Thursday, January 08, 2009


so it seems that there are bloggers posting their new years' resolutions.

and one thing i'm going to admit right now. to all of you.

is i read a lot of blogs. which is actually one thing i'm vowing not to do anymore.

honestly, if you're reading this, and i read your blog and you know it, you have nothing to worry about.

not that any of you would really "worry" about that.

am i still talking?

but one thing that is really wasting my time these days is reading and feeling obligated to comment on blogs. of people that i have no invested interest in. silly, really.

so i'm taking them off my google reader. my desire is to read blogs that encourage me, inspire me, or make me laugh a lot.

so tonight, i'm offering you some blogs that i read consistently. a gift, really.

and before i do so, i do have one little thing i'm going to try. a little bit of history. when big h was two-ish, i went through a VERY tough time. (similar to what i'm going through right now with goo.) and everyday when buz would call, all i could tell him was why big h was crying or what tantrum he threw and where. and finally, it wore buz down. and he said (in a very kind way), "when you call me at work, could you tell me at least one good thing about your day or maybe don't call me at work?"

at first, i was very, very angry with him. (understatement) but when i started thinking about it, it made a lot of sense. and so i worked on that. and you know what? i was amazed how i was starting to look at things differently. i really wanted to focus on positive things so i could have neat things to tell buz when he got home.

so i've decided to start that back up again. because if i'm going to be honest here, this two-year-old business is for the birds. FOR. THE. BIRDS. i so thought i figured it out with big h. but no such luck. it has hit me like a ton of bricks.

and on this blog, i'm going to make sure i post something positive with every post. because i need the Lord to know that i can be joyful in the midst of trials.


i've put it out there.

ok, anyway. back to the blogs.

oh wait. the reason i'm not blogging on the football game. honestly, i just can't. don't get me wrong -- i've got school spirit. i'm a sooner born and sooner bred. but sometimes my heart can't take the losses. or hear about ut talk about their whatever 45-35 win again. sorry, amy. some of your fans cannot let things go. (deep breath.) see? this is why i don't talk football on the blog.

right. blogs. stay on task, janet.

some of these are obvious, and i know a ton of you read them. some of these are old friends. some are new friends. some feed my reality tv need. some make me laugh. i don't even know some of them. some love Jesus and inspire me spiritually.

please. if you don't read amanda's blog, you should. such a gorgeous heart. a passion for Jesus and a true love for her family. and she's freaking hilarious. and she owns (owned) some of big h's shortalls. my small claim to fame.

she have been the first blog i read of someone i didn't know. until i realized i knew her. her sister is one of my best friends. big mama, you make me laugh. you loves Jesus and ain't afraid to admit it. and you're so stinking funny.

forever, i thought she was my brother's neighbor. he lives in the "south" and his neighbor has one five-year-old son named alex. c'mon. ok, so it was a long shot. turns out they live close to each other. just not next door. this girl loves to shop, eat fried chicken, and talk about her Savior.

the first comment i ever got from someone i didn't know. still don't know how she found my little site. but i am so glad she did. she has the cutest children and spouse. wait. i'm not saying her spouse is cute. wait. that came out wrong, too. she and her spouse are a cute couple. there. better. and she posts the best verses on the day that i really need them. we even met up when she was here with her husband for work. and i adore her. and she even met up with me in children's' place after goo had a diarrhea diaper explosion. yep...i love cleaning up poop the first time i meet someone.

long story, which i won't go into. but she knew me when i was in high school. or was it college? well, before i knew buz. when i was in my hometown. and she somehow knows everyone i know. i don't know how but she does. and she ADORES her family. adores them. and is hard core about teaching them the Word of God. i love it. and go ahead and say hello and congratulations because she just announced some freaking awesome news.

don't know how i "got" to her. bigmama? boomama? no idea. but i heart her so much. and her honesty. and her humor. and that she has FOUR kids. and is still funny. and her devotionals are always perfectly timed for my life. God is good.

seriously? where did i "find" her? no idea. but are we real life friends? she is hilarious. and has two children the same age as mine. she kinda makes me feel like we're neighbors and that i could go knock on her door for some sugar and to ask if my kids could come over to play. but alas, she doesn't live in texas. rats. she is honest and loves talking about what God is doing in her life.

such a neat woman. such incredible insight and honesty. and she has triplets. hello. not to mention she was a sorority sister of my sister-in-law. claim to fame? oh, and she loves Jesus.

was probably the second commenter ever that i didn't know. and let me tell you -- i ADORE janelle. what a beautiful personality. that girl loves her children and her spouse. and she always offers the best comments, when i'm down or really chipper. God's blessed her with an awesome gift.

no idea how she "found" me but so glad she did. she shares real struggles but loves telling fun stories of her daughter, the "bean." i started reading her during a difficult time for the bean, and i loved the godly way she handled it.

way fun story. R and her husband J were in our newlywed class at church. and buz and i loved them instantly but didn't really get to know them. because they moved away. and buz and i were the first couple in the class to get pregnant. but she lives "close" to me. and i am determined to spend a day with her and her beautiful daughters this year. determined. look out R, i'm coming for you. oh, and i love that you love Jesus.

kerry knows two of my closest friends and actually lives in the "same" area i do. and somehow we have never met. but we've emailed back and forth a ton. and i love reading the stories of her and her daughters. her love for the Lord is so evident. kerry...want to hang out sometime in 2009? :)

you read her, right? no? are you living under a rock? i love her honesty. and like everyone else, i think it's fun to read about motherhood that's so different from my life. oh, and because i'm dorky, i find it necessary to inform you that her sister was one of my buddies in elementary school and high school. i slept over at her house a lot in junior high. her brother mike goes to my church at home. and her dad was my orthopedist when i had to have back surgery when i was 9. see how dorky i am?

a buddy of mine from high school. pure. can't think of a better word for her. and we just got reconnected through our blogs. which is way fun. this girl has had a passionate heart for Christ since i met her.

buddy from junior high and high school. we were in the same Christian youth group, and i looked up to her for her faith. never met her husband. never met her children. but so wish to sometime soon. she adores her sons and home girl cooked quite a feast for christmas. oh my heavens.

the ONLY reason i still watch the bachelor. this girl is freaking hilarious. i have been reading her blog forever. and buz watches the bachelor with me only because he loves to think about what she's going to write.

the wife of one my very best friends from high school. she is a rock star photographer and graphic designer. she actually designed the program for our rehearsal dinner. they have two adorable boys. they are in full-time ministry loving on college kids and sharing the Gospel.

she is so stinking funny. honesty, people. and she's organized. and she does those fun, little WFMW things. i love those. i've never done one before, but i love them. i loved watching God do awesome things through her when she blogged for compassion.

sunni adores her growing family. i'll be vain really quickly -- her daughter is the best dressed daughter out there. and has the cutest face you've ever seen. they do so much awesome work in their church. head over there and give some well wishes -- they are having a baby soon.

i really don't need to say anything, right? she's beth moore. she exudes Jesus-ness. period. and she loves hair and loves to shop. :)

another blogger that i didn't know but met in person anyway. loves the Lord and her family. bless her heart, jenny hasn't slept in i don't know how long. so if you want to provide some well wishes her way too, she would love it. and her kids are super, super cute.

i worked with erica at kamp FOURTEEN years ago. this girl has such a deep love for her husband and her kiddos (who are growing from two to three). we've never lived in the same city but have stayed in touch all these years. congratulate her on her latest news. she and her husband are full-time ministry also working with college students.

so, where in the world do i start? first of all, i want to fly her out to babysit my kids. you think i'm kidding. yeah, i'm not kidding. but more than that, i want to hang out with her. she just graduated with her masters in social work. i have my masters in social work. see? love her. she loves her family. she loves her friends. she loves Sonic. and oh. my. word. she loves Jesus. jenna, please, PLEASE come visit.

met her through a mutual friend when i was INSANELY pregnant. literally, i was 3 weeks from delivering big h. we met at my pal's daughter's first birthday. and i'll be honest. for being thirty-six weeks pregnant, i felt way cute. had on my favorite maternity outfit. met her. thought, "wow. what a cute girl." and then, we kept running into each other at mutual friends' kids' birthday parties. and every time i would see her, i would tell buz, "she's cute. i want to be friends with her." and now? we're pals. and i adore her. and can't wait to get to know her even better. she has a gorgeous spirit. and a quick story. when i was down and out with goo last year...wait. it was last january that i was having difficulty with goo. does anyone else find that ironic? anyway. i was having a tough time. goo was waking up a lot. and was very grumpy. one random day, sarah called and told me she was coming over to bring us dinner. and dinner, she BROUGHT. tortilla soup, quesadillas for the kids, and brownies for dessert. just because she read that we were having a hard time. see what i mean about having a gorgeous spirit? yeah.

i met her in a hotel room at a hotel for a MOPS convention. and we sat and talked one night. and i loved her. and her husband sings at our church. and my husband now loves hanging out with her husband. go look at her. don't you just want to eat her up? she's just so cute. and she loves jesus. oh, and they're adopting from Africa. super awesome.

weentrab. my dear weentrab. please tell me you've heard me talk about my pal. i met her when i worked at an adoption agency and i worked at a hospital before her first and my first were born. and then we took a photography class together. which was the worst class ever. but i can't think of anyone else i would've rather taken it with. and now she's a freaking rock star, known by millions (ok, not sure millions, but LOTS AND LOTS of people) for her amazing talent. and has taught me all things photography. for which i am forever indebted. and she recently adopted. ultra cool story. love you so much, weentrab. sad we don't hang out as often.

and OH MY GOODNESS, i am so tired. i need to go to bed. in my "resolution" to talk about wonderful parts of my day, i will post some pictures and say that today, my kids were both sweet when we went over to a friend's house.

don't be mistaken. that is GOO in the cape and spiderman mask. she's all girl.

my handsome son who needs a haircut in the worst way. even he knows it.

first of all, let's talk about how goo is almost smiling in this. and also, that i let big h hold my brand new camera while i went down the slide and he took this all by himself. talent. and why did i feel the need to wave? it's not a movie camera.

what buz brought home last night. i heart this man. who knew of my coffee addiction?

both of my kids. and look! they're BOTH SMILING! even goo.


Jeff and Steph said...

I love your decision to see positive things amidst the tough times of toddlerhood. A friend and I were just talking about this at dinner tonight. Thanks for the encouraging reminder!

Colored With Memories said...'re so kind...thanks, and YES...i'd love to hang out in 2009!

it was fun reading your connections to all of these is crazy how small the blog world is at times.

oh, and i'm with you on limiting some of the blogs i read too...i've got to get some time back!

Penelope said...

#1--that brought a tear to my eye. thanks for recognizing Home on the honored!
#2--you failed to mention that the reason you never met my hubs is b.c your wedding invitation never arrived and was returned to me THREE MONTHS AFTER my wedding. I felt so bad!
#3--i am battling with age 2 as well. its looking a little brighter each day, but some days the trenches are DEEP. Call me anytime and we can console...or complain! :)
#4-Great resolution. I dont have a TV problem, I have a computer problem :)
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Um, hello.
How tickled and I to make the list with all that famous bloggy-ness? Can't even comprehend.

You are too kind :)
SO glad we're friends.

I so get the trials of the two-year old. I have the same issue. With a four year old. Trying to say nice things. It's hard sometimes.

And seriously. How precious are those smiles???

Anonymous said...

AM I. How tickled AM I?
Clearly grammar and spelling are not my thing.

Carry on.

Life In Progress said...

I can't even tell you how honored I am to have made your list, especially among such great company.

And yes, if we lived close you could borrow sugar or drop goo and big h off any time.

Also, I'm going to copy your idea. Sometimes I get off the phone with Jason and realize all I've done is whine. Thanks for inspiring me to work on that.

Melissa said...

Wow, I was just thinking this morning that I wanted to find some more blogs to read, and wondering where I would find them. Thanks!

And... you have connections to the Pioneer Woman? How cool are you? That is almost celebrity status right there!

windyday said...

What a fun surprise! I seriously almost had my son late to school this morning... I was way into this post.

When I first came across your blog I believe it was a post about Big H's 4th birthday... I was in awe of how you captured the many things you loved about Big H! It was a blessing to read your take on his life and see how you highlighted all the special thinks about him... and you seemed to do that well with everyone!!!

Amanda said...

Are you trying to make my day? You are so sweet! Thanks for your kind words.

Jenna said...

Sweet sweet sweet!!!

Seriously. Come visit? How about come LIVE. :-) We would have a ball, I know. We already do and that is just through blogs and email!

I am so glad to know you my dear friend, and appreciate you, your sweet family, your unmatched humor, and your encouragement more than you KNOW. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Girl, you make me feel like a rockstar! You're so sweet to mention me in such good company!

Thanks to you, I'm now going blog hopping to check out all these lovely ladies!

Love the playground photos. big h did a great job!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

awwww, I love you too!

and I can't wait to check out some of these new blogs, because if you like them I know I will too.

R said...

you are the greatest! thanks for including me and for the nice words!

you know, i should probably cut down on my blog reading too. i just looked down and my 1-year-old is currently eating a sheet of paper bit by bit. yep, i'm mother-of-the-year!

YES! let's do get together this year! we frequent the malls you frequent a lot, so we're totally game. anytime. for anything!

Anonymous said...

adding myself to the honored list. thank you friend. what a wonderful post! exuding positivity you are. and i love the pictures. big h has some talent. kids have this ridiculous knack for getting a great shot. and i LOVE the last one. love it! oh, those smiles.

chrys said...

if i were ever organized enough to make a list of my favorite blogs, yours would most certainly be on it. just know that for sure.

love you, friend.

Alana said...

Janet! I think I might be blushing right now! Seriously, I am so honored to be mentioned in this post. You are so sweet and are one of my absolute favorite bloggers...well, actually you are one of my absolute favorite people in general. I wish so much we lived closer, because I just know we would be such great friends. And really, let's face it...the diarrhea diaper explosion may have bonded us for life ;-)

Love ya!

Janelle said...

Oh, how fun that I am after Alana! Our paths WILL cross, I just know they will. How fun would that be to get the three of us together...

There will be a day!

I adore you, too. And your blog is so special to me.

I have let so many of them fall to the wayside, but NOT YOU! I love when I see your name highlighted on bloglines.

I am holding out for the Kamp days when we all need a shoulder to cry on while we wait for our kids to come back.