Thursday, March 29, 2007

a pit in my stomach

say it isn't so.

buz just called (12 noon) and said that flights to our city are being canceled. ok, so i just head on over to, and i don't see anything. i mean, it's sprinkling, and there is a chance of rain. but are you kidding me?

so...i have a dilemma. i am really pumped about our babysitter. i have never used her, and she is the stepdaughter of a close friend of mine. she sounds like an absolute dream.

if buz doesn't come home tonight (for the love of all that's good), can i go ahead and use her tonight for the goo and take big h to a movie or out for something fun for dinner?

and then put him to sleep and wallow in my self-pity (of course, with a really big dr. pepper and perhaps some buffalo wing flavored pretzels)? (those with more than 2 children or whose husbands regularly travel, please disregard previous comment.)


R said...

J, I'm so sorry! That's terrible! I've cancelled our appearance at a play-date this afternoon, too. It looks like we have some nastiness headed our way from the West. Hail's in the forecast, too, and I can't bear to risk getting the Germanator (aka my VW Turbo Diesel) all dimply.

Anonymous said...

Janey - make a mad dash for the Dr Pepper - it makes everything better :-)

Your buddy addicted to DP,

Aunt B