Thursday, March 29, 2007

not quite the hollywood reunion i was imagining

the final update. it is 11:21 on thursday night, and buz is on his way home. and i am writing about it which means i am not with him. neither is big h.

when you have small children, your television never gets turned on to the local news. really for any reason. i am so far removed from current events, other than the really important issues. like what sanjaya's hair looked like 2 nights ago. like how izzy and george are going to keep their little secret from callie. like what family member of jack bauer's will turn up evil next.

so apparently, my city was having MAJOR thunderstorms. i promise, it was not raining here. clouds. no rain.

but buz insisted that there was a tornado warning. "have you looked outside? seriously, they are saying that you guys are getting so much rain and that you might need to seek shelter." clouds. but no rain.

flight supposed to leave between 4:30 and 5. sitter coming at 6. big h and i leaving at 6 in our jammies to get dinner and daddy. arriving at 8. home by 8:30 or 8:45.

he calls me around noon. flights being cancelled left and right. due to this tornado warning that i was oblivious to.

continues to call me the majority of the day. "i think we're coming. i don't think we'll get cancelled."

sitter gets here promptly at 6. i basically do everything with the goo since i'm here and all. big h totally shows off for "mommy's friend."

i feed the goo and put her to sleep while big h proceeds to tell babysitter that she can't play with his toys. nice.

after multiple conversations with buz, i decide that i will take big h out to dinner and bring him back home, put him to bed, and i will head to the airport by myself. not quite how i envisioned it. but i still get to run a long distance into my sweetie's arms and be twirled off my feet. just like the movies.

so big h and i get ready for our date. he gets dressed up in his finest jammies. and we head for the nicest restaurant in town. honestly, we had the best time. we were the only ones there. because you know, there was a tornado watch in effect. we danced to the music. we had hot dogs and french fries and dr pepper. well, i had the dr pepper. he went with water. then, we split some vanilla ice cream. we had a ball together.

came home and he wanted babysitter to read him stories. put him to sleep, and i headed immediately to the car to pick up my handsome prince.'s raining. go figure.

i check the automated gate arrival phone line the entire way there. flight #1629 is estimated to arrive at 10:17 at gate C11, baggage claim C12. i sit there patiently reading my magazine. and then, for some reason, i had this feeling that i needed to check the gate one more time, just to make sure. "flight #1629 is estimated to arrive at TEN FORTY-THREE at gate C11, baggage claim C12."

wait, what?

here is where i had to draw the line. i had to respect my sweet sitter. she has the "can't drive past midnight" curfew on her license. and really...would i want my daughter out past midnight? especially a school night?

so i got in the car and headed home. i was halfway home when i got buz's call saying they had just landed. i was halfway home but halfway to the airport, depending on how you looked at it.

i just couldn't do it. i had to get home to get babysitter home.

so all that, just to have him take a cab home tonight.

buz, i can't wait to hug you.

HARK, i think i hear foot steps.

a pit in my stomach

say it isn't so.

buz just called (12 noon) and said that flights to our city are being canceled. ok, so i just head on over to, and i don't see anything. i mean, it's sprinkling, and there is a chance of rain. but are you kidding me?

so...i have a dilemma. i am really pumped about our babysitter. i have never used her, and she is the stepdaughter of a close friend of mine. she sounds like an absolute dream.

if buz doesn't come home tonight (for the love of all that's good), can i go ahead and use her tonight for the goo and take big h to a movie or out for something fun for dinner?

and then put him to sleep and wallow in my self-pity (of course, with a really big dr. pepper and perhaps some buffalo wing flavored pretzels)? (those with more than 2 children or whose husbands regularly travel, please disregard previous comment.)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

day 3 of single parenthood

well, i am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

(this post has the potential for being really boring. so feel free to skim. consider it a cliffnotes version of our day.)

all i want to do is inform one certain party (who happens to be in a northern state right now), eat the rest of my dinner (yes, it's 9:45), and lay in bed and watch and rewatch american idol from last night. and just marvel at what was done to that boy's hair.

and why in the FREE WORLD he did not go home?

anyway. the recap of the day is going to be speedy quick.

first of all, the goo did NOT sleep last night. every time i turned on the monitor, there she was -- awake like it was 9:30 in the morning. translation: mommy didn't sleep.

somehow managed to get both of my kids to (different) sitters this morning by 9:30 so that i could go *help* weentrab with a photo shoot. help? please. social companion is more like it. she is so big time. (she does not pay me to give her a big head.) i will wait until she reveals her project before i go blabbing about it. bottom line, i hold a mean reflector. and i can straighten clothing with the best of them. and i didn't even have to get her starbucks. i could have and would have, had i gotten there any earlier. in fact, she bought me lunch. what?

went to get big h who let me know that he "meesed" me. love the guy.

got the goo. the report from master sitter, davis, was that "she just doesn't feel well." so sad. she didn't get to have super fun goo goo. breathing treatment, bulb syringe, you name it. that is true friendship, people.

came home, and it was just a tough afternoon for everyone involved. i did NOT want to leave the house, but i realized that i hadn't been to the store to get groceries in a while. so i did what any perfect susie homemaker would do. i called pizza hut. it was a hit with the whole family. even the goo gnawed on the crust.

got her bathed and to bed. got big h bathed, HAIR WASHED, and to bed. and he wanted to "mama, make sure you sank zesus for daddy. he's coming home soon, huh?" oh, little man, you have no idea what you're in for tomorrow night.

speaking of tomorrow night, i decided that i would surprise big h with a trip to the airport to pick up daddy. i realize that now you can basically pull to a slow crawl at the entrance of the airport and hope that your waiting party is ready to jump in your car without it ever stopping. but don't think we're not going to take advantage of the "daddy business trip." they rarely happen, so we're making the most of it. i got a sitter to put the goo down. and big h and i are going to get on our jammies, head out towards the airport, eat somewhere fun on the way, and then pick up daddy. buz knows about it, but big h doesn't. airplanes and his best friend. he might pass out. i'll take a paper bag, just in case.

and that's it. tomorrow, the goo and i have big h's parent/teacher conference. is he old enough for one of these? :) last year, it was so much fun to have someone talk about my little man and all of the things he has accomplished and all that they were looking forward to seeing him work on and tackle.

more medicine for the goo. so send your prayers this way. she is a mess.

we love you, buz, and we cannot wait to see you and hug you and love on you tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

day 2 of single parenthood

we're surviving, folks.

the goo woke up in the middle of the night last night. nothing a little air conditioning fan noise couldn't help. she woke up still not feeling well. big h woke up in a FABULOUS mood.

let me hear an AMEN!

we all got up and did our morning routine. i.e. set baby on the floor and let her play with the same toys she plays with every morning, get big h some "no-nee" (aka milk) and 2 "dings" (aka eggos) and get mama a bowl of life cereal.

i'm reading that feeling sorry for the goo. she's the second born. bless her heart.

called the doc right when they opened. 9:50 appointment. perfect.

big h did great getting in the car. was actually excited about the whole prospect of going to school today. sweet jesus. thank you, thank you.

dropped him off and headed for the doc's. remember -- appointment at 950. we got called back at 1040. unfortunate for us.

let me digress. so there was this lady/mom there. she wasn't sitting with her son, who was maybe 9 or 10. she looked like she was digging in her purse when she would start to fall toward her purse. i thought, "poor her. rough night." but clearly no infant with her to have caused a sleepless night. so i did what any concerned fellow citizen would do. i gossiped about it to the mom next to me. ok, not really gossiped. just asked if she thought anything of the lady's apparent narcolepsy. well, apparently my genuine concern and interest in her well-being became the talk of the office. i had at least 2 staff members ask if she was ok. i mean, people, i was really worried for this little kid. he appeared to be totally fine with this, as though this is not out of the ordinary for his mama. she started putting on mascara (already had on mascara, but that's neither here or there). and she kept closing her eye and falling forward and getting mascara on her forehead. now, i am no makeup wearer, but i'm almost positive mascara only goes on your eyelashes. correct me if i'm wrong.

anyway, sleepless lady, if you're out there, i hope you're ok.

anyhoo. we got to see dr. g, who asked about big h. we LOVE this man. after a full exam, we were told "she's got a cold." nice. i love paying insurance money only to hear that we can use some over the counter medicine to cure her ails. such is life. took her home and got her a nap and me some quiet time.

in medical news, this is what is going on around the wisner house:
the kid is such a hoss! he holds his own nebulizer mask.
i know what you're thinking. i am a beacon of hope to other women who just hope that one day they will look this good in a white t-shirt and black sweat pants and no shower.

anyway, picked up big h, who was thrilled about how much fun he had at school. i told him we needed to go to the store to get the goo some diapers. and he reminded me that we were out of "bo-nanas" and that we needed to get some "so fast, mama."

super target, here we come. oh, some days, i wish i could walk around that place by myself. it's a beautiful place. so serene. full of so many extravagant purchases that could be made.

only spent an hour there and headed home for goo's 2nd nap.

we had our buddy A over tonight. we babysit him every other tuesday night, so his parents can be together. then, they return the favor on the other weeks.

let me tell you -- i can only imagine what this 2 1/2-year-old must have said on the way home. i don't know what happened to me right before he got here, but this mama turned into a full on OGRE! i kid you not. i think the "i miss my hubby" set in in full force, and i had no patience. the poor kid somehow picked up every "no" toy we own. bless his heart. i think even big h was looking at me like, "mom, are you ok?"

got the goo down. got big h bathed. he's down now. and now i am breathing a sigh of relief that i have only one more night of daddy not here at bedtime.

speaking of daddy. this is how much my husband loves me. he called me when his conference was finished for the day, letting me know that he was heading back to the mall to look around some more as well as eat dinner somewhere fun. and this is what he says. "um, i'm on the shuttle over to the mall, and i overheard some people talking about how the nordstrom at this mall has the biggest shoe section of any nordstrom in the US and minnesota doesn't have sales tax. wanna get online and look for some shoes you want me to get for you?"

tears. tears of joy and gratitude. and he's mine.

so to daddy...

Monday, March 26, 2007

day 1 of single parenthood

is going ok, i guess.

this morning began with the daily question of "mama, when you all done feeding baby gree-ya, where we going?"

hmmm...i'm not sure there is a fun, creative way to say "well, YAY! WE ARE GOING TO THE ENT FOR A TUBE FOLLOW-UP! SO MUCH FUN FOR US/YOU!"

seeing as how every time we have ever been to the ENT, we, meaning big h, have pitched the mother of all tantrums for some reason or another.

so, after lots of prayer and the crossing of my fingers, i responded with, "well, we have some things to do today. mama needs to go get a new bible. (which i do, by the way. my new, smaller one to cart in the diaper bag came out of the binding after a whopping 2 months of use.) then, we may go to the mall that has the trains that you like to ride. and then i think before we do any of those things, we will go see the lady who will look in your ears to make sure there is no water in them."

side note: big h had tubes put in back in november 2005 and has been wearing lovely red, custom made ear plugs in the bath ever since. these ear plugs have become a source of poor hygiene in our family. he hates having them in SO MUCH that we don't wash his hair every night. he's a 3-year-old boy who sweats and gets dirty. and i STILL don't wash his hair every night. too much trauma for one mama (or daddy) to handle. in fact, buz doesn't ever wash his hair. he lets me do it. thanks, dear.

we went to the swimming pool birthday party on saturday, which was a HUGE success until we had to get out of the swimming pool to go to the party room. dad accidentally told big h that we were going upstairs to get pizza and cake. to make a REALLY long story not quite as long, big h only heard the cake part. and proceeded to cry like a maniac and let EVERYONE know that he was not pleased that we were not having cake right when we got to the party room. oh sweet mother of all that's good.

however, at the swimming pool, big h tripped and went under water. no drowning or drowning experiences. but he did go under water. BIG no no in the world of ear tubes.

so i have been paranoid ever since.

back to the ENT. when we walk in, my son was in an extremely good mood. rare. we played with the goo. read some books. talked about the plans for our day. i always have to remind him that when she calls us back, we need to stop what we're doing and go back. the reminder is always helpful. when i don't remind, we pay for it the ENTIRE visit. when she called his name, he asked, "hey, yady. are you going to look into my ears and see if there is water in them?"

i just told the lady to nod.

he marched down the hall to our exam room, and he got to sit in the big exam chair. he was pumped about it, saying it resembled a rocket ship. "oh mama, i so uh-sited!" i gave the lady a little history, which was weird since we've been going to this doc since september '05. anyway. she told him that she was going to look in his ears but that to get to them, she had to raise him up. at first, i thought it was going to scare him. and then, i see a look of complete GLEE, and he starts saying over and over again, "mama, yook at me. i'm in a real rocket ship. i am so higher than you and so higher than little baby. gree-ya, yook. i am higher than you and mama. see? i'm higher!" he tilted his head perfectly for her to look in each ear. then she looked in his nose, and he started telling her, "there is a lot of yuckies in there, huh?" (we call boogers "yuckies.") then, she wanted him to open his mouth, and he asked her if she wanted him to roar like a lion. what i would give to know what her dinner table conversation was like tonight.

then, we were off to the tympanogram room for them to test for fluid in his ears and to take some pictures of the insides of his ears. when she said she was getting ready to take some pictures of the insides of his ears, he started saying very loudly, "CHEESE!"

we came back in the exam room and talked about everything. and the one thing i hoped she wouldn't say, she did. he has to wear plugs at the pool all summer because the holes aren't closed all the way yet.

big sigh.

i asked if she could tell him that. he does really well with authority figures telling him important information. she told him he would have to wear his ear plugs in the swimming pool all summer. "oh, ok. my mama forgot them at CJ's birthday party." thanks, big h.

as we were leaving, he was thanking everyone for looking in his ears to see if there was water in them.

we headed to the mall for a little happy meal and some train riding. came home. the goo napped from 2:30-5! and big h took a nap on me from 3:45-5! bliss.

but then, sunday night blues times 1000 set in. it's 5, and daddy's not coming home.

the goo doesn't feel well, so tomorrow she and i will head to see dr. g while big h heads to school.

meanwhile, daddy is living it up at the mall of america right now. but, he's going to be working tomorrow through thursday night. plus, for him to be gone this long, he better have fun. i miss the tar out of him.

again...i know some of you have husbands who travel or work nights or just work late. and wow -- i am so sorry for you.

sweet buz, i miss you so much! we take you for granted, and we/i are/am sorry. i love you!

Friday, March 23, 2007

wish i had a funny story

so, i haven't written anything in a week or so, and i thought i would sit down tonight and jot down a couple of things on my mind. but you would be so sad to learn the things going on in my head right now, due to their "mundaneness." (the fact that i just made "mundaneness" a word should say something.)
  1. it's a friday night, and i could be listening to anything i want on my ipod, but i am listening to the CARS soundtrack. i am the mama of a boy. all boy.
  2. sweet big h is WAY INTO playing dress up. buz and i are not concerned. yet. he does go into my closet frequently these days coming out with various "outfits," if you will call them such. given his "issues" with shoes, we find it interesting that he has been trying all of my shoes as well as dad's. yesterday, i experienced such a proud moment of a mommy. i wanted to run an errand down in the "city." i went to have one of the goo's dresses monogrammed. mind you, this is a very, very swanky childrens' clothing store. when we were finished, we were going to pick up dad at the train station, as a little fun surprise for both big h and daddy. when he found out that we were going to get daddy after we "runned some ay-yuns," he decided to get in the car wearing this...then, the same day, i was going to get the goo out of her carseat, and i come back into the kitchen to him wearing this...
  3. last night, i got to celebrate my bff's pregnancy. she has one month to go. bff, i can't wait to meet baby #2. thanks for letting us love on you last night. you are one chic chick!!!
  4. yesterday was the birthday of my very best friend. kelly, thank you for coming into my life in 4th grade. i long for the day when we get to see each other again. "you dumbo nuhd."
  5. tomorrow we have a birthday swim party to go to. no offense to the mom of big h's best friend, but who wants to get into a swimsuit in the middle of march after just recently having a baby? hmmm...isn't having a SEVEN MONTH OLD still considered "just recent?" where is my swimsuit? can i wear a t-shirt and running shorts over my swimsuit or is that just for 7th grade girls?
  6. on the same note, i find it disheartening that everywhere i have gone to get the goo a swimsuit -- oh yes, we are getting homegirl in the water -- all they have are bikinis. now, i realize that i will not be getting into a bikini, well, ever. but a 7-month-old? seriously, what is wrong with that picture? goo...i will NOT be putting you into a 2-piece tomorrow. sorry. you'll have plenty of years left for that.
  7. begin the mourning process. buz is going out of town for FOUR DAYS. he leaves on monday and does not come back until thursday night after both kiddos go to bed. now, before you get on my case...all of you whose husbands travel on a regular basis...this is new to me. i am not used to sweet buz going out of town. i am not even used to him being home late at night. so, like i said, pour on the sympathy.
  8. sad news around the wisner house. we are officially finished with the infant carseat. (weeping out loud) we haven't installed it yet, but it has been purchased. no more carseat carriers for the wisners. ever.
  9. my heart melts for my little man. as big h and i were "resting" today (resting used in the loosest form possible), he began to list all of my facial features by touching them one by one. "mama's 1 eye. mama's utter eye. mama's nose." then, out of nowhere, he says, "hey mama, i (pointing at his eye) have hid your word in my heart (pointing at his heart)." tears. lots of them.
  10. yesterday, i got to talk to my sweet friend, marino. what a hoot. we have one of those friendships where we can just pick back up where we left off. every time. and to learn what a hoot she is, you can read about her here. just thinking about her makes me smile. really, really big.
  11. have i mentioned how much i LOVE the goo? i haven't? i LOVE the goo.

i think that's about it. see what i mean? i'm thinking that not that many people care about who i've been talking to on the phone this week or what kind of safety devices we are installing in our cars these days. but thanks for dropping by anyway.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

we went to eat dinner with buz's brother and sister-in-law tonight. they have an almost 7-year-old boy (who big h idolizes) and an almost 4-year-old daughter. and a little boy, brandon michael, coming to meet us in july.

we had a talk with big h on the way about being sweet and sharing. sometimes when we go to their house, things get ugly with his girl cousin. they are roughly the same age, and sometimes they butt heads. anyway, we were rehearsing some potential scenes (something i've started doing that has worked). and he was saying all the right things. which was good.

we got there. and he really was being sweet. i was so proud of him. anyway, when my nephew gets *into* something, he really gets *into* it. right now, he is into this movie. he, my niece, and big h played so well tonight. i was so proud of big h.

we get home and are getting ready for bed. as we're reading stories and getting ready to talk to jesus, he says, "mama, you sing that, ok?" "sing what?" "you know...the UNGH song."

right. of course.

i told him to sing it to me. he gets out of his bed, as though he was preparing for a broadway show and proceeds to sing, "unh. get your head in the game. chick chick. get your head in the game. oh yeah, get your head in the game. yeah, yeah."

mama, you do it.

i couldn't. i just couldn't.

the dancing that this boy was coming up with. where did he get those hips? papa?

not to mention that the goo had her first CACKLE watching my nephew sing the "get your head in the game" song. cackling, people. it was so stinking hysterical. guess we need to get the soundtrack. oh, to have something new to listen to in the car, other than the wiggles sailing around the world or veggie tales.

changing the subject.

i was NOT wife of the year last night. long story. actually, it's not a long story at all, but i would prefer not to embarrass myself to that extent for all to read. let's just put it this way -- i was NOT nice and sweet to my spouse and was ashamed of my actions.

so i went to pick big h up from school and decided we needed to go get daddy an "i'm sorry" goody of sorts. and nothing says i'm sorry like chocolate chips. so we headed to the big cookie place to get a cookie cake as a present for daddy.

big h is VERY big into making phone calls. this is the conversation i heard from the backseat.

big h: hi. present guy. it's me. ah-nee. we are doing great. tank you for asking. my mommy needs to know if you have a big present for my daddy. oh? you do? that is you-ti-ful. we are on our way. we need it soon because mommy was really mean to my daddy, and she needs to say she's sorry really really past. thanks. i'll talk to you later.

hey mommy, present guy has a big cookie. then you can give daddy his present and say sorry lots. and daddy will say, "oh that's ok. it was just an accident."

God love this kid.

one more thing. i can't NOT comment on this. even though she did and she always does.

american idol.

buz and i have actually watched this season from the very beginning. and for those of you who are watching, i have one question.


why this?

actually, i thought i would have more to say. nope. i'm speechless. period.

Monday, March 12, 2007


(warning: i got link crazy tonight.)

well, hallelujah. the Lord is on my side. not only did He bless me with a cool pair of shoes to ring in the new season (which i despise so much.) He chose to do the same for my sweet big h.

now, for those of you who are new to big h's character, he has some quirky tendencies. the main one is that he has only worn one pair of shoes (different sizes, of course, but he doesn't know that) since july of 2005. refuses anything else.

up until february. and he got these. and just so you know, i would have pasted a picture of them, but i cannot find them online ANYWHERE. that's how scared buz and i were about these shoes. we were going to need them in a bigger size at some point.

plus, summer is coming. and he can't wear these boots without socks. they give him blisters. we've already figured out that. and don't ask how many "bang gaids" we went through during that trauma. so buz and i were literally praying that those exact boots in one size bigger would miraculously show up on our doorstep, and we could teach big h about how God works miracles. teaching moments, people. that's what i'm always looking for.

so today happens. we play at the mall with my buddies weentrab and franklin. and another girl who i don't know. nice girl. but when you play at the mall, you don't get into deep conversations, other than who's kid has to go potty and who can't find their kid, and what kind of pizza your kid wants vs. what kind other kids want. we're getting ready to leave, and i wanted to run "just a quick errand." we are in a kids' clothing store, and see some very cute shoes. i thought to myself, "i wish my kid was *normal* and would just wear shoes because i tell him to." (yes, i really did think that to myself.) he sees them and immediately starts crying saying, "i don't want those shoes. i don't want laces." what? so for a year and a half, you wore tennis shoes with laces, and now your new thing is no laces? ok, ok, appease the little guy. "buddy, we don't have to get them. i just thought i'd show them to you."

"but i wwwaaaaannnnntttt new shoes, mama."


you want what?

don't think i didn't run out of that store as fast as my feet could carry me and head to my favorite shoe store. i don't mind admitting. i'm a shoe snob. you know why? because if my kid is going to have ONE pair for 2 years, i sure as heck don't want something i am not going to like looking at for those 2 years. go ahead...say what you will.

we walk in, and i walk toward the shoes with NO laces, since that is what we are now into. i see some and say, "hmmm...these are pretty cool." fully expecting to have him start crying for some reason or another.

"yeah, mama, those are sooooo coooooollllll."

when i told the sales clerk what size, she said those shoes didn't come in small sizes. i immediately asked her what size the display was. honestly, i don't even remember if she answered. i just took it off the display and put it on big h. he LOVED them and continued to say, "mama, these are the coolest shoes i have ever weared. gree-ya, you like these shoes? you want some?"

i will have you know -- the goo did not get herself a pair of these miracles.

he did not take them off until bath time. and i'll have you know. he is wearing him under the covers with his jammies as i write this. at first, he wanted them to be tucked in with him. but he decided it was a better idea to just wear them. "them are so comfy, mama. thank you for the coooooollll shoes." you may be thinking to yourself, "i would no more let my kid go to bed in his new shoes." and i say back to you, "yes you would. if big h was your son."

here they are.

do you notice a strong resemblance to my new shoes? :) apple doesn't fall far from the tree, i guess.

(yes, i have dedicated an entire post to my kid's new shoes. talk as you wish.)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

weekend recap in pictures

these should explain how great our weekend was...

started with papa coming to visit for just an overnight stay

then we headed to the park this afternoon
"ride like the wind, bullseye"

the goo could NOT be any happier than when she's swingin' with her brother

"oh sad -- he left. poor me"

"actually, swinging is still really, really fun!"

"so fun i can't contain my joy" (feel free to notice the gaZILLION teeth in the poor girl's mouth)

big h not so patient. "c'mon, daddy. hurry..."

a lovely family picture. my excuse is that the backpack is just NOT flattering. buz says he "didn't look good" in it either. thank you, dear.

fun was had by all. great weekend. today was one of those days where i just said to myself numerous times, "i'm really glad i'm a mom of 2 kids the ages they are. i really love my life."

Friday, March 09, 2007

buz asleep. me? not asleep. big bummer.

so the recount of the day. got to go to northpark with my bff (aka "ee-mee" per big h) and her kid and kid-to-be (as of april 2007). fun time had by all. even better that big h threw not ONE fit at the mall. NOT ONE. this is big. big h had an extremely nutritious lunch including chips and a winnie the pooh cookie. but clearly the highlight of the morning was riding in the double stroller with his buddy wes. the goo doesn't really interact with big h yet. so having someone tickle him and giggle and play was almost too much fun. bff, he talked about his "priend wes" the whole day and told dad the "punny" thing he and wes do. came home and was able to perform the "lift and lay" for BOTH children. both. i am an amazing woman. i am able to perform the lift and lay more often than even i can believe. (sometimes i have to give myself compliments. it's sad. i know.) big h to the couch and the goo to her crib, of course. i began to lay down after picking up around the house. (never ending chore) i heard big h get off the couch. it is SO MUCH FUN to hear him wake up from a nap when he's in a good mood. now, when he is NOT in a good mood. yeah, not so much fun. but he talks to himself. it is so stinking funny. today, i heard, "hmmm...i wonder where my mommy is. i should prolly find her and her help me pind my big buz. hmmm...where is she? i will go yook por her right now." honestly, i was so tired (probably because i don't go to sleep at night) that i just kept my eyes shut. he thought i was asleep, so he played in my bathroom. some of you might be fearful of your 3-year-old boy playing in your bathroom. me? not so much. big h just finds something with wheels and drives it all over my bathroom counter. and then sometimes "cleans" that wheeled item. with a q-tip. i think the worst thing he ever did was "clean" one of his items with my toothbrush. it didn't gross me out. i just got out another toothbrush. no worries. all of the sudden, he comes and gets. in. bed. with. me.

i'm almost crying at the cuteness of this moment. and he proceeds to say to himself, "i should prolly lay her next to my mommy. good night, ah-nee, says mommy." i love that big h has conversations with himself. and i don't find it the least bit strange. :)

the goo woke before him. she got herself some no-nee. (translation: milk. big h has called milk no-nee since before he began saying anything else. and it's the one thing other than his name that he doesn't say correctly. and we love it.) daddy got home earlier than normal, which makes any normal day a party. and we headed to our friday night extravaganza. to say that big h was pumped would be a poor understatement. and we met some new friends from church. so the mom/wife/girl is great, and i have known her for about a year and a half. but we decided to get the families together. her son is 2 1/2, and the only time he and big h hung out together, they both did great. that is saying a LOT. ok, so the dad/husband/guy is just as great. OU fan. check. plays playstation. check check. sings at church and has an amazing voice. added bonus. i promise we won't make you sing if/when we have you over for dinner. but big h did great. and shocker, so did the goo. just sat there eating her little baby food smiling at everyone, having a gay old time in the bjorn.

great day overall. tomorrow is "get things accomplished" day at the wisner house. i LONG for saturday mornings. i mean, we check things off lists like there is no tomorrow. it makes me smile really, really big. and checking things off lists makes me happy. and papa is coming into town for a visit. just papa. nana is on vacation. papa is doing some stuff with their new house and will stay the night with us tomorrow night. i told big h about it when i was tucking him in. we were talking to jesus and he thanked jesus for papa. and he wanted to thank jesus for nana too, "even if her isn't coming to our house tomorrow." always looking out for everyone.

well, i'm pretty sure that was the most boring thing i have written in a while. but it passed some time. AND it kept me from going to buz will appreciate that.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


ok, i don't have a problem being honest about my purchase.

for the sole purpose of people NOT thinking that i am purchasing any kind of nighttime apparel (sarah kate).

the only reason i didn't want to share was because i was a little embarrassed about how ticked i got when the "sniping" occurred. the items -- pottery barn kids place mats -- were being sold for a whopping $4.47. we've already ruined our dining room table with 2 fairly massive stains. and you should all know by now that i am extremely lazy when it comes to housework. and i was getting tired of washing place mat after mat. so these vinyl, wipe off ones seemed to be a dream come true.

i know, i know. i live on the edge. you wish you could be me.

so today, i did a different search and found the same ones, only a set of 4 instead of 6, for $8.

again...the craziness going on around the wisner house. it's too much for some people. not for us. there is much to be said about living your life full of thrill.

so thank you, sarah kate, for exposing my albeit NERDY character. 'preciate that.

rest assured

for those of you who lost sleep over my ebay saga, rest well tonight. i remedied the situation. i did another search today and found the same thing. about $3 more expensive. but i could handle the $3 vs. living in anger. so i went with the "buy it now" option and feel satisfied.

i know, i know, i'm pitiful.

but now buz can once again tell jokes that will be laughed at.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

heat -- bring it

oh my goodness. one thing i do VERY seldom is get ANGRY. i get my feelings hurt, and i get sad. and lots of beautiful hormonal emotions like that. but i rarely get angry.

boy howdy...buz can attest to my mental state right now.

i came into contact tonight with an ebay sniper.

i need to pause so i can take a deep breath.

outraged, i tell you. i was bidding on something very fun. what i was bidding on is not important at this point. :) what matters is that i have been watching/bidding on this item for FIVE days. it gets to today. i have hours left. minutes left. i have about 10 minutes left. i am so psyched i can't stand it. so i go ahead and run my little errand. i come back to pay with paypal, and i see it.

the big red X that says, "bidding for this item is over. you were outbid by another bidder."

where is that bidder and how can i get my hands on her? i know it's a her because of the item that i was bidding on.

so buz was telling jokes tonight. being all cute and witty. couldn't do it. couldn't bring myself to laugh or even smile. he knew this had to be big. i have tried thinking happy thoughts all night. and all i can think about is, well...HER!

anyone ever sent a not-so-nice email to someone who "snipes?" this is new to me. so any suggestions would be welcome. i promise to be as nice as possible. who knows -- maybe i will be over it by tomorrow.

in other news, the goo has been going through a rough patch the last couple of weeks. i took her to the doctor on friday WITH big h, who was a champ. "no, mrs. wisner, she does not have an ear infection. she *just* has THREE new teeth coming in." had i had water in my mouth, it would have gotten all over the doctor. i'm sorry -- does that bring her to a grand total of NINE TEETH????? needless to say, she's not the most delightful baby to around. and she is definitely the winner of the wet t-shirt contest EVERY NIGHT.

went to a park today to meet up with big h's best friend, CJ. by his actions, however, no one would ever know he was his best friend. i mean, my kid was horrific. growling at him "yike a yion." awful. but at least he knew it -- buz came home from work and asked big h if he had fun playing with CJ at the playground today. big h's response was, "yeah, but i was really mean to him." classic. :) so CJ's mom -- if you're reading this, big h is really sorry and wants to "cuh-yer" (aka color) your son an "i'm sorry picture." (don't know what that is, but i appreciate the sentiment behind it.)

and for those of you following my consignment journey, the first one is over, and the 2nd/last one is this weekend. and then, i am done. for now.