Wednesday, January 28, 2009

got some sugar and made lemonade

i know. i'm corny. i own it.

no school today. but i woke up to buz kissing me on the cheek (like he does every morning). except it was SEVEN-THIRTY. my husband leaves for work at about 6am, so the 7:30 totally freaked me out. though, HE didn't seem freaked out. which confused me even more.

he took the day off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i heart buz. (i should make a valentine's t-shirt for him that says that, huh? mental note: gotta get on that.)

we had a great morning of just playing together. it was like a saturday, but also like a weekday.

that SO did not make as much sense as it did in my head.

anyway, i ran some errands. one of which has made me so happy all day long. sad, but true.

i went in and had them deactivate this...

and activate this.

yes, i had them deactivate my fancy "i'm such a cool teenage texter" razr phone. and had them activate my sweet "doesn't even have a speaker and no front screen" phone that we've had since at least before big h was born.

people, that razr brought out so much rage within me. that i had to do it. for me. for my family. for my friends. i had to.

and i'd like you to look closely at my "new" phone. see the picture? that's a picture of big h and me. and big h has a pacifier. it warms my heart just looking at it. go ahead. click to enlarge. you know you want to.

out with the old, in with the...old?

or something.

anyway, i came home and we all took naps, except big h. because those days are long over.

we played a lot in the afternoon. and then i decided i wanted us to go see a dollar movie. and madagascar 2 was playing.

and we went.

and i SO wish i had brought my camera. because we had a ball. and the only time goo got out of her chair was to point out the lights in the aisles and say, "yook, mama! yook at the lights! they are boo-uh-ful!!!!"

and yes. she, too, says her 'L's with 'Y's. long live the word "yuv."

we came home, put on jammies, skipped bath time, and put everyone to bed.

it was awesome.

best part of my day: when goo shared her popcorn and watered down fruit punch with me during the movie and then grabbed my hand. just because.

remember my pyro? here he is playing with his lightning mcqueen cars and an old christmas box and some christmas tree beads. in front of the fire. no idea.

praise Jesus they weren't markers.

this picture was the best part of buz's day. this is goo, mama, and daddy all on the couch in her dollhouse under a blanket. big h was in a bed upstairs also with a blanket. guess he didn't fit on the couch. but i love that she put together her own snow day. and yes, buz bought the dolls for the dollhouse. the daddy and the daughter were sold together. and the son and the GRANDMA were sold together. i know...what? so he bought those two. so i am the mama...who happens to have grey hair. nice.


Anonymous said...

I love days off together....Sigh. T will actually be off this Saturday instead of working like normal. So even though it's a weekend, it counts for us! Can't wait!

Love the dollhouse photo. Perfect.

Jenna said...

You are too cute and funny for words. I am so glad ya'll had a fun family snow day. Loved seeing all the awesome pictures, and long live the new-old phone! Love you friend!

Colored With Memories said...

love your grey hair, janet.

that was just the laugh i to bed now!


Kelly said...

That is awesome that Buz took the day off. What a great surprise.

My second cell phone ever was by far the best I have ever had. It was just a plain Nokia. Way before they had all the fancy stuff and that thing worked perfectly. I ruined it and was never able to replace it because they considered it so outdated. Glad you have a working phone again!

R said...

a few months ago i had to get a new phone, and the people at the phone store were shocked that i didn't want anything fancy. i insisted that i wanted whatever was free with my plan, and it had to be black. that's all. :0) they tried to upsell me forever. it was so hard to get it through their thick skulls that i don't even want a camera on my darn phone! as long as i can call and text, i'm a happy girl. :0)