Monday, January 19, 2009

january 19 2009

big h didn't have school today. originally, i was going to try to call someone who we don't get to see because of school schedules. but honestly, i was lazy. i decided that we would sleep in (giggling at myself right now) and relax this morning and then just play together today.

the sleeping in didn't happen. but it doesn't normally. i just like to say it to make myself giggle. big h came and got in bed with me and we talked legos (instead of watching imagination movers, praise the Lord). it was so fun. he adores the "Lego magazines" that come in the mail. granted, it gets him a bit "i want, i want" but i love listening to him tell me about everything on every page.

about 7, goo woke up and big h wanted her to come in my room and get under the covers too and watch a show together. so we went in and got her and we all snuggled for about thirty minutes. then, we had breakfast and just played for what seemed like forever. i got some laundry done.


are you still with me?

anyway, we decided that we would get out of the house (i don't do so well being at home all day), head out to a park, play, and then grab lunch. we realized it was a little colder than we had expected, and i didn't bring the right clothes. so we decided we would head to a mcdonalds with an indoor playground and eat lunch there. seems like everyone else in town had the same idea. we went to three mcdonalds without a single parking spot. so we finally decided that maybe this was a gift from God that we didn't actually enter an indoor play area. :) we decided we would get our meal to go and head back home for lunch and naps.


goo fell asleep in the car, and she does not do the lift and lay. please tell me you're not new to the lift and lay. if so, it's where you lift your sleeping child out of the car and lay them somewhere (preferably their crib/bed) still asleep. goo used to be successful with this, and big h ALWAYS was.

no such luck today. so goo and i laid together on the couch for about thirty minutes. just quiet. it was so nice. but i knew. i knew she wouldn't go down.

finally, i got her up and let her play computer games with big h while i took a shower.

and then, because i'm the most fun mom around, we cleaned the rest of the day. it was actually really fun. we vacuumed, cleaned up toys, cleaned out bins in the kitchens, folded clean clothes, washed dirty ones.

anyway, then daddy came home and we had dinner and did baths and put everyone to bed. and now buz is watching 24 while i'm dorking out on the computer. then, we're off to watch the bachelor. because we love us some bachelor.

best part of my day (BPMD): cuddling with big h this morning with his iceberg toes and resting with the goo with the entire house quiet.

big h is at such an awesome age. he obeys. and when he doesn't, he is really sorry for not doing so. he has a HUGE imagination, and i LOVE hearing him play. mostly with legos. and the love he has for goo is indescribable. and the feeling is mutual. and the comments he makes towards her? oh. my. heavens. melts my heart. "goo, you're doing a great job cleaning up. i'm going to go tell mama what a great job you're doing. goo, you sure are cute." oh, and goo replies with "yeah, ah tyoot." (read: yes, i'm cute. she's humble.)

goo thinking that a microphone is a telescope. she's saying, "argh, matey. ahoy."

big h tinkering with said microphone to get it to work. no such luck.

i don't know even know what to say. the girl loves her some accessories.

goo's typical look when she glances your way. she's not real generous with her smiles. you have to work for them.

goo doing some coloring. luckily, this was before she found the markers.

big h hard at work. he does NOT mess around when it comes to coloring super heroes.


chrys said...

okay, they look more alike than EVER! the pic of g in the hat? thought it was big h! seriously.

oh wow are they cute. wow.

and how sweet to hear about big brother being so sweet to his baby sibling. we're not there at our house yet. but i sure can't wait to see some of that fruit bloom one of these days!

y'all rock.


R said...

lucky you that the mcdonalds' were too busy! their play areas REALLY oog me out. :0) i cringe when M tells me that's where she wants to go.

and the lift and lay? has NE-VER worked for me. i have to work hard to keep the girls awake in the car in the afternoons so they can get that crucial nap.

aimee said...

How fun snuggling in the morning! And I think it's probably a good thing you skipped McD's.

Your pics are great! (As always!!!)

Anonymous said...

Aren't those quiet, snuggly moments the best.

Courtney said...

I have such a love-hate relationship with McDonalds. I mean...where else can you go to burn off some energy indoors, but something sketchy always seems to happen! :-)

I LOVE the idea of saying something you are thankful for every time you blog, and I also love your nighttime ritual with Buzz. Our attitudes can change just by speaking out words of thanksgiving, even in the midst cruddy circumstances.

Courtney said...

Also meant to say - BEAUTIFUL pictures!! Looks like you are wasting no time breaking in the new gear :-)

Anonymous said...

Big H is incredible. I love him. Can I say that?
Love him.
And the Goo too. So precious.

(I'm so loving that you are blogging every day!! And you don't even scrimp! It's still a big giant wonderful Janet-post!)