Wednesday, March 07, 2007


ok, i don't have a problem being honest about my purchase.

for the sole purpose of people NOT thinking that i am purchasing any kind of nighttime apparel (sarah kate).

the only reason i didn't want to share was because i was a little embarrassed about how ticked i got when the "sniping" occurred. the items -- pottery barn kids place mats -- were being sold for a whopping $4.47. we've already ruined our dining room table with 2 fairly massive stains. and you should all know by now that i am extremely lazy when it comes to housework. and i was getting tired of washing place mat after mat. so these vinyl, wipe off ones seemed to be a dream come true.

i know, i know. i live on the edge. you wish you could be me.

so today, i did a different search and found the same ones, only a set of 4 instead of 6, for $8.

again...the craziness going on around the wisner house. it's too much for some people. not for us. there is much to be said about living your life full of thrill.

so thank you, sarah kate, for exposing my albeit NERDY character. 'preciate that.

4 comments: said...

seriously, i LOVE vinyl placemats :o)

Big Mama said...

Okay, this isn't about placemats. Totally different subject.

Would you care if I linked to you in a post? I'd email you but can't find your email address. You can email me at

Whatever is totally fine, but I wanted to check with you first.

Franklin5 said...

First of all, Sarah Kate cracks me up.

Second, I second (!) the Buy It Now feature. I'm just a once-in-a-very-blue-moon little eBay shopper, and those snipers and professional eBayers scare me.

Third, did you get the ABC vinyl placemats? Because, no kidding, I've been looking for those off and on for months! I'll bet that in normal households, they're fairly indestructible, but my trio have managed to chip and scratch ours. (In the right light, you can also see a billion dents and scars in the surface of the table everywhere the placemats are NOT. We're talking heavy-duty wear and tear here.)

Also: I only bought four mats originally, and there are (duh) five of us. This means that Trey and I have to alternate going without a mat every other night, which drives me up the wall. Because by the end of the day, I'm just focused on trying to call everyone by the right name and can't remember who got to use the placemat last night.

Happily, the mats are once again being offered at PBK (for a while, all I could find were the Christmas designs), so my woes will be short-lived.

OOOHHH, I just had a wild and crazy thought: we ought to load up my party van and truck up to San Marcos to check out the Pottery Barn outlet! We'll be like a suburban, non-homicidal, bargain-hunting Thelma and Louise. Are you in?

henry and greta's mommy said...

hearing the theme song as i read this, franklin. i'm in. i'm SO in. you name the date.