for what kind of underwear the girls were wearing. and there i was with my double stroller, sounding very old and unhip. and wearing my daily uniform of white t-shirt, khakis, and tennis shoes. safety. that's always been my fashion motto.

as for my ipod, i am not listening to blake lewis or maroon 5 or any other band that i am not even familiar with. and i'm not looking at looking for the latest band or solo artist to download. i am listening to "it's about love" by one of the judds, which is the ending song of the veggie tales "lord of the beans." and i am looking on at the 2 backyardigans CDs trying to decide which one has the most songs big h would recognize.

i am not making a list of all the clubs and college football games i want to go to in the next couple of months. i am making a list of things to do the next couple of days. one of which includes returning some very fun shoes to DSW because really, i need to get the goo some summer clothes that will fit her growing little 10-month figure.

i am not making a list in my spiral notebook of all the characteristics i want my next boyfriend to have. i am writing in my journal (that i keep in my diaper bag) and making a list of all the things i love about buz. a couple of those things:

  • him giving up his morning/afternoon off so i can go sit at starbucks and look hip, young, and cool.
  • he watches DVRd oprahs with me (sometimes -- don't let the word get out because he will deny it the first chance he gets).
  • he changes clothes the minute he walks in the door from work so he can get on the floor and play with both kiddos.
  • he calls me the minute he gets into his car and is headed home from work.
  • the way he puts pictures i have taken on his computer as the desktop so that he has an opportunity to tell people that "my wife takes pictures."
  • i have never heard him raise his voice with big h (this one brings me to my knees).
  • he compliments me on anything i ever cook (being that cooking is so rare around our house).
  • he genuinely cares for other people, no matter who they are. i am amazed taht he has meetings during the day with the CEO, surgeons, secretaries from all over the hospital, social workers, patients and their families. and he gives each one of them his undivided attention every time.
  • 90% of his communication with me is nonverbal.
  • my mother is in LOVE with them. talk about scoring big points. he calls his mother-in-law on his way home from work sometimes just to say hello. yeah, he is that guy that makes your husband look bad. :)
  • he calls his mother on his way home from work and ALWAYS tells her he loves her.
  • he doesn't bother talking to me about my latest bag purchase. people, i have an addiction. diaper bags just made it worse. and he loves me for it.
  • he is 37 years old and plays with legos, playstation, and nerdy "conquer the world" computer games.
  • that he moves his mouth when he writes. and denies it.
  • the way he knows me IN and OUT, quirks and all.
  • and loves me anyway.
  • his passion for his family. i can safely say that there is nowhere he'd rather be than with the 3 of us.
  • his passion for Christ.

this is not, i repeat NOT, my own attempt at what he did a couple of weeks ago. trust me, i wouldn't even try.

anyway, see what i mean? i'm not a young, hip college student with dreams of becoming this or that. i am actually living my dream right now. and i'm getting ready to pack up my things and go back home. where my 3 dreams are.

can you take the sap? :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

one of my biggest motherhood accomplishments

...was accomplished by someone else.

won't go into detail re: the day today. because you're already cross-eyed from reading the one this morning.

but tonight was a HUGE breakthrough for big h and me.

i was so fed up with the medicine saga. he kept telling me that the only medicine he would take was "the pink one." but every time i would try to give it, he wouldn't budge, and it would be this horrible sight of limbs being restricted and pink sticky stuff splattered on mommy's face and t-shirt.

so i remembered we had bought some of these one time. i threw caution to the wind and prayed that the good Lord would have pity on my weary, sleep-deprived soul.

and He did.

buz was putting the goo down, so it was just big h and me. he was taking his bath, and i went and got the miracle drug. he wasn't budging. until i asked if he wanted mommy to have one with him. he is still SO hoarse, so he whispered an affirmative response.

so i did. and he did. and we heard heavenly laughter and there was much rejoicing. and he wanted more and more of the "fruit treats."

how do you tell your 3 1/2-year-old that he can't have more medicine?

your friendly wisner neighborhood pharmacy

to begin on a positive note, here is how i started my morning yesterday...

note: who's standing in her crib. (sorry, weentrab, i had to use the flash. you know...the goo's room is a deep, dark cave, too, just like big brother's.)

of note: big h's sock that mysteriously appeared in her chair on the left??

sadly enough, the day just slowly went down hill from there. thankfully, buz got the goo up and fed her, so that i could get up with big h and "feed" him his medicine.

let's talk for a minute about my oldest child. since before he was born, he has been a challenge. i was in labor for 2 days. yeah, i said DAYS. every time i would have a contraction, his heart rate would drop. twice it dropped into the "danger zone." the 2nd time, doc said, "out he comes." and he has cried ever since. not really. but close.

so to say that he doesn't take medicine so well would just be a poor excuse for an understatement.

i feel confident that i have secured him a spot in adult therapy due to the torture and trauma i put him through yesterday. scarred for life, people. him and me.

buz finally went to work around 8:30. maybe you don't realize what that statement means. my husband has always been gone before either child has ever gotten up in the morning. and that's not saying that i have late sleepers. i have one of those husbands who makes you sick by his morning energy. my son has inherited that morning energy. heaven help us. so i can only imagine what his co-workers had to say about his time of arrival yesterday morning.

since we were scheduled to leave yesterday late morning, i had scheduled doctor's appointments for both of them yesterday morning. i took big h knowing he had HFMD. i brought the goo along because, well we didn't know what else to do with her. plus, i hadn't canceled her appointment within 24 hours.

so he took one look at big h and told me that it was "just" a strand of HFMD, but that thankfully he hadn't developed any blisters or sores on his hands or feet, just his mouth. oh, that's a relief. (there's sarcasm in that sentence.) he went ahead and took a look at the goo. looked in the first ear and informed me that my daughter had an ear infection. nice. oh, and by the way, she put up quite a fight to let him look in her ears. i was impressed. you go, goo.of course, i'm sure she's starting to realize that you have to be REALLY! LOUD! to get attention around our house.

we saw a different pediatrician because ours was out for the day. now, we, meaning big h, LOVE our pediatrician. scratch that. let's just say we because i too love this man. he LOVES my kid and big h has never cried in his presence. in fact, last Christmas when we were picking items out for grandparents, cousins, etc., he asked what we were going to get for dr. g. we pray for him regularly. and one time at MDO, they had them color a picture of their family.

guess who was part of our family in that picture?

anyway, i was so nervous about this doc as we had never seen him before. and big h does NOT LIKE CHANGE.

we LOVED this guy. we meaning WE, except for the goo when he looked in her ears. big h really liked him. i liked him. and the goo liked him for the most part. he told us to continue alternating Tylenol and Motrin every 3 hours. and to have him continue to drink what we around our house call MB (maalox benadryl blend). but he said to up the amount of the MB.

have i mentioned my child does NOT like to take medicine? well to serve as reminder, big h does NOT like medicine.

we stopped to get some chocolate milk because he told us to keep him hydrated. i was so impressed because that was also the advice of dr. big mama. we got him home, and i instantly began bribing him. he got some miniature mr. potato heads (bought off ebay about a year ago) after the first big dose of torture, i mean, medicine. we watched madagascar and laid on the couch while baby napped. thankfully, a gift came from grandma ever so timely. a very cool space helmet. thank you, grandma. so he got that after the second round of trauma.

oh, and i should mention, big h was speechless, totally mute, the entire day. those of you with 3- and 4-year-old boys with any amount of energy should understand the magnitude of this. mute, people. meaning, not talking a word the entire day. some of you may think that would be heaven. not around these parts. we went for SO LONG without big h speaking that we LOVE that he never stops. we love it. it was so insanely quiet around here yesterday. even the goo kept looking at him for entertainment. and he just couldn't provide.

finally, around 5, i had to get out of the house so we went on a walk. big h didn't speak, and the goo just munched on some yogurt cheerios. thank you, Jesus, for some time alone with you.

round 4 of torture came at bedtime. he had his bath and his jammies on and he was going to get to watch madagascar again before bedtime. that is huge. normally, he takes his bath and we read stories. but he was going to get to watch a show before going to sleep and "stay up late." so in order to do that, medicine would have to be taken. no problem.

i am scarred for life.

oh, and did i mention that my daughter? the goo? CRAWLED FOR THE FIRST TIME YESTERDAY!!!!! right, so she's only 10 months old. but she did it. and as with big h, she accomplishes milestones in the midst of something else so that i can't be nearly as excited as i want to be.

case in point, the doorbell rang (even though the sign on the door says, " sleeping. please knock.") and it was this kid, probably 15 or so, conducting a survey of families in my area. would it be ok if he came in and spent 15 minutes of my time with me? sure, if you want to leave with sores in your mouth. i explained to him ever so sweetly that my children were sick and that he would probably leave here sick. and as i am doing so, i am looking over only to see my daughter on both knees. something i have never seen before. he's just trying to talk to me, and i didn't know how he wasn't getting the message that this mama simply was. not. listening.

finally, i see the goo move one knee in front of the other 4 times. 4 times! and then...

big h pummeled her to the ground.

because, you see, she was getting too close to his train track, which, by the way, takes up 1/2 of our living room.

so she is crying, and i say in my oh-so-stern voice (i think buz is secretly turned by this stern mommy voice), "big h, go sit on the couch. please go SIT ON THE COUCH." he has never done timeout so well, but for some reason it worked yesterday. thank you, Jesus. of course, it made him start to cry. so i have 2 crying children. and the 15-year-old is still there.

"you know, i would rather you not come in. it's just a hard time for us right now."

"oh, that's ok. we can just conduct this on the porch then."

naive soul that hasn't had children yet. one day. one day.

so i said in the nicest way possible, "GET THE HE-- OUTTA HERE!" ok, no i didn't. i just politely said, "honestly, i don't want to be rude but it is not a good time. i have a lot going on here, and it's just not a good time."

"ok, well, would tomorrow be better?"

seriously? are you kidding me?

frankly, i shut the door on him. i know. i couldn't help it. had to be done.

so big h and i had a talk about mauling over his sister and how that's not ok. and what would be a way to do that differently and better and sweeter?

his response? "ummm...not push her?"

remember. he's not talking. so in his raspiest, hoarsest voice, he informed me that the best decision would be to maybe not push her. good answer.

so buz and i finished the day. whew. put big h to bed. put the goo to bed. and now, it was time to finally rest. because big h woke up every hour on the hour the night before last. so we were pooped. the only way we would truly relax was to, of course, watched our DVR'd American Idol and eat hot tamales together. true love at its finest. we had to pause it several times due to the screaming going on in the toddler's room. but after several different moments of consoling, we were ready to watch the winner crowned. (FYI: i totally knew it would be jordin. from the VERY beginning. ask buz.) and then, this happened. and i had already turned off the computer. so we had to find out who won by looking at buz's blackberry. you realize how small these screens are, right? anticlimactic.

well, the medicine must have kicked in because big h only woke up 4 times. twice in one hour. and 2 more times but not for a long period of time. it was bliss.


the goo is learning that the only way to get attention around here is do what brother does. so, she chose to wake up in the middle of the night for the first time in, oh, SIX MONTHS. and we are a cry-it-out family. say what you will. so we changed her diaper, put jammies back on, gave her a little mood music and put her back down. and she did cry it out. but she fell back asleep about 4am (about 15 minutes).

so to top everything off, our plumbing is having some "issues," shall we say. so buz stayed home today so that he can talk to the plumber and ask him how to repair our toilet that, you know, doesn't flush and all.

it can only get better, right?

and so... a recap in pictures. because i know you were on the edge of your seats.

to note: big h is wearing his "comfy" clothes, which are some OU scrubs. also, he is playing with the goo's toy. just didn't have it in him to play with toys for his own age. too much thought. (sorry, weentrab, i had to use the flash on this one too.)

we pulled out all the stops. the train track. the train blanket. the goo decided to pull out a TON of wipes right by the table. big h got out my running shoes because he's a fashion-conscious guy. they're dark red. and he was wearing dark red. that's my boy.

part of the goo's 3-part regimen here at the wisner neighborhood pharmacy

everyone's regimen, including the dr. pepper from the golden arches that buz got on his way home. major husband points scored at that very moment.

and so that no one would OD

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

no trip for us

quick post for us.

big h screaming in his room.

we have hand, foot, and mouth. we, meaning big h.

pray. he is in SO. MUCH. PAIN!!!

no trip back home for us tomorrow.

pray for sweet big h. and for the goo to NOT get it.

(have any of you had this before? if so, suggestions?)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

knock knock. who's there?

me! us! (fyi: buz doesn't care for knock knock jokes, so i decided to use one to see if he was still reading.) where have i been, you, my mother-in-law and the other person who reads this, ask?

couldn't tell ya. trying to go to bed before freaking TWELVE O'CLOCK! that's for sure. geez. what is my freaking problem? it's that second wind, i tell you. the freaking second wind. (i just keep saying freaking. it's fun. say it. freaking, freaking, freaking.) theme for tonight? nope. as always, lots of things on my mind.

1. big h no longer calls himself "ah-nee." he says, "hen-uh-ree." we're mourning the loss of one of the last "baby words" of big h. the last to go will be noh-nee (milk). he doesn't even call the goo "gree-ya" anymore. it's "guh-retta." (and it is spoken with a beautiful Spanish accent.)

2. big h has his last day of MDO on tuesday. another loss to mourn. i don't know who will be more sad -- mommy or big h.

3. had the school carnival today, and mommies got to come. i got a sitter for the goo. i really thought he would be so touched by my selfless act. you know, the one where i communicated my love for him by making this "our" day. and his response was, "why couldn't baby come? i missssssss her, mama." so much for my selfless act. speaking of carnival day. big h helped create a beautiful memory for me to cling to and record in the baby book. or right here on the internet. when i went to pick him this afternoon, i noticed a VERY uncoordinated outfit on little man. i'll be honest, i do my best to dress big h pretty snazzy when he goes to school. i mean, there are girls there, people. so he was in a lovely turquoise ocean-themed t-shirt that was ENTIRELY too small with some khaki shorts that i believe we were either a 5 (with no T at the end) or a size sold in the juniors' department. definitely no T at the end of the size of these shorts. or coolotts (i can't believe i don't know how to spell them), as i believe my mom would have referred to them. they informed me that at potty time (when all the children get a chance to go potty or at least make sure they have clean pants on right before the mommies come), they noticed a smell. a poop smell. they figured out it was coming from his direction. and lo and behold, there was the smell -- and the object -- on the floor. big h had already gone poop before time, didn't tell anyone, and was ready to take his pull up off. only, like a diaper. nice. so they had to move the entire class into the empty classroom next to theirs because they had the church janitor "professionally" clean the carpet. you know, because they were afraid the other kids were going to step in and make an even bigger mess. that's my boy.

anyway, the carnival.

yes, he's getting his face painted

ringing the bell, of course

the infamous "my best friend called CJ"

i despise the "say cheese" smile

4. the goo has started pulling up to things. and standing. not crawling, mind you. just pulling up and standing. and then falling and bonking her head. and crying. poor goo.

5. we had a really cute picture taken of the goo and big h. henry thought it was a piece of paper. and highlighted it. thank you, dear.

6. we dedicated sweet goo this past weekend. yes, mother's day. it was a wonderful day.

yes, there's really a bow in her hair

7. big h is really showing his intelligent side. he was trying to find something. diego-related. buz brought something to him that he thought was the missing object. "nope, that's the sloth." wait, what? so he brought something else. "no, dad. that's the tapir." right. we're idiots around here.

8. i'm sure you've been wondering if i'm ever going to show you my snazzy senior pictures. well, today is your day. i have been SO PUMPED about them. i think the mom likes them. but she has family in town and hasn't had time to really look at them. but they are photos from my first "real" session. weentrab was so proud. or so she said. i mean, don't you want to take him to your prom? or hire him for your modeling agency? (assuming you, the reader, have a modeling agency?)

9. next week is the week. going to visit my house for the last time. this is the house i grew up in. moved when i was in first grade. had sleepovers in. (actually, that's a lie. i was the dorky girl who didn't really like having sleepovers at her own house because it would get too loud. i know, i know -- bless my heart. someone from elementary school -- PLEASE post a comment here. confirming that i wasn't a total social outcast.) where i took tap, jazz, softball, and baton. yes, baton swirling. i was a vision of loveliness in my white long-sleeve yet very, very short dress, cuffed with silver sparkles, white boots, and white gloves. christmas parade and all. where casey frenchbraided my hair really, really tight before we would go catch the school bus. where i met kelly, my best friend, my equivalent to gulley. where i recovered from back surgery as an elementary school kid. twice. where i accepted the Lord. where i got ready for my junior prom with matt. what a dream of a boyfriend he was. now he is a husband and father to a very lucky girl. where i introduced buz to my father. where buz decided that i was the one. where i slept the night before i got married. anyway, you get it. this house has a lot of memories. so i am taking biscuit and her son, and we are making a road trip. one with kids. but it should be fun. having a playdate with two of my friends growing up and their children. surreal. and will probably take a lot of pictures of the house. because i'm like that.

10. big h is in his room right now asking for one of us. knocking on the door. needing assistance. and his two requests? one for more energy. he's just running out of energy and needs more. maybe he can have something from the kitchen to give him more energy? two for the opportunity to watch the movie where he could get his head in the game. (i.e. high school musical) he's only watched that part of the movie over at his cousin's. but he LOVES that song. i think the kid has rhythm. and i love it. but i don't believe we will be able to oblige either request. sorry, little man. but A+ for creativity.

11. i'm very, very sorry to those of you out there who were/are sad about melinda going home last night. i've been pro-jordin this entire journey. and buz is VERY pro-blake. in fact, i received my very own voicemail from blake on my cell. beat-boxing his love to me. it was great. so boomama, my condolences.

12. c'mon tessa, the social worker. buz and i are pulling for you next week. even though, we realize that statistically you two won't stay together anyway. speaking of, anyone know the current status on charlie and sarah b? you know, sarah b and i worked at the same hospital. i'm cool like that.

13. thank you to the producers of the office. the last 5 minutes had me all giddy. notice the word had.

14. until i watched grey's anatomy. for those of you who watch it but have not watched it yet, please do not read ahead.


there. that's all i had to say about that.

so i think that's it. oh, i forgot. to tell you what i'm listening to on the ipod right now. shape of my heart by the backstreet boys. and in case you're wondering, kevin is my favorite. buz gets jealous of my teenage girl crush. but to let you in on how much this guy loves me. he took me to a backstreet boys concert when we were "just friends." (the "just friends" saga could be a post in itself.)

sometimes i just want to eat them both up...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

i've put it off long enough

well, way to go, buz. you've managed to stop me in my tracks. at this point, i am completely unsuccessful at composing anything. no witty response. nothing tender. nothing at all. nice.

to all you new buz fans -- yes, he is like this all the time. but don't think i didn't prompt him to write some of those. he was coming home from a business trip in late march. he was stuck in the airport for what seemed like forever. he had read most of his man reads (entertainment weekly; football, football, and more football; playstation hints for all games sports-related; and NFL today), eaten all the snacks he could stomach, and played enough solitaire on his blackberry to know the hidden secret behind the game. so when he was talking to me on the phone one of 24 times, he said, "honestly, i don't know what else to do. i have literally done everything i can think of." and i thought that the most obvious choice would be to write me a love letter.

because that is, after all, my love language.

so he did.

and yes, i printed it out, and it is now in my diaper bag. the most logical place for it. the one item i carry everywhere, right?

my first thought was to write something back to him. but that is not his thing. because i'm such a good wife, i know his love language. and his love language is NOT cute little notes of encouragement left in cute little hidden places to find only at cute little unexpected times.

i wish it was. but it's not.

it's acts of service. darn you, buz. couldn't you have picked another one? acts of service. we're talking cooking dinner, having a clean house, those june cleaver things. that's what makes his toes tingle. *big sigh*

oh, and those things, by the way, are very hard to publicize. buz can secretly get into my blog and profess his love for me throughout the internet, and i get 53 freaking comments (thank you, boomama). you know what would happen if i decided to do the same?

so today, i cooked a mean mexican casserole for buz. and i vacuumed and swept. i had candles lit when he walked in the door. both children were playing quietly in the living room, while reciting the bible verses they learned at church this morning. the sheets were folded down with a mint on his pillow. i cleaned his car, inside and out, while he was sleeping. there was not a single dish out of place in the kitchen. no streaks on the mirrors or windows. oh, and no hint of a poop smell anywhere in the house.

i know what are you thinking? that i have an ego problem. RIGHT!

and buz secretly posts and everyone, including me, of course, swoons.

so why did i get the love language of words of encouragement and he got acts of service???

ok, so i'm a little dramatic. i realize this.

anyhoo...the neat part about all of this is that my sweet buz got nationally recognized. buz is one of those guys who will forever fly under the radar. and that is what attracted me to him.

now, i could comment on some of the things he loves about me, but my face would just turn red, and i would get embarrassed. so i won't. but rest assured -- almost all of them have stories associated with them. perhaps stories that i will post later.

you did it, buz. you finally got some credit for who you are. and i love that.

in other news...

  • my parents are home from italy. and word is my mom purchased a handbag. for me. praise be to the Lord.
  • while we're on the subject of my, yeah. their house sold while they were in italy. let me say this in a different way. the only house that i have memory of was sold.
  • and what that means. my parents are moving here!!! about 45 minutes away! and it's going to be a lot sooner than i thought.
  • got to see miss georgia again. is there a more beautiful combination than babies and handbags?

  • sunday night was belated birthday celebration for weentrab. and to inform you just how fun she is. we had dinner and headed out for a shopping spree. yeah, i know how to live it up. the condition for the spree was that she had $30 that she had to spend that night, while we were there. and it could not be spent on practical stuff. (i.e. no tweezers, batteries, toilet paper, etc.) so we (i say we because c'mon, would it really be fun to spend $$ by yourself?) each bought 2 pairs of shoes. now that is how to spend a sunday night. thanks, weentrab. have i mentioned that i love being pals with you?
and well, that's all i have. oh! and soon to be posted. some samples of my first "real" photography session? can't post until he and his parents see them. but just know -- i wouldn't doubt that this high school senior will be a force to be reckoned with in the ladies' department. stay tuned. (weentrab, you're so impressed, huh?)