Monday, March 26, 2007

day 1 of single parenthood

is going ok, i guess.

this morning began with the daily question of "mama, when you all done feeding baby gree-ya, where we going?"

hmmm...i'm not sure there is a fun, creative way to say "well, YAY! WE ARE GOING TO THE ENT FOR A TUBE FOLLOW-UP! SO MUCH FUN FOR US/YOU!"

seeing as how every time we have ever been to the ENT, we, meaning big h, have pitched the mother of all tantrums for some reason or another.

so, after lots of prayer and the crossing of my fingers, i responded with, "well, we have some things to do today. mama needs to go get a new bible. (which i do, by the way. my new, smaller one to cart in the diaper bag came out of the binding after a whopping 2 months of use.) then, we may go to the mall that has the trains that you like to ride. and then i think before we do any of those things, we will go see the lady who will look in your ears to make sure there is no water in them."

side note: big h had tubes put in back in november 2005 and has been wearing lovely red, custom made ear plugs in the bath ever since. these ear plugs have become a source of poor hygiene in our family. he hates having them in SO MUCH that we don't wash his hair every night. he's a 3-year-old boy who sweats and gets dirty. and i STILL don't wash his hair every night. too much trauma for one mama (or daddy) to handle. in fact, buz doesn't ever wash his hair. he lets me do it. thanks, dear.

we went to the swimming pool birthday party on saturday, which was a HUGE success until we had to get out of the swimming pool to go to the party room. dad accidentally told big h that we were going upstairs to get pizza and cake. to make a REALLY long story not quite as long, big h only heard the cake part. and proceeded to cry like a maniac and let EVERYONE know that he was not pleased that we were not having cake right when we got to the party room. oh sweet mother of all that's good.

however, at the swimming pool, big h tripped and went under water. no drowning or drowning experiences. but he did go under water. BIG no no in the world of ear tubes.

so i have been paranoid ever since.

back to the ENT. when we walk in, my son was in an extremely good mood. rare. we played with the goo. read some books. talked about the plans for our day. i always have to remind him that when she calls us back, we need to stop what we're doing and go back. the reminder is always helpful. when i don't remind, we pay for it the ENTIRE visit. when she called his name, he asked, "hey, yady. are you going to look into my ears and see if there is water in them?"

i just told the lady to nod.

he marched down the hall to our exam room, and he got to sit in the big exam chair. he was pumped about it, saying it resembled a rocket ship. "oh mama, i so uh-sited!" i gave the lady a little history, which was weird since we've been going to this doc since september '05. anyway. she told him that she was going to look in his ears but that to get to them, she had to raise him up. at first, i thought it was going to scare him. and then, i see a look of complete GLEE, and he starts saying over and over again, "mama, yook at me. i'm in a real rocket ship. i am so higher than you and so higher than little baby. gree-ya, yook. i am higher than you and mama. see? i'm higher!" he tilted his head perfectly for her to look in each ear. then she looked in his nose, and he started telling her, "there is a lot of yuckies in there, huh?" (we call boogers "yuckies.") then, she wanted him to open his mouth, and he asked her if she wanted him to roar like a lion. what i would give to know what her dinner table conversation was like tonight.

then, we were off to the tympanogram room for them to test for fluid in his ears and to take some pictures of the insides of his ears. when she said she was getting ready to take some pictures of the insides of his ears, he started saying very loudly, "CHEESE!"

we came back in the exam room and talked about everything. and the one thing i hoped she wouldn't say, she did. he has to wear plugs at the pool all summer because the holes aren't closed all the way yet.

big sigh.

i asked if she could tell him that. he does really well with authority figures telling him important information. she told him he would have to wear his ear plugs in the swimming pool all summer. "oh, ok. my mama forgot them at CJ's birthday party." thanks, big h.

as we were leaving, he was thanking everyone for looking in his ears to see if there was water in them.

we headed to the mall for a little happy meal and some train riding. came home. the goo napped from 2:30-5! and big h took a nap on me from 3:45-5! bliss.

but then, sunday night blues times 1000 set in. it's 5, and daddy's not coming home.

the goo doesn't feel well, so tomorrow she and i will head to see dr. g while big h heads to school.

meanwhile, daddy is living it up at the mall of america right now. but, he's going to be working tomorrow through thursday night. plus, for him to be gone this long, he better have fun. i miss the tar out of him.

again...i know some of you have husbands who travel or work nights or just work late. and wow -- i am so sorry for you.

sweet buz, i miss you so much! we take you for granted, and we/i are/am sorry. i love you!


Franklin5 said...

That boy of yours! He is so unabashedly cute I just wanna REACH THROUGH THE COMPUTER SCREEN and hug him. Which would probably scare the poop out of him since I am basically a total stranger. So it's good that you tell me these things when I am way out of arm's reach.

Heaving an enormous sigh for you and the traveling husband. Yes, you do get the television remote all to yourself, but that is, for me, the lone bright spot of a business trip. Hang in there and let me know if you need a buddy!