Saturday, October 09, 2010

two months

seriously? two months?

(sadly i'm writing this, you're already two and a half months. because september 30 kind of came and went. bless my heart.)

we love you, EK. what a blessing you are to our family. month two has been MUCH MORE of a challenge. but we are starting to figure you and life with you out. kind of.

bullet points from month two.
  • mama had a root canal and a crown put on. good times. except no. not really at all.
  • you and i took a road trip with nana to photograph a dear friend's birth. you do NOT like your carseat. a five hour road trip takes a lot longer with a baby who does NOT like her carseat.
  • you did awesome during our little mini vacation. slept well. even took a bottle twice.
  • did i mention how much you DON'T like your carseat?
  • week 5 changed life for all of us. you started having a tough time nursing, which made mom sad. you too. but mom is committed. you are our the last baby in our little family, so i want to stick with it.
  • we saw a lactation nurse together. she said you're doing great. gaining weight. having lots of wet and dirty diapers. and, of course, you nursed great at her office. show off. sigh.
  • nursing is still a challenge. but when you do it well, you do it REALLY WELL. and i couldn't be happier.
  • you've actually gotten some form of schedule. which makes us happy, especially daddy. daddy LOVES a schedule. you usually eat around 915 (after goo has been dropped off at school). then, you and i watch the today show and hoda and kathie lee. you lay on your back and coo and smile. which is new. and i LOVE it. then, i put you down for a nap. you don't nap so well yet, but we'll work on it. then i feed you around noonish. then, about 145, we get in the car to go get goo. then, we pick up bigH at 245. we head home, and i feed you in the living room while bigH and goo have room time. then, your nighttime is where things get a little tricky. if we're home, you do ok until about 530-ish. we like to eat between 530 and 6, so this is hard. we're not ready to put you down at 6 or 630, so we usually just hold you and love on you. and then when your brother and sister are in the bath, we put you in your little (actually HUGE) bathtub. and you freak out for about two seconds. and then it's obvious how much you love it. ahhh. then, i get you out of the bath while daddy bathes the other two. you hate getting out, and you cry a LOT. we get your jammies on, head back into my room, and you eat and get very relaxed. once you're finished with both sides, i lay you on the blanket with blue stars (that i got at my shower) and swaddle you as tight as possible and carry you to your room. it takes you a long time to eat, so i am usually carrying you back around 730 or 8. and sleep for a long time. sometimes until 2 or 3. other times until 5-ish. and your "night" feeding is the best one. daddy goes to get you and changes your diaper and brings you to me. no one is awake but you and me. it's quiet and dark. and i wouldn't change a thing. you eat so well. so peacefully. no distractions. no interruptions. just you and me. you only eat one side, and swaddle you back up and take you to your room. and when my head hits the pillow, that's the best sleep i get. ahhh. then you wake back up for the day around 8. have i mentioned how much we love that you are sort of on a schedule? sadly enough, you don't get many planned naps in your bed because we are in the car going to get your siblings from things.
  • your toes are always freezing, but socks don't stay on. so i always put them in the crook of my elbow, and i say, "brrr...cold toes." i'm weird. and you're stuck with me. and so are the other two.
  • your BMs make me so happy. not just because i know it means you're healthy. but the smell and consistency is so intriguing. i know. i'm strange.
  • your brother and sister are madly in love with you. goo has this EK voice that she only uses when she talks to you. and it's so high pitched. and she just repeats, "yeah. hi EK. yeah. uh huh. hi. uh huh." it's so funny. and they LOVE to get RIGHT IN YOUR FACE. not sure how much you love that. but just know that they love you.
  • you like to be held up on our shoulder. not cradled. i repeat NOT CRADLED.
  • you spit up a LOT. seriously. a LOT. sometimes it's fresh from the feeding. sometimes it's, well, not so fresh. but i refuse to admit that you have reflux. bigH got diagnosed with reflux when he was five weeks old. i'm probably in denial.
  • you've definitely "woken up." and you cry a lot more than you did in your first month. sometimes it seems like you can't get comfortable. we're waiting for that magic time. you know the one. no? it'll come. surely, it'll come.
  • you're gassy. but mylicon doesn't really do the trick.
  • the FIRST (and sometmes only) thing people comment on is your cheeks. you have DELICIOUS cheeks that are enormous.
  • you really like jack johnson. i've noticed that when we're together, just you and me, you calm down when you hear his music. (secret: so do i.) and actually, you like music. period. you love to be in your music with my iphone next to you on shuffle.
  • you get really mad if you come out of your swaddle.
  • mom has basically given up caffeine for a while. it seems like you don't like it very much. and so...for you, my dear. i still cheat once in a while. but we're talking a DP once a week, if that. that is HUGE, ek.
  • bigH wants to add "she's a sleepy head. and she's cute. that's an easy one."
  • goo wants to add "she cries to talk. that's how babies talk. she's just talking."
  • and daddy and i want to add "we love the heck out of you. thanks for completing our family."

one of your first smiles.

boomer sooner. this is what you wore on OU/tu game day. and OU won. this is why you're smiling.

this is how you sleep. just like your brother. cannot get enough of it. see the cheeks? delicious.

when we went to our friend jenny's house. she put a bow on your head. clearly, you weren't in love with the accessory.

on our road trip. you are WAY happy in the mornings.

surprisingly, you are the only wisner who has ever liked the bouncy. this is your "word up" sign. you do this with your hands/fingers all the time.

like i said, i cannot get enough of how you sleep.

mommy's friend heather sent this to you. you rocked out your pink and black. sassy.

i hardly ever let your brother or sister sleep on me. you? go right ahead. (but you are HOT. see my cheeks? on fire. but i wouldn't trade it for anything.)

the BEST way to spend a sunday afternoon.

you and your swaddle.

we are so glad you are part of our family. love you, ek.