Wednesday, July 23, 2008

she's a rock star

photo courtesy of sugar photography

my daughter, that is.

i don't know what it is about her that makes me want to eat her. all. the. time.

oh wait, yes i do.

oh my. i love this girl so stinking much. last night was her long awaited birthday dinner celebration. and guess what? she wanted to ride in the stroller. i so offered her the bone of being a big girl and walking. she wanted to remain my baby for the night. and i was SO ok with that.

and big h was SO in host mode. he told EVERYONE that he and dad made the cupcakes. and that the pink ones were for the girls and the white ones were for the boys. and he did NOT forget to tell everyone know that he appreciated them coming to goo's birthday party.

that big h. he's a ham.

and if you're in need of a low key birthday "dinner/celebration," i highly suggest the mall food court. oh my. it was so easy. i think everyone had a great time. there was no agenda. and we even scratched the build-a-bear idea.

and one of the funniest things? was the way i introduced several people to each other.

chrys and mike? i'd like you to meet weentrab.

"you're sugar?! oh! so nice to meet you."

chrys and mike? this is franklin five. and totally rad.

it was like our own little mini blogging conference.

or. not really.

and stuff.

anyway, it was great. goo enjoyed the cupcakes but was a little overwhelmed by the older kids. there were a LOT of older kids. and one thing you might know by now about goo. she's a quiet kid. not around big h. but around everyone else. and she doesn't smile easily.

but when she does? Lord have mercy. hearts-a-meltin' everywhere.

and remember when i told you she was a rock star? seriously. look at this. work it, goo. work it.

happy birthday, punkin'. you are so loved.


Janelle said...

Um. Who's missing from that guest list?

A Kiss, A Hug and A Squeeze.

Snot and Kisses.

Oh, yes. We missed a good party!

She looks like Miss Thing in that last picture. Sassy.

Kelly from Montana said...

we took a wrong turn and didn't make it - so sad:( thanks for the post and the pics - funtimes! love you, goo! from - sheshe

Chrys and Mike said...

ooooooh, i didn't even realize my party foul. please tell big h i'm sorry i ate a boy cupcake.

thanks for inviting us!


Colored With Memories said...

Colored With Memories is feeling left out too! But I see I recently made your blogroll, so I'll forgive...;)

I've often pondered taking a bite out of my two...not everyone understands that...glad you do!

Goo is precious. Her eyes and curls especially!

R said...

how fun! the mall food court is a great idea...never considered it! i'm starting to plan m & rosie's parties in oct/nov, so i'm in total idea mode. :0)

Aimee said...

What a cutie! I love her birthday shirt and sassy stance in the last picture!

Anonymous said...

chrys - i had a white one too and big h called me on it. i tell you the boy took it to heart. he looked so confused, even through my apology and i know he was thinking, "I told you 3 times, lady. Weren't you listening?" Sadly, I was and STILL took a boy cupcake.

Excellent party Wisner clan! Loved hanging out with the bloggers in person. And loved watching LMB enjoy her cupcakes.

Marino said...

I mean, can Goo get any cuter and sassier?! You gotta love a girl that can already strike a pose at age 2...and, food court is such a fun and great idea!

Jenna said...

No words can describe the amount of adorable in this post. SO glad the goo had a great par-tay!

I know homegirl is gonna rock #2!

Colored With Memories said...

Speech, time for a speech...I left a blog award for you on my post today!

Penelope said...

I recognize those sliding planters from my baby days at Northpark! Oh how we loved to run up the "tall ones" and slide down on our tummies. Some things never change!!

Life In Progress said...

Where to begin?

The cheeks, the smile, the eyes, the curls......she is indeed delicious. This post just confirms for me once again that she and Charlotte would be total buds.

And where did you get that shirt? Charlotte's birthday is coming up, and I now feel that she needs one!

BTW, thank you for your very kind words on my last post. You're awesome. I'm very thankful for my bloggy friends.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I want to eat her up too...she is obviously delicious.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.

wads and bob said...

What a stylin' girl! Happy Birthday (belated) to the Goo. SO WISH we could've been there to celebrate (and see her cute outfit in person). Glad y'all had fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh sweet goo! She is a rock star in that outfit :) I LOVE the shirt! Happy Birthday!!

Alana said...

Oh, I'm such a loser, I missed Goo's birthday! Two? Really? Please, please, please tell her to stop that growing up thing and while you're at it tell mine to stop growing up,too!

Seriously GORGEOUS pictures! And the shirt? Love it so much I could eat it! said...

oh my janet. i lost your feed and stumble back and can't believe your little girl is two! i'm sure it hasn't been that long since i've seen your blog, but holy cow she's grown up and of course is so beautiful. those eyes are something special!