Thursday, July 17, 2008

little of this and that

first of all, i'm going to address something extremely important.

seems that everyone is new to the whole idea of donut friday.

here is the history behind donut friday. when big h turned one, my mom told me that instead of birthday gifts each year, she would be willing to help pay a part of mother's day out for him. each month. i know. she's freaking amazing. and she said she'd do so until he was done with mother's day out/preschool. again. i know.

and so several months before big h turned two, i enrolled him in a local church's mother's day out. and it proved to be one of the best decisions i ever made. it was not only great for me to have a little time to myself. but who knew? big h benefited even more. because he was developmentally delayed (specifically speech), it was AWESOME for him to be around other children who were actually, you know, talking. i know this might come as a shock to some of you. there was a time when big h did. not. speak. no really. i'm serious. i know you don't believe me.

but they were a few (ahem) times that he was less than pleased at the idea of heading to "school." a few.

the suggestion of his two UNBELIEVABLE teachers? was to plan something once a week that i knew he'd look forward to. sheer genius, i tell you. genius.

and so at their suggestion, it began. my little man was twenty months old. every friday morning. dunkin donuts. and when school was over, i thought it was best to continue our little tradition through the summer. and we did. and goo was born. and we didn't stop. three years running. we have been going to dunkin donuts. every friday. oh, and during the summer or christmas vacation? we go in our jammies. yes. even me. (they may or may not know what we want when we get there. and we may or may not pay the EXACT same amount week in and week out due to ordering the exact. same. thing. and perhaps we'll send zahir a christmas card this year.)

and so i am passing along my suggestion. pick something once a week that your kiddos can look forward to. it's done wonders for my children. especially my ULTRA structured son who LOVES routine.

you're welcome.

on to other things.

apparently, i'm making a habit of going to meet people i don't know.

this week, i headed out to meet my "little friend" as buz refers to her. like when i was in seventh grade, and my mom referred to all of my friends as "little friends." and again with the whole it was weird because it wasn't weird scenario.

i drove to her house. i told big h that we were going to play at one of mommy's friends' houses. and they have kids. his age. and that was pretty much all he needed to know. well, that and if they had someone for goo to play with. because he's a bit protective like that.

so we got there. and it had already been a long day. we had already played at a mall. (i know. it's sad. but my kids? they love them a mall play area.) then, i took big h to his tumbling class. i use the term 'class' loosely because the 'class' consists of big h and his little friend andrew. and the teacher. and they do gymnastics for an hour. big h LOVES it.

and then, we headed out. to meet sweet jenny.

i thought about trying to wear something cute. but we all know my well-documented feelings toward the summertime. something cute? not going happen.

but i'd like to have worn something without a booger.

yep, here it is documented. see the booger? on my shirt? "nice to meet you for the first time. i'm janet. and this is a booger out of the nose of one of my children. oh, and i'm classy with a big c."

you know what made me feel better? apparently what's on her shirt? pot roast grease. i mean, cooler than boogers. but at least she had something on her shirt.

i love being a mom.

(and i don't mind admitting that i wish i had had one of these before entering her lovely home. but it was 4:30 in the afternoon. in july. and i had been at big h's tumbling class. remember? the warehouse without a/c? guess the little sheet wouldn't have done much good after all.)

and we stood at the front door for what seemed like two hours going, "so cool. what's up. don't mind me. i'm just standing inside your house. where you blog."

and then all four of our kids played. like they were cousins or something. and we talked. in the midst of trying to make sure picasso (goo) didn't make art on her walls. the walls which, by the way, were beautiful. she totally cleaned her house for us. she's going to kill me for saying that.

and she made dinner. she whipped up a homemade pizza with mildewed pizza crust. kidding. seriously, she made a mean pizza and our kids sat together and ate together.

and then her husband walked in and in true janet fashion, i just dove in with, "hey what's up, jason. how was work?" like i knew him. or had ever met him.

and when it was time to go, i was sad. because with gas at $4/gallon, i'm not sure we're going to see each other for a while. but as she said, we've got email.

thanks so much for having us over, fun jenny. (there it is. your nickname. fun jenny. it has a nice ring.) your children are absolutely delightful, and i'm so glad to call you friend.

goo definitely smitten with sweet luke. luke? not so sure.

big h fast friends with ben.

the fabulous four. and i'm sorry. i'm biased. but can we all get a good chuckle at my dainty little girl? i mean, look at her with her hands gently placed on her lap? smiling.

and one more thing before i hit the hay. yesterday, i took my kids to the summertime movie and then to chick-fil-a. guess it was just too much.


Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

There are so many things you said in this post that are just like me, i'm a little freaked out right now.

Colored With Memories said...

So, would it throw Zahir off to add a blueberry latte to the Friday mix.

I just discovered these delicious babies at Dunkin D's and I'm hooked.

They are sugar free too! A sugar-free blueberry latte at the local Walmart Dunkin D's...that's my style!

Oh, and I'm jealous about all these meetups...

You'll laugh at this...Wads and Bob were over last week...and I mentioned how I read your blog to her and she totally pronounced your know...correctly. All this time in my head I was saying WISNER with a long I. I guess I thought your name was spelled WisEner?

okay. goodnite.

Anonymous said...

I so almost let the cat out of the bag about the name thing on my post ;-)
Truth be told, I never noticed the booger. AND I'd washed my pot-roast grease shirt that very morning because it's my favorite shirt and I was trying to be cute. See how that works out for me? :-)
So fun, Janet, so fun - it's nice to be able to stand at the door for 2 hours mumbling and for it to be fun for both parties involved :-)

Anonymous said...

oh, and fun jenny?
great for my self esteem...but *might* be a bit of a stretch :-P

Aimee said...

Good to know the origins of Donut Friday! (Is one year old to early to start eating donuts?!?!?!)

And your playdate sounds fab! Goo and Big H are precious!

R said...

oh my...i can SO relate to stuff on the shirt. i've been lamenting that a lot lately. seems i don't own a shirt that's sans stain anymore. i've decided to put the kaibosh on buying anymore shirts till my kids are, oh, say 18?!

Jenny said...

Reading this for the second time and lamenting how loose the pot-roast grease-stained shirt is on me.

Wow. Um not so anymore.

Glad our paths crossed, friend.
You are one of my favorites :)