Thursday, March 29, 2007

not quite the hollywood reunion i was imagining

the final update. it is 11:21 on thursday night, and buz is on his way home. and i am writing about it which means i am not with him. neither is big h.

when you have small children, your television never gets turned on to the local news. really for any reason. i am so far removed from current events, other than the really important issues. like what sanjaya's hair looked like 2 nights ago. like how izzy and george are going to keep their little secret from callie. like what family member of jack bauer's will turn up evil next.

so apparently, my city was having MAJOR thunderstorms. i promise, it was not raining here. clouds. no rain.

but buz insisted that there was a tornado warning. "have you looked outside? seriously, they are saying that you guys are getting so much rain and that you might need to seek shelter." clouds. but no rain.

flight supposed to leave between 4:30 and 5. sitter coming at 6. big h and i leaving at 6 in our jammies to get dinner and daddy. arriving at 8. home by 8:30 or 8:45.

he calls me around noon. flights being cancelled left and right. due to this tornado warning that i was oblivious to.

continues to call me the majority of the day. "i think we're coming. i don't think we'll get cancelled."

sitter gets here promptly at 6. i basically do everything with the goo since i'm here and all. big h totally shows off for "mommy's friend."

i feed the goo and put her to sleep while big h proceeds to tell babysitter that she can't play with his toys. nice.

after multiple conversations with buz, i decide that i will take big h out to dinner and bring him back home, put him to bed, and i will head to the airport by myself. not quite how i envisioned it. but i still get to run a long distance into my sweetie's arms and be twirled off my feet. just like the movies.

so big h and i get ready for our date. he gets dressed up in his finest jammies. and we head for the nicest restaurant in town. honestly, we had the best time. we were the only ones there. because you know, there was a tornado watch in effect. we danced to the music. we had hot dogs and french fries and dr pepper. well, i had the dr pepper. he went with water. then, we split some vanilla ice cream. we had a ball together.

came home and he wanted babysitter to read him stories. put him to sleep, and i headed immediately to the car to pick up my handsome prince.'s raining. go figure.

i check the automated gate arrival phone line the entire way there. flight #1629 is estimated to arrive at 10:17 at gate C11, baggage claim C12. i sit there patiently reading my magazine. and then, for some reason, i had this feeling that i needed to check the gate one more time, just to make sure. "flight #1629 is estimated to arrive at TEN FORTY-THREE at gate C11, baggage claim C12."

wait, what?

here is where i had to draw the line. i had to respect my sweet sitter. she has the "can't drive past midnight" curfew on her license. and really...would i want my daughter out past midnight? especially a school night?

so i got in the car and headed home. i was halfway home when i got buz's call saying they had just landed. i was halfway home but halfway to the airport, depending on how you looked at it.

i just couldn't do it. i had to get home to get babysitter home.

so all that, just to have him take a cab home tonight.

buz, i can't wait to hug you.

HARK, i think i hear foot steps.


Anonymous said...

oh dear. I was afraid of that.

you have a message on your cell asking about just this situation, and hoping it wouldn't happen.

so sorry.

hope the twirling reunion happened, even though it was in your living room instead of the oh so romantic airport


Jenn said...

ugh, I hate that! So sorry. Congrats on making it through though, yay!
Have a great Buzz-filled weekend!

R said...

Hooray! Single mom no more. :0)