Sunday, March 11, 2007

weekend recap in pictures

these should explain how great our weekend was...

started with papa coming to visit for just an overnight stay

then we headed to the park this afternoon
"ride like the wind, bullseye"

the goo could NOT be any happier than when she's swingin' with her brother

"oh sad -- he left. poor me"

"actually, swinging is still really, really fun!"

"so fun i can't contain my joy" (feel free to notice the gaZILLION teeth in the poor girl's mouth)

big h not so patient. "c'mon, daddy. hurry..."

a lovely family picture. my excuse is that the backpack is just NOT flattering. buz says he "didn't look good" in it either. thank you, dear.

fun was had by all. great weekend. today was one of those days where i just said to myself numerous times, "i'm really glad i'm a mom of 2 kids the ages they are. i really love my life."


Anonymous said...

cheers to that sister girl!

loev the goo's toothy smaile and how handsome is big h with that head of mussed hair!