Wednesday, March 07, 2007

rest assured

for those of you who lost sleep over my ebay saga, rest well tonight. i remedied the situation. i did another search today and found the same thing. about $3 more expensive. but i could handle the $3 vs. living in anger. so i went with the "buy it now" option and feel satisfied.

i know, i know, i'm pitiful.

but now buz can once again tell jokes that will be laughed at.


Anonymous said...

whoo-hoo. the "buy it now" is always the safest if the item qualifies. 1 - it has to be within reason cost wise to actually "buy it now" and 2 - you have to want it now.

i don't have the mental stability to deal with bidding on ebay. i barely have the mental stability to sell things on ebay.

congrats on your unmentionable unmentionables (just a guess!)?