Saturday, January 31, 2009

saturday january 31 2009

so it's 11pm on saturday night, and buz is snoring next to me. but i am determined to get a post up today, darnit.

today was the most relaxing day ever. with two children.

one of the things i've (slowly) learned about buz. is that on sunday night, i can get a read about his weekend by what he accomplishes. and it really affects him. so lately, we've been talking about making a list of big or little things he can do around the house. he LOVES having a screwdriver or drill in his hand. he loves to paint. he LOVES 'projects.' so two weekends ago, he installed a shelf right above our washer and dryer. our 'laundry room' (if you can call it that) is so small. so storage has always been an issue. well, he installed a shelf right above, and has made such a difference. and what's funny is that sunday night, he was in the best mood. ready to go back to work. feeling good about 'getting stuff done this weekend.' so this weekend, he decided he was going to work on our closet and make it work better for his clothes. (p.s. i SO got the better side of the closet when we moved in. it helps to be pregnant when making these huge decisions. you always win. i won.)

so this morning, big h and buz headed to home depot to get the needed supplies and to get donuts, since we missed donut friday yesterday. then, they came back home and woke goo and me up.

then, i started doing laundry and big h and goo were entertaining themselves, just playing together. they were really having a lot of fun together.

goo and i took a nap after lunch. (i promise i do more on the weekend than just take naps when goo does. though, i love it and it makes me feel refreshed.)

this afternoon we just hung out and were together. and then buz and i started getting ready for our hot date.

and fun J came over. my son LOVES our babysitter and runs outside when he sees her car pull up. and goo usually just introduces her to muh. shocker.

so we got ready to leave, and i caught a whiff of my husband. oh my. he wore cologne. my husband does NOT wear cologne. or as we call it -- "foof." (meaning, he's going somewhere requiring him to look foofy. i know...bless our hearts.)

anyway, he looked so handsome, and i could not wait to go out with him and be his foxy date.

we had dinner at a steakhouse for our friend's 30th birthday. we had lots of great conversation (due to not knowing anyone other than birthday girl and her husband) and delicious food.

we finally got ready to head home to relieve J.

we got home, and the first thing she said was, "wow, i love that goo is talking now. she is so fun and clearly so much happier now."

good report.

they had a great night. and she gave buz a huge sales pitch on the iPhone. yep. she's 18 with an iPhone. i showed her my sweet new/old phone. and her response was, "oh yeah, i think that was my first phone when i was thirteen."

hi. my name is janet. and i am old.

so now here i am finishing up my daily recap and listening to buz sleep.

now...before i put up pictures. these are straight from my camera, and i have never even looked at them. so if they are blurry or fuzzy or dark or anything like that? sorry. i'm not on my own computer and feeling a bit out of sorts.

i love that goo loves wearing dress up clothes. here she is in her princess fairy dress and shoes. my goal is to get a great picture of her toes in her little shoes. i heart her toes so much. and these shoes? just accentuate how insanely cute they are. she looks like a little lady. i love it.

big h's two favorite loves are batman and indiana jones. buz was going through his closet and found this vest that he wore for a costume party when he went as jeff probst from survivor. big h saw it and thought it looked like indiana jones. we wholeheartedly agreed. then, we found the hat. and just so you know...his "side bag" is a coach purse from when i was in EIGHTH GRADE. it was my first purchase (other than my first pair of guess zippered jeans) that i paid half of the total. that purchase was $88, and i vividly remember giving $44 to the lady at Dillard's. it was a HUGE day. so call me a pack rat, but i'm not sure i will EVER get rid of that purse. but don't let big h know it's really a purse.

goo wanting buz to have light in his mouth this morning in closet renovation '09

goo trying to figure this tricky thing out.

and sweet big h in his christmas jammies. and now after writing that, realizing they both have their christmas jammies on.

and buz and me. seriously? have you seen a more handsome guy around. grrrr... (and no, those aren't grandma shoes on my feet. i promise they're really cute. promise.)

what i'm thankful for? my ROCK STAR babysitter. she comes right on time every time. she has a smile on her face. all the time. big h loves her and runs out to her car when she gets here. i'm not sure i've ever written anything down for her. she's just always, "um, ok. whatever. i'll do that. we'll be fine." not sure she's ever called me for anything. she plays the Wii with big h. she sings to goo. ok. not that part. or at least i don't think she does. :)

anyway, we're sad because she's a senior this year. we love her. she loves my kids and they love her. or really, goo just gives her the "goo look." if you've met goo, you know what i'm talking about. :) i'm just thankful that we have someone we love and trust so much. thanks, J.

best part of my day? smelling my delicious husband. period.

Friday, January 30, 2009

friday, january 30, 2009

wow. great day today. as if it could better, right? even my mom commented (to me) about my post yesterday. she doesn't know how to actually 'comment,' but she said i sounded happier yesterday than i have in a long time.

there are some days that it's like i have no idea how to tell the Lord how grateful i am for who He is in my life and what He's doing with and for me everyday. i'm surrounded by blessings. they are everywhere. all throughout my home. throughout my life. in buz's life. see? everywhere.

love it.

today? no exception.

it's friday. and i hate to disappoint you. but...donut friday didn't happen. i think it's maybe the fourth time in the history of, well, big h's LIFE that we haven't gone. but goo wasn't awake when she needed to be. so i decided that if big h didn't ask, i'd 'forget.' and it worked.

took them to school, and they were elated. goo kept telling me in the car on the way to school that "i happy! i pee peem and ar-may-yuh. give big hugs."

(translation. i am so happy. i am going to play with ms. pam and ms. carmela, her teachers. and i am going to give them big hugs.)

which is exactly what she did. walked, no RAN, right in, gave ms. pam a HUGE hug and then gave ms. carmela a HUGE hug.

side note: this is ATYPICAL.

they were delighted. goo was delighted. MOMMY was delighted.

then, i dropped big h off. which really just means i say, 'i love you, buddy. i hope you have a great day. see you at 2.' and i get a hug. in front of his friends.

i know.

and then i stand on the outside of the one-way mirror and watch goo play. and she was just beaming today. don't know why. just was.

i went home and walked/ran the neighborhood. bm, you would've been so proud of me. oh, it felt so good. how i have missed being by myself, outside, in the cold, listening to music, and connecting with Jesus in a way that can only be done outside, in the cold. you know? it was marvelous.

made me realize i need new running shoes.

buz, i need new running shoes. valentine's day?

came home and just did things that were fun for me. sat on the couch and looked through a couple of magazines. vacuumed my kids' rooms and the living room. played on the computer.

then, headed to target and just touched everything. i love to touch things at stores when i'm by myself. had myself a subway in honor of my pal. and then headed to get my little peanuts.

with the acquiring of my sweet little "zero bells and whistles" phone, i realized we didn't have a home charger anymore. but my friend bitsy said she had one from one of her older phones. i decided today was the day to go get it. i called and asked her if we could come over and play. i love inviting myself over to people's houses.

"sure, only if you bring me a dr. pepper."

consider it done, sister.

so we headed over to play with her son Andrew, one of big h's best pals.

we had the best time just being outside. it was warm but still felt a little like fall.

we came home, and daddy had brought dinner home for all of us.

and i kid you not, buz and i swore that something must be up. big h must want something big. or goo must have colored somewhere she wasn't supposed to.

because i kid you not, these kids were ANGELS. and i normally don't say all of this. because, normally it's not true.

goo ate dinner.

let's just stop there.

i'll repeat myself. goo ate dinner. she ate a sonic hot dog. and more than HALF of my guacamole from on the border. seriously, at the end, she was scooping it out of the bowl with her hands. big h ate his hot dog and all of buz's rice. and i can't tell you how many times he was saying 'thank you' and 'wow, this is wonderful daddy,' and i love being together.'

i know. i'm serious. and then, when they were both done, we said they could have some gummy fruit snacks. big h's favorites are indiana jones and batman. goo's favorite are dora and really any other kind of fruit snack that is brightly colored and tastes like candy. buz got an extra pack of the indiana jones ones for himself. but he started sharing with big h, telling him that it was fun to share with people you love.

and all of the sudden, big h starts asking goo what color she'd like next. of HIS gummies.

this, people, is UNHEARD OF. i kept looking at buz, saying 'is this for real?'

and we just laughed.

THEN, i noticed that i had left one of goo's diapers on the living room floor. buz asked big h if he would mind getting it and throwing it away.


and somehow they found another dirty diaper. (embarrassing that i'm writing that we have dirty diapers lying around.)

and all of the sudden, big h says, "introducing! the pick up diaper clean team to the rescue!"

i'm shaking my head. and they made up super hero names. big h was super big h and goo was goo girl. (using their real names). goo would open the trash can and big h would throw the diaper in. i'm not going to tell you how long it lasted because it would tell you how many diapers we apparently had lying around.

they both got in the bath and just played together. and buz and i covered TWO topics while they played and didn't interrupt.

seriously...were the stars aligned tonight?

we read stories and then goo says, "i go night night?"


i put goo to bed. when i came in our room, big h was talking to buz about something. then, they got to talking about legos. shocker. and he was telling me about the ones he didn't have. and i was about to start in on my nagging mom speech about being grateful for blah, blah, blah.

and out of his mouth comes, "but i'm thankful for what i've got, mama!"

seriously. ask buz.

it was the best day. buz played playstation. i did fun computer stuff. tomorrow we are having our SUPER babysitter over and buz and i are headed to a local steak restaurant for a friend's 30th birthday party. so fun. i might be wearing heels.

best part of my day? really? i have to pick one? um, dinner. no-brainer.

goo working on the easel in bitsy's garage. she means business with art.

um, i hate to be SO BIASED but who knew my daughter would make such a DARLING cowgirl?


ride 'em cowboy!

now YOU do it, mama.

no stock show is complete without a plastic microphone.

wild blue yonder?

mom up too late on her computer.

big h practicing his golf swing.

this is what i got when i actually said outloud, 'c'mon, i'll pay you if you stop running and look at me for five seconds."


you'd think he'd be used to it after five years, right?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

january 29 2009

***UPDATED: go to bottom for pictures from yesterday.

ok, there will be no pictures from today. but i will update it tomorrow. i promise. i took a picture of goo reading in big h's bed right before bedtime, and my camera is still in his room. and BULL if i'm going to go in there and get it.

plus, buz and i had an awesome conversation tonight that lasted until about twenty minutes ago (eleven o'clock at night -- way past his bedtime). and it was rich. and wonderful. and made me swoon at what a fabulous guy i'm married to.

so here's the rundown. fyi: it's quick. i won't know what to do with yourself.

dropped big h off at school. goo and i headed out to see my pal casey and her SIX-MONTH-OLD. and he handsome??? much needed time with my pal. and i got to play with her sister and sister's daughter too. so much fun.

and the piece de resistance? goo was SO MUCH FUN. and i had prepared them for the worst and she made such a liar out of me. :) :) :)

this afternoon was a great afternoon. we had a yummy dinner that i might actually post a recipe for. and ended up with my awesome conversation with my best friend. i am sitting here cold (because we keep our window open) but full. full of blessings in my life. i know, i know. it sounds corny. but i will go to bed tonight so grateful that the Lord has given me what He has. i so do NOT deserve any of it. but grateful? i can do that.

promise. i will add pictures tomorrow morning.

best part of my day? talking with buz. about stuff other than just "hi, how was your day and what's for dinner?" made me realize how perfect he is for me.
again, with how delicate my daughter is.
we have a "don't play with toys at the table" rule. but big h bends it a little by "bringing toys to the table but not playing with them."
goo doing some nighttime reading before bed. in her stocking cap, of course.
and i promise i don't make this stuff up. this is what the kid reads before he goes to sleep. and it's not a catalog, so he's not making a mental wish list. he just reads the instructions over and over again.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

got some sugar and made lemonade

i know. i'm corny. i own it.

no school today. but i woke up to buz kissing me on the cheek (like he does every morning). except it was SEVEN-THIRTY. my husband leaves for work at about 6am, so the 7:30 totally freaked me out. though, HE didn't seem freaked out. which confused me even more.

he took the day off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i heart buz. (i should make a valentine's t-shirt for him that says that, huh? mental note: gotta get on that.)

we had a great morning of just playing together. it was like a saturday, but also like a weekday.

that SO did not make as much sense as it did in my head.

anyway, i ran some errands. one of which has made me so happy all day long. sad, but true.

i went in and had them deactivate this...

and activate this.

yes, i had them deactivate my fancy "i'm such a cool teenage texter" razr phone. and had them activate my sweet "doesn't even have a speaker and no front screen" phone that we've had since at least before big h was born.

people, that razr brought out so much rage within me. that i had to do it. for me. for my family. for my friends. i had to.

and i'd like you to look closely at my "new" phone. see the picture? that's a picture of big h and me. and big h has a pacifier. it warms my heart just looking at it. go ahead. click to enlarge. you know you want to.

out with the old, in with the...old?

or something.

anyway, i came home and we all took naps, except big h. because those days are long over.

we played a lot in the afternoon. and then i decided i wanted us to go see a dollar movie. and madagascar 2 was playing.

and we went.

and i SO wish i had brought my camera. because we had a ball. and the only time goo got out of her chair was to point out the lights in the aisles and say, "yook, mama! yook at the lights! they are boo-uh-ful!!!!"

and yes. she, too, says her 'L's with 'Y's. long live the word "yuv."

we came home, put on jammies, skipped bath time, and put everyone to bed.

it was awesome.

best part of my day: when goo shared her popcorn and watered down fruit punch with me during the movie and then grabbed my hand. just because.

remember my pyro? here he is playing with his lightning mcqueen cars and an old christmas box and some christmas tree beads. in front of the fire. no idea.

praise Jesus they weren't markers.

this picture was the best part of buz's day. this is goo, mama, and daddy all on the couch in her dollhouse under a blanket. big h was in a bed upstairs also with a blanket. guess he didn't fit on the couch. but i love that she put together her own snow day. and yes, buz bought the dolls for the dollhouse. the daddy and the daughter were sold together. and the son and the GRANDMA were sold together. i know...what? so he bought those two. so i am the mama...who happens to have grey hair. nice.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

tuesday january 27 2009

seriously. it's 9pm?

how? is it 9pm?

today was weird. that's the only way to explain it.

first of all, to let you is better.

second. since i plan on doing this whole everyday thing, i need to be clear about something. i will have bad days. big h will have bad days. and so will goo. and buz too.

so mom? don't be sad for me if goo has an off day. we're ok. and if we're not, i'll let you know. :)

oh, and another thing? the really meaty stuff? that's saved for my journal. so for the record, my life is not peachy all the time. i know...hard to believe. :) i'm not a great mommy. and not a great wife. but i try really hard at both.

not to mention, God is awesome.

so we've been hearing all the reports of HUGE FREEZE OF '09 that was supposed to start today. goo and i took big h to school. there were about 8 kids from his class there. goo and i played and played. and i had some fabulous coffee and folded clothes while she and i played house. and i so did it wrong several times before being completely banned from any house-playing. so i went back to folding clothes.

i was JUST about to put her down for her nap when i just happened to check my email and find that school was releasing early. so we went and picked up big h and came back home. goo took a dinky nap, and big h played. buz ended up coming home early, and it was nice to have everyone together so early.

and my manly husband built a fire. awesome. um, AWESOME!

i love wool sock weather.

am thinking we might have a pyro on our hands.

we had dinner, and big h was ready for his bath. we bathed them and watched story time theater. goo wanted to go to sleep in big h's astronaut helmet, which she did. but for you safety nuts, we've seen in the monitor that she never did keep it on. but wow, she's quirky like that.

and now i'm listening to the sound of the sleet hit my bedroom window while buz plays PlayStation. (big sigh) they are SO not going to have school tomorrow. it's not that i don't want to hang out with them and drink hot cocoa because i do. but i have a big to-do list that i only have two days out of the week to get done. and tomorrow is one of them.

but i'm going to resolve to make lemonade out of lemons. that's a WHOLE DAY that i get to spend with BOTH of my kiddos.

don't let this fool you. look closely. look who's behind her.

see? she's in heaven. got her boys right where she wants them.

she was actually pretty worn out from the work we gave her.

they decided they needed to live it up right before bathtime. so meet our exterminator.

and super goo.

best part of my day? reading my real simple magazine with a blanket, right in front of the fire and looking over at my three favorite people perfectly content. thank you, Jesus.

Monday, January 26, 2009

monday january 26 2009

i'm gonna bring it to you real tonight.

i am only on here because i told myself i would do this.

today has been a whew. and if you don't know what that means, it means that you literally say, "WHEW" when you think about the day.

long story short, goo has been lethargic.

thanks for stopping by.

ok, you know me. i can't stop at that.

we took big to school. where i found out that i will be helping with valentine's parties for BOTH kids. on the same day. sometimes i amaze myself with my own intelligence.

we came home, and she did not want to play. just wanted to lay on the couch. on the days that big h is in school, i do my very best to limit her television viewing to one 30-minute show right before nap time. but she was dragging.

and i'll be honest -- it was cold and rainy outside, and i wanted to be with her with a nice hot cup of java. java for me, by the way. it's a little too early for her.

i put her down for her nap, and she OUT. i had to wake her to go get big h. never fun. we got him, and some of his friends wanted us to come play at chick-fil-a. also, the mom (who is one of my buddies) wanted to talk to me about several things. so chick-fil-a we went. and had a great time.

but we got home, and she got on the couch and NEVER. MOVED. and the tv wasn't even on. big h just played by himself while i did the dishes and picked up a little. and she remained on the couch the rest of the afternoon. she ate a couple of bites of chicken and maybe one green bean (which are her favorite), and some corn on the cob. bless her heart. so buz started the bath at about 615, which is early for us. gave her a bath. watched one story time theater, and i put her bed. it's now 715, and she has been ASLEEP for about thirty minutes. no fever, but i gave her a motrin just in case.

bless her heart.

and i'm thinking big h's school will be canceled tomorrow. they have talked non-stop today about possibility of ice. i'd be ok with a day at home with my peeps.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

sunday january 25 2009

so let me just get this out of the way, right from the start.

we didn't go to church today.

there. it's over. that wasn't so bad.

last night, we got home, hung out with my dad for a little bit and heard the play-by-play rundown of his evening with my kiddos.

let me state for the record, my dad is one cool cat. he has babysat my kids ONCE by himself. he has never fed them, BATHED them, dressed them, and put them to bed by himself. and the guy rocked it.

we came in and talked to him. his first comment was, "goo is just funny. she says no a lot."

amen, brother.

he said goo didn't eat much dinner, but she ate fruit and sat at the table. big h cleaned his blue plate. then, they just played together. and my dad decided to maybe watch something with them. so naturally, he turned on one of the old pink panther cartoons.

what i would've given to see the looks on my kids' faces when this happened.

"um, papa? dora? diego? super why? something? who is this? and why does it look so old? poor papa, he doesn't know how to do it."

but they got ready for the bath, and goo got in the bath.

moment of silence. awe and reverence for my dad.

my dad happens to be a bit OCD when it comes to hygiene. and that's putting it gently. :) he got big h clean but was surprised that goo said no every time he tried to clean any part of her.

yeah, welcome to my world, dad.

got jammies on, and they were good to go.

and i have to put this on here only because i literally love my dad to death.

he put goo's diaper on backwards. buz and i realized it this morning and got the biggest kick out of it. guess it's been a while. 30+ years?

anyway, read them stories. put goo down. and he was really surprised at how much she was crying. until he walked out into the living room. and saw muh.

again, what was going through goo's head when that happened?

"papa. you know me, right? you know my best friend is muh? and i don't go anywhere without her? but to sleep? that's just a no-brainer."

and he said with a smile, "i was amazed how quickly she stopped crying once i gave muh to her."

God love him.

then, big h had had a great day, so we said he could play lego batman. (we only have it two more days, so he's trying to get it in every chance he can.)

and the brief synopsis from their experience together? big h told my dad, "papa, you're not real good at lego batman."

my dad wholeheartedly agreed.

and then, we came home. my dad said he loved every minute.

i'm praying he wasn't lying through his teeth.

anyway, back to today. we go to church at 9. and it's about thirty minutes away. we've gotten it down to quite the system. we leave at 815, stop at starbucks for mini vanilla scones (or as big h calls them, vanilla cake), and head to church. drop off goo at her class first, head upstairs and drop off big h, and then buz and i sit in the lobby for about ten minutes and relax for a minute.

but to get them dressed and ready (more like get GOO dressed and ready), we realistically need them to be up by at least 745. normally, no problem. today, she wasn't awake and was showing no signs of waking anytime soon. so buz let me sleep in until 8, and then we all relaxed today.

big h and i went to einsteins to get bagels. this place has so much sentimental value to me. buz and i used to eat there once a week when we were dating and working at the same place. and when he started working somewhere else when we got married, i started bringing einsteins bagels for my accountability partner once a week. i get such warm fuzzies when i walk in there. not to mention, when i think of their everything bagel toasted with jalapeno salsa cream cheese, i literally start salivating. see? i'm doing it right now.

big h wore his jammies and slippers to the bagel shop. which brought me the biggest smile. honestly, i wish that was my picture of the day. oh well.

we came home, ate bagels, drank coffee, and played together while listening to music. it was awesome.

and then, we decided to count all of big h's lego guys. (and as a note: we got sidetracked when lining them up and never did count them. ADD on mom and dad's part.)

and i'll be honest, once we got started on this project, it was SO more for buz and me than for big h. in fact, he ended up pouting because he wanted to, you know, actually PLAY with his toys.

we're such drags.

and you know what's amazing about this? he plays with all of them. thank you, lego corporation, for inventing something so amazing. he LOVES them. his favorites are any of the batman-related characters and the indiana jones characters. never mind he's never seen anything about batman or indiana jones, other than toys. and he says that indiana jones is an adventure superhero because he wears a sidebag. so the indiana jones around our house is more of a messenger, apparently.

and goo all this time?

was making sure we were all being well taken care of. of course, i made a comment about how she was like our pediatrician. and she INSISTED she was not him. she was goo!

ahh...the life of a two-year-old.

we had some lunch and got ready for naps. naps for goo and me. no idea what buz did, and you can probably guess what big h did. it begins with bat and ends in man.

the kid LIVES superheroes.

everyone woke up, and we headed to target. just to get a couple of things. and we made it out of the toy section with no crying.

let's give Jesus a big hand clap and some hallelujahs.

came home and had breakfast for dinner. where our delicate daughter proceeded to polish off four patties of sausage. nice.

i put her to bed, buz and big h had a special time as usual this evening, and then it was time for big h to hit the hay.

about twenty minutes later, we heard him crying. he was still awake, and buz went in there.

he comes into our room and buz asks him to tell me why he's sad.

"mama, i'm sad because i'm going to miss you and daddy when i have a wife and have to live with her and not with you guys."

seriously...where does he get this stuff?

this is the same guy whose favorite song is brick house by the commodores.

shaking my head.

we have a pretty low-key week planned, which is nice. but remember my friend casey? she's coming into town this week, and i get to see her and her little SIX-MONTH-OLD. hello? six months ago? are you kidding me?

and that's about it.

kelly, i've said this before, but thank you for encouraging me to do this. i'm loving knowing that next year, i'll be able to read about and look at what my little family's been up to.
best part of my day? going to einsteins with big h. he is so much fun. and i LOVE his comments. "mama, it is taking FOREVERRRRRRRRRR to make your coffee and daddy's coffee." not to mention how cute he looks in his little jammies and slippers.
and one more thing. someone tell me how to figure out to stop cursing at blogger in my head and in my sleep. what is UP with all of this spacing nonsense? it has my OCD issues going out of control.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

saturday january 24 2009

so, i love saturdays. i get to wake up a little later than usual. like 730 or so. not to mention the fact that buz gets up with big h and plays with him in the morning. buz brings goo into our room, and she and i watch a show together in our bed. and oh my, she is one heck of a cuddler.

today, i'm not going to lie. we didn't get out of our jammies until maybe lunchtime. we played and played and played. and then, when goo took her nap, we all relaxed. buz napped on the couch, and i napped on the flour. and i got to lay next to big h while he played then lego batman that we rented. everyone got up, and buz and i got ready for our hot date. my cute dad came over, and my kiddos were elated. we headed out the door, grabbed some dinner, and went to see a freaking hilarious comedian. seriously, he was so funny. buz and i had a great night being together. my kids had a great time with my dad. and once we got home, buz and i got to watch our tivo'd thursday night shows. perfect day, in my opinion.

and just to be clear: i never say i was going to take a picture of my kids everyday. just take a picture everyday. so i give you buz and me, once we got home. ms. wiz...check out my boots. and can i just point out how insanely HOT my man is? um, because va va voom. don't think i wasn't the envy of everyone there. (oh, and yes. buz wore shoes, i promise.)

Friday, January 23, 2009

friday january 23 2009

fridays. i'll be honest. they are tough in the mornings.

don't laugh when you read this. because i have no doubt your morning is just as rough, if not worse.

we get up.

let's just stop there. goo is a FANTASTIC sleeper. she normally sleeps until 8 in the morning. i know. we're blessed.

she wakes up like i do. slow and groggy and likes her covers. big h, however, springs out of bed like a kangaroo. just like his daddy. chatty kathy. wants to talk about everything. wants to rip the covers off of you and order you to the kitchen to make him some breakfast.

this little guy is one chipper kiddo early in the morning.

just making note of the differences between kids.

anyhoo...making sure big h is up and awake? no problem. goo? different story.

must shower before i go get her. basically, i get them up and dressed, lunches packed, shoes on and tied, bow or some form of accessory into goo's hair, and goo's school bag restocked with fresh diapers for the day. now, before some of you go and knock the whole "hair accessory thing." let me share with you. i'll be honest, i didn't think i would be a mom who would put bows in her daughter's hair. but alas, i am. and i love it. we still haven't gotten a good way to do so. she always looks a bit 80s with her "high side pony" and all. but barrettes don't stay in very well or for very long.

all this to say...getting something in her hair to keep her hair out of her face is crucial. seriously.

and we have to do all of this and get into the car 45 minutes before school starts. because as you might remember, friday is Donut Friday. we head to the donut place, get our donuts, eat them in the car on the way, and head to school. and we have to leave 45 minutes before to make sure we get there on time.


now that i'm trying to post a picture a day, why are my posts all of the sudden so detailed and frankly quite boring? i'm snoozing just writing. sorry. it's way more exciting in my head, if that's any consolation.

anyway, we did it. this morning, everything was clock work. clothes on, hair brushed, shoes on, lunches packed, library books packed for return, bag restocked with diapers.

and we were happy.

which is really the icing on the cake.

donuts? done. successful drop off for the goo? done. always successful drop off for big h? done.

and now it was time for me to go hang out with one of my buddies.

i have to say...we did a little less chatting and a lot more practicing and learning. but this girl is way fun. heather, i had such an awesome day. can't wait to hang out again soon.

and then, i picked up my little people. and we headed home. big h didn't feel so well, so all three curled up on the couch and watched a movie together until buz came home.

and then we headed out for dinner. which was delicious. goo and big h got pizza, but goo ended up eating my greek pasta. (my mom would love to know that. because apparently, i did that too when i was little.)

then, we headed outside to play on the playground. they both had such an awesome time.

we came home and played for a little while before bath time. buz and i were talking to each other when big h came in saying, "um, i don't want to taddle, but you should probably come in big room and look at your daughter."

for the record, i love when he refers to her as our daughter.

and we arrived on the scene where a certain two-and-a-half-year-old had colored ALL OVER HERSELF with marker.

i got a picture with my point and shoot, but the battery died right after. so you'll see those pictures later.

oh my.

bath time, jammies, stories, and bedtime. and it's friday, so we have daddy all to ourselves for the weekend. not to mention that my dad is coming over tomorrow night to babysit, and buz and i are having a date. yipee.

BPMD? when we were reading stories right before bedtime, goo took the goodnight moon book out of my hands and said she wanted to read it.

um, ok. you barely talk. but sure. go ahead.

and in her sweet little 'marilyn monroe's happy birthday, mr. president' voice, she read the whole book. pointing at each picture, saying, "no night yittle mouse. squeak squeak. no night uh house. no night comb. no night bush. no night bowl mush."

i won't lie. i cried right there on the floor of big h's room.

my little girl is getting big.

buz took the pictures tonight while i was inside getting our after dinner snacks.

goo and her no fear. greek pasta with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives.

loving it. i know this is a family-friendly blog. so i apologize for my undergarment showing. i'm so racy.

i don't even know what to say. other than the fact that he makes this face often. scary.

deer in headlights?