Friday, August 31, 2007

a little friday love around here

things i never thought would come out of my mouth:

"big h, stop riding your sister."

yes, i uttered those words this morning. and the sad thing? she was having a lot of fun.

and big h explained to me so seriously that she was just being bulls eye, and he was being woody. "bulls eye carries woody around, mama." just as plain as day.

God bless her. she's really in for it. life as the little sister, i guess.

Monday, August 27, 2007

details galore

well, as i'm sure you've been waiting on the edge of your seat...

(by now, you know i'm a details girl. so feel free to skim this one.)

we had a great time. however, traveling with two children under the age of three was, shall we say, difficult. nope. understatement. really, really challenging.

our flight was at four o'clock in the afternoon on thursday. i knew we needed to leave by two to get there by 2:45 to check in and be ready to pre board. and really, i was ready for security. TSA, bring it on. this mama is prepared. i had read everything on their website to know what i could and couldn't bring and how many ounces it had to be, etc. well, as luck would have it, apparently children become an amazing trump card. all of your liquids have to be three ounces or less. have children. medicines, formula, milk, juice, etc. can exceed those three ounces if you have a child present.

mind you, when i arrived, the only parking space available in the short term parking lot at the airport was the south forty. literally. so i had big h (who is probably too old for a stroller) in a single stroller. i had goo in a sling. i was a true picture of mother earth in all her tree hugging, granola-ness. but let me eat my previous words. you "babywearers" are a smart group of people. i found it so comfortable. however, the only problem was the heat. this thing feels like you're wearing a denim jacket. in august. in texas. and an extra ninety-eight degrees stuck to your body. that part i didn't like. but goo did. i had big h's backpack that he was "carrying" on the tray of the stroller. and i had my bag that was in the basket of the stroller. oh! and the big a-- suitcase that i chose to bring. sorry for my swear word, but people, i chose to bring the suitcase that buz and i took on our SEVEN DAY honeymoon carrying TWO ADULTS' clothing. you never know. i wanted to be prepared. plus, the amount of "security" items that were brought was ridiculous.

so by the time, i even got up to the ticketing counter, i was so hot, i could barely think. and you know how i love to be hot AND sweat. (tongue in cheek) checked in and we were on our way to security.

and i had prepared big h so much that he was actually excited about the experience. i told him that these people would send his backpack through a machine that would tell if the stuff we were carrying was safe. he thought that was cool that they could see through his backpack. he liked "walking through a door without a door." his exact words.

i had prayed SO MUCH about not being nervous and worrying. i knew that if i looked and acted worried, they would both see it in me, and they would end up being scared because mama was. so i prayed. prayed a LOT. but once i got into the line of security, i forgot all about my prayers, and i felt so far away from Jesus, i couldn't see straight. what's funny is that i fly pretty regularly. i mean, not with my children, but i have always loved going places, so the heightened security has never bothered me.

until i flew with two children.

by the time i was ready to walk through the x-ray machine, i'm almost positive the only thing i had on was my intimate apparel and the goo. ok, not really. but i had taken off my belt, my shoes, most of my jewelry, etc. craziness.

we get to the gate, and beads of sweat are running down my face. big h is so fascinated with everything. and honestly, i wanted to share in this with him. but i realized that pre boarding would start in about five minutes, and i still needed to take him to the bathroom.

and the bathroom was so much fun for him. it had one of those plastic wrap things that basically coats your seat with a ziploc baggy. you know, for hygiene purposes and all. and it had an automatic flush. who knew we could have so much fun in the restroom. one big problem. forgot to change the goo's diaper. didn't realize i forgot that until i was on the plane. guess who had HORRIFIC diaper rash upon arrival? and guess whose fault?

we left the restroom and they already called all the pre boarders. so we rushed on the plane, and i had promised that big h could sit next to the window. he immediately buckled his seat belt. and he got out all of his jay jay planes and other airplanes. i had told him that it was really important to drink his no-nee (milk) while we were taking off so his ears wouldn't hurt him. honestly, i could have sat there for an entire day watching this little guy. it was a beautiful picture.

goo, on the other hand. well, i could've left her at home. ok, not really. but apparently goo is not much of a flyer. yet, at least. she was my "lap baby." or that was the term they gave her. not that she stayed on my lap for any amount of time. i took her out of the sling, and i was so hot that i just stood her between my legs on the floor between my seat and the seat in front of me. and then i hear the cute little flight attendant announce that it was a completely booked flight. "Lord, be with the weary soul who will have to fly next to us." i thought putting some tylenol in her sippy cup would do it. you know, knock her out. nope. not a chance. she was awake the ENTIRE TIME. eating grapes and other foods. playing with the hair of the lady in front of us. i was that mom who everyone talks about. "hey lady, get control of your kid. make her stop pulling my hair." i did everything i could. but let's just say it was a long flight.

not for big h. he LOVED every minute of it.

we arrived, and i have never been so glad to see my brother. we headed home to see all the cousins. and big h's comment to uncle bob in the car was "you know, i got really tired from all that flying. i am just ready to see my cousins."

thursday night was great. seeing my nephew and nieces for the first time since christmas was awesome. i love them. i love my sister-in-law. i love my brother. good times.

bathed goo and put her down with NO PROBLEM. big h got to bathe with his two cousins. he had a ball. read stories, and he decided he was going to be scared in his own room. so i gave him a choice. he could either be brave and sleep in that room or he could sleep on the floor in his cousins' room on the floor in a sleeping bag. and because i'm his mom i just knew he would choose his own room.

apparently i don't know my son very well.

sleepover, it was. he had SO MUCH FUN.

friday morning was time with my sister-in-law's family for lunch and then a children's museum for the afternoon. a kid's parade and makeshift block party that night.

let me talk for one quick second about the weather friday night. here is the thought that immediately came to my mind.


friday night we ordered pizza and put the kids to bed and watched tv.

saturday was tough. for several reasons.

one being that my amazing sleeper, little goo, woke up at 4:20 in the morning. never went back to sleep. so i got up and rocked her until 7:45. i am used to sleeping children. i know. i'm spoiled. but whew. what a way to start your day.

i'll be honest. here's the deal. goo had twelve teeth right now. she's thirteen months. twelve teeth. freakish. ALL DAY saturday (and i'm NOT exaggerating), she was a mess. we took the kids to a park that morning, and i promise you she would NOT get out of my arms to do anything. not go with my brother. not walk around the park. not swing. NOTHING. she has separation anxiety so badly right now. but c'mon goo. enjoy yourself. be with the gang. get to know your cousins. no such luck. so she sat in a stroller the entire morning at the park. cried in the car on the way to the park. on the way home from the park. wouldn't let anyone but me get her out of the car. i mean, don't get me wrong, i love to feel needed. but whew.

left the park and hung around the house all morning. put her out of her misery and gave her a nap. and big h wanted to take a nap too. (screech on the record player.) what? nap? unheard of. but he did. he fell asleep on me and then requested to go upstairs and sleep in his sleeping bag.

now, the entire reason for the trip was a wedding of a friend of mine. but i was starting to feel bad for leaving goo in such an awful state with them. but my sister-in-law insisted that they would take care of things.

so i went, and it was wonderful. but i thought about the goo the whole time. i got back home and they said she had done fine. i went to change her diaper, and i looked in her mouth. people, she is cutting EIGHT more teeth. i mean, i thought twelve was freakish. twenty? (btw, my pediatrician swears it's okay.) so...that's why she has been overly sad. so we went out to dinner at a laid back mexican food restaurant. and i ordered her every soft thing i could find. and let's just say, home girl was out to impress NO ONE. the girl ate everything on her plate and then started grabbing for her cousin's food. at least i knew why she was so sad.

and sunday morning was the farewell. big h was so sad. and i hear that my nephew (who is five), was pouting sunday afternoon saying that he missed big h. and when questioned about what he was looking for in the toy chest, he responded with "something to remind me of big h." we miss them already.

and let me just give a shout out to my friend becky. she was a friend who was in the wedding the day before. she just happens to live in texas with me. and she just happened to be on my flight. and she just happened to sit by me on purpose (even though she is married with NO CHILDREN). naive soul.

angel with clothes on.

she became my personal nanny and goo's personal grape dispenser. i wised up this time and waited to give goo her bottle. oh, and i dosed it up and made a lovely morning milk cocktail, including all sorts of sleeping aids. she was out. big h got to watch cinderella. and i got to have an adult conversation with someone i haven't talked to you in years. it was wonderful. beck, you are a godsend.

i can say that i have never been happier to see my husband. and neither has big h.

it was a great trip. and there are rumors that they are stopping by our house in october en route to a vacation. big h can hardly wait. and hopefully goo will have all of her adult teeth by then.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

it's my birthday, and i'll...

cry if i want to.

(will get to that in a minute.)

so yesterday (08.20) was my birthday. to be honest, i couldn't think of a way to blog on the actual day without just writing "happy monday. it's my birthday. feel free to stop by and say hello. thank you." but since it's the day after, i can say "it was my birthday yesterday. feel free to stop by and say hello. thanks."

the day started off nice. with a little dora and the music box. followed by an episode of todd world. both watched in mama's bed with a little person in big boy undies under the covers. then, we got the goo out of bed and gave her a little morning pick-me-up (i.e. some warm milk). then, in our jammies, we headed out for some breakfast. mama even scored herself a complimentary latte. you know, because i flat out told my java assistant that it was my special day. thank you, starbucks guy. plus, i think he could see that i had my hands full. (not that my two children are tough or anything because i know some of you out there have MORE than two children. and to you, i tip my hat. my two are plenty.) so goo proceeded to eat her ENTIRE cinnamon swirl coffee cake. you think i'm kidding. big h was more interested in conducting their inventory by counting their different coffee mugs and coffee makers. he also pointed out that their coffee makers were "yots better" than ours. right. hence, the reason we're here and not at home making our own. back home. and this is where i was really living on the edge. big h requested that we listen to some "getcha head in the game music," and people, out of my mouth came, "nope, today's mama's day, and we're listening to mama's music." i should be insured for all the recklessness. and that we did. listened to mama's music. some lovely old school music that i got to sing REAL! LOUD! to.

and then, the day got more exciting. i put goo down for her nap, and big h and i watched a wiggles movie (that he hasn't watched in about a year, i might add), and i folded laundry. seriously, stop with the envy.

big h and i had macaroni and cheese for lunch, and goo had some leftovers. and then...

this mama had some peace and quiet. $28 for two hours of errands run ALL BY MYSELF. so i used my time so wisely. i went a long way to a jewelry store, where they didn't have a single thing i liked. came back to being within 1 block of my children and shopped. didn't buy anything fun and exciting. but people, do you understand what walking in and out of a store just because you can feels like? and touching things because your fingertips aren't orange from the cheetos? and walking in a store without giving a child whiplash because the door frame is too narrow for your double-wide?

bliss, i tell ya. bliss.

then, i headed to dinner with some friends, my mom, and my husband. big h played with two of his best little friends, and goo just walked everywhere. she's a walking maniac. it brings her more joy than she knows what to do with. i even got my own cookie cake. and i drank a dr. pepper in my own honor. (and i maybe refilled it about 3 times.)

was lavished with gifts. my mom gave me flight and spending $$ for my trip to washington at the end of september with my very best friend. my in-laws gave me more spending $$. i got a coffee cup and a toiletry bag from biscuit. and i got an advance on my new handbag (buz, you can stop reading.) from my bff. and in two days, i get to celebrate again with my brother and his family.

and then, i got this. (this is the reason i will "cry if i want to.") seriously, why did the Lord pick me, of ALL people, to be buz's wife? how much do i love him? this is why he is my best friend. (oh yeah, and he gave me two coupons for a friday night/saturday morning in my house without anyone else. seriously. i don't know what i will do with myself. perhaps i will use one to clean my entire house and declutter and other fun stuff like that. perhaps for the other -- i will have a big girly sleepover. anyone interested? i'm sure i've written this somewhere before. but for the record, since big h was born, i have never been in the house by myself. except for when he's at school. ever. thank you, buz. you have no idea how much i love your gift. and your creativity.)

so that's it. now, i'm 32 and not feeling a day over 25. except for when my hairstylist refers to my "God-given natural highlights." and could NOT be more blessed.

off to pack for a four-day excursion to *camp cousins.* anyone have any suggestions on keeping a one-year-old occupied on an airplane?

thank you, big h and goo, for looking uttely miserable at the thought of the photo opportunity. :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

i remember it like it was yesterday

i know this is probably one of the worst cliches, but i promise it's true.

august 18, 2006.

the morning started off pretty normal. it was a friday morning. i had taken both children to the pediatrician to see what might be wrong with the goo. she was having a lot of problems nursing. while i was in the office, my cell phone was ringing. it was buz. he never calls my cell. so to use my cell phone etiquette while in the doctor's office, i pushed the ignore button. continued my conversation with the doc. rang again. ignored again. rang a third time. UGH! SERIOUSLY! at this point, i'll be honest -- i was a little annoyed. (and trust me, so was buz at this point.) so i answered it, and it was buz. i asked the pediatrician to please excuse me for just one tiny little second. i felt so disrespectful, but i decided if buz was continuing to call, it must have been important. buz asked if i was in a place where i could hear him. he said he was in the ER. buz works in a hospital, so he is in the ER very often, seeing patients. i didn't think a thing of it...until he told me he was a patient in the hospital.

there. you have my attention, dear.

the three of us left the pediatrician's office in such a blur. i don't even remember if i told the pediatrician anything other than i had to go. really. quickly.

he told me he couldn't talk for long, but that he had chest pains that morning while he was interviewing someone for a job. he had to excuse himself to go to the ER. two hours later, his boss called me to tell me that he was ok, he was alert, but that they were going to admit him.

sorry, what?

ummm...i have a 3 1/2-WEEK-old. who's nursing.

so, after calling my bff and unloading every bit of anxiety onto her shoulders, i nursed the goo and then (almost literally) dropped my two children with my sweet sister-in-law. moment's notice, people. that is family. and i got in the car for my hour-long trip to the hospital. (oh yeah. i failed to mention that buz worked at a hospital an hour away from our house.) but that hour gave me enough time to talk to Jesus and emotionally and spiritually prepare myself as best as i could for what i was about to face. the whole way there, i was thinking to myself, "how am i driving to see my 36-year-old husband in the hospital? could this be serious? could i be left as a single mother of two under three?" i know that all sounds dramatic, but i couldn't help but think the worst.

i get there and go straight to the information desk to ask what room he's in. because he told me a certain number but that number is in the cardiac ICU. ????? the helpful information assistant confirms my fear. he's in the ICU.

the sight was one of the worst i've seen. buz lying there with a LOT of tubes and wires and oxygen, etc. "be strong. be strong. don't cry. screw that. he's my husband and my very best friend. cry like a baby. he'll understand."

i spent the night there on a cot, pumping every three hours. the cardiac floor had never had breast milk in their patient refrigerator before. or so i'm guessing.

my sweet father-in-law came in from new mexico the next morning to "relieve me." honestly, i didn't want to be anywhere else. but i had two little people who needed their mommy. so i went home and picked up the kiddos and came back home. i can't even describe the emptiness of our little house. my sweet friend biscuit came over that night to clean my house and help me put my kiddos to bed. (her OCD/germophobia came in so handy that night. thanks, biscuit.) that night was BY FAR the loneliest i have ever felt. waking up every three hours with a newborn. feeding her without my husband. hoping and praying that big h didn't have any nightmares. praying that the goo fed ok during the night. and above all else, praying that my husband was ok. praying that the nurses were taking good care of him.

the next morning was a sunday (the 20th). and it just so happened to be my birthday. (insert "poor me" face here. i know, i know...this story is definitely NOT all about me. ) i couldn't, i repeat COULD NOT be alone this morning. so somehow we managed to get out the door and make it to the 9:00 service. i literally cried the entire service. the poor lady (probably around my mom's age) asked me a handful of times if i was ok and if i needed anything. i just wanted my husband back. we went to dunkin' donuts afterward. and because it was AUGUST and i had a baby four weeks ago, i was blistering hot in my cute little maternity number. but nothing heals a broken heart like sugary sprinkles on top of some donut goodness.

that night, my bff came over with hamburgers for us and helped me put my kiddos to bed. seriously, i have the best friends and family ever! bff spent the night with me and woke up at the BUTT CRACK of dawn. (sorry to swear, but people it was early. and bff doesn't drive in the dark, so this was a selfless act of love.) she headed home with the goo in the backseat of her car. it was so weird to watch my daughter drive off with someone else. but i knew she was in good hands. bff, i love you. and my sweet sister-in-law kept big h for me again. i promise big h felt like he was at camp wisner. i will never be able to repay my brother- and sister-in-law for the way they just stepped right up and said, "we'll do anything." you guys are the best!

that monday morning, buz had a cardiac catheterization and angiogram. i spent time in the waiting room with my brother-in-law who couldn't imagine not being there. it was there that they realized that buz had had a heart attack.

we got to take him home that night, and buz and i picked up the goo from bff's house on the way home. one of his very closest friends from high school came up to spend the evening with us. big h stayed the night at camp wisner again. i promise she looked older and bigger in the day i was gone. (new parents: you know what i'm talking about.) it was so strange to be in the house, just the three of us. buz, the goo, and me. that was the only night i have ever been in the house without big h. so weird.

and now it's a year later. and i can't being to put into words the love my heart has for this man. God has blessed our marriage immensely. God is sovereign. He has given us each other. He has made sure two sweet little kids have a daddy who is out of this world. this is corny, but big h and i have been watching cinderella lately (a very weird version, i might add). but as i've watched, i've thought, "oh, what a dream come true for her. how lucky. she got to the ball and danced the night away with the man of her dreams. then, he was out of her sight. and then they were reunited, and they lived happily ever after." (yes, i'm actually going to use cinderella as an analogy tonight.) i really thought there was a possibility of losing my sweet prince. but we were reunited. and we are living happily ever after. (i're vomiting from all the sappiness. we're gross like that.)

i can't believe my life is so rich. thank you, Jesus, for buz. thank you for everything he does for me. thank you for everything he does for our family. thank you for his good (and improved) health. thank you for the daddy he is. thank you for the husband he is. and thank you for the man of God he is.

i love you, buz. thanks for sticking around for us.
(oh, and because i know you were wondering. no, my belly is not ALWAYS that big. just when there's a baby in there.)

Monday, August 13, 2007

i would love to say that the reason i haven't been around is because i have been away on vacation at some exotic resort with my spouse, laying by the pool, napping. lots and lots of napping.


back to reality.

and because i love me a nice set of bullet points, you won't mind if i shoot off a couple of things on my mind, will you?

  • had my usual monday night "off." went to gymboree to spend a gift card. let me digress for a moment. i love gift cards. i mean, LOVE them. i love spending what i like to call "free money." so the other day, i was all set to head over to one of my favorite places and spend a little gift card money. i let big h look around. spent enough time in the store to familiarize myself with every. item. in. the. store. seriously. so i was ready to check out. the three lovely ladies at the ripe old age of 20 (i would have thought 13 if it were legal) were discussing boyfriends and halter tops and ohmygahilovelattes! heaven forbid they had to assist this old hag with her purchase because it's, you know, their job and all. well, i put my three items on the counter. she (one of the 3 yuppy bobsy twins) rings everything up and starts laughing uncontrollably at a decibel i thought only big h could hit. apparently i was not in on the joke. she looks at her friends, candy and barbie, and says, "this lady is so trying to use a merchandise voucher that, like, um, expired like twenty-seven years ago." and they all laughed. it was a perfect scene left out of the movie mean girls. i was so happy to be the butt of their jokes. honestly, i have no idea how idea how old the credit was, but i know it wasn't more than a year because i got it right around the time goo was born. so i broke up the party by saying, "oh silly me. thanks for everything." and i left. and don't think i didn't want to cry. it was like watching $48.13 literally be flushed down the toilet. heart wrenching. so i checked the back of the card, and sure expired after twelve months of non-use. what????? so i was a girl on a mission. i set myself a goal. i was determined to use every one of my gift cards/merchandise credits within two weeks. so i headed to gymboree today to spend me some money. i like gymboree. it's a nice store. i just don't go in very often. i don't have a problem telling you that this was the hardest $30 i have ever spent. apparently, gymboree likes to have themes. and let's just say that if goo were into the nautical theme or horses, we would have had a hay day. (no pun intended.) so after looking around for a LONG time, i settled on a long-sleeve polo shirt and four pairs of underwear. and i spent $.85.
  • also, on my night off, i had a $19 merchandise credit at neiman marcus. ***neiman marcus employee alert*** if you or anyone you know works at neiman marcus or shops there on a regular basis, please skip this bullet point. i wandered into neiman marcus to spend my hot little $19. people, i could not find a single thing for $19. i found a lovely diaper bag that, to be honest, was not that cute for a measly $575. pocket change. so i moved over to the clothes. i thought i would pick up a cute little tee. i saw this awesome little knit t-shirt dress for the goo that was a fun purple color. i'm fun. let's go with the fun knit dress. FOR NINETY-EIGHT DOLLARS! a 12-18 months KNIT t-shirt dress. for $98. so after looking at every item in the "kids section," it was down to a bear or some shoes. and since she already has a lovie (that smells something fierce, by the way), i decided she needed some new shoes.
  • start praying. in a moment of temporary insanity, i decided to take both of my children on an airplane next weekend to visit my brother and sister-in-law and my two nieces and one nephew. i am going to a wedding, so originally i was going to fly out there, spend time with my friend but moreso get in some good "cool aunt janet" time. but then i decided that since big h and the goo haven't seen their cousins since, oh, THANKSGIVING OF 2006, it was time to make a trip. big h will be so excited. honestly, i haven't told him about it yet because literally he would ask about every 6 1/2 minutes if it was time to go ride jay jay the jet plane and see his cousins. but trust me, he will be on cloud nine. literally. goo may not like it quite as much. but we'll pray that all goes well for her. we'll bring some fruit and her smelly lovie, and we should be good to go. oh, and an advice question. my brother and sister-in-law don't read the blog so i can ask this. any thoughts on whether i should bring the kids something from texas? my nephew just turned five in june. my niece will turn four in december. and my other niece just turned one in may. was thinking of matching mavericks t-shirts or something. corny? thoughtful? suggestions?
  • buz and i were talking about this the other day. we realized that i have never advertised for my sweet in-laws. so let me take a moment to do so. (trust me, she has no idea i'm doing this and may not be pleased. i'll let you know.) my mother-in-law is a hopeless romantic. loves to see people in love. loves to celebrate. i've never heard anyone more excited about the milestones in my childrens' lives or my own. she used to be a flight attendant. and let's just say that in a week and a half, i will be SO wishing she were still one. :) but it has always been her dream to run a bed and breakfast. they moved out to ruidoso, new mexico almost twenty years ago. they bought a cabin in the mountains. breathtaking. when buz and i started dating, he told me that they would be doing some renovating when we got up there. we were dating. i didn't care. i just wanted to hold hands a lot. he could not have prepared me for the quaint atmosphere of this place. she really has a heart for couples. she wants them to come and get recharged and fall in love all over again. i know...i sound like a hallmark card. and my father-in-law is the braun behind it all. he built the entire thing himself. anyway, i just wanted to let you know that if you are EVER in ruidoso, new mexico, looking for a place to rest and relax with your sweetie, call my in-laws. (and if you have a sappy enough love story, she may even discount a night for you. mention the blog.) so enjoy.
  • i think i may have mentioned big h's new love for the art of photography. sometimes i laugh. however, sometimes i am quite amazed. of course, i'm his mama, so i'm a little biased, but he's quite abstract. in an artistic kind of way. i will say that he has not perfected the art of human portrait. he doesn't quite get your most flattering features. for example, he likes to shoot from the floor up. he also likes to get really close to your face. and when i say really close, i mean microscope of your nose hairs and your pupils. they are the kind you want to make enlargements from. really. here are a couple from his collection. and just so you know, i'm saving you from the one that he was most proud of. namely, his accomplishment in the restroom. yes, he photographed the toilet with his accomplishment in the bottom of the toilet. nice.

his wipes box. we're working on focusing.

    ceiling fan. see how it's a little off-centered. talent. pure, raw talent.

    and c'mon. don't you want to take a bite out of these toes?

    • hate to be a downer, but all my talk about how hot it's been. i'm comparing it to when i was first induced with big h and the nurse asked me what my pain scale was on a scale from 1-10. (fyi: i don't mean to brag, but i have a pretty high pain tolerance. buz will agree.) i said, "oh about a 7 or so." she responded, "um, if you can talk through your contractions, trust me, you are NOT at a 7. maybe 1 or 2." she was thinking, "perspective, lady. perspective." so all my "oh poor me, it's so hot here." that was just "july me" talking. about this time every year, i seem to forget about "august me" and "september me." "august me" is pretty unbearable. "august me" LIVES at the mall. "august me" wishes she didn't have to put on a swimsuit, but it's pretty tough to get in the pool with your children without one. "august me" wishes the retail United States would start their seasons the same time we start ours. because what "august me" would give to have on a pair of khakis and this nice, little number. and on that note, i am going to go make sure my swimsuit, shorts, tank, and flip flops are ready for another two months. (BIG, HUGE, ENORMOUS SIGH)
    • and finally. drum roll please. my daughter, none other the goo herself, TOOK TWO STEPS TODAY! and both buz and i got to see it. big h was too busy looking for his buzz lightyear costume to put on. because what would a 104-degree day be without your halloween costume that you didn't actually wear on halloween? next thing you know, i'm going to be taking goo shoe shopping. and there is nothing that will bring me more happiness. well, except for when i get to help her pick out her first handbag. excuse me, i've gotta run get some tissues. that will be a day for the books.

    • speaking of the goo, i must share some pictures that display what a trooper (no pun intended, again) she is. she just such an easy kid. she does whatever big h wants her to do, and she plays along with the best attitude.

    yes, that's big h's astronaut helmet.

    astronaut helmet, can of chicken noodle soup, and nothing but a diaper. klass-ay.

    and astronaut goo looking for something in the pantry. perhaps the deviled eggs tray? perhaps the lifetime supply of noodles from college.

    Monday, August 06, 2007

    night off

    because buz is such an incredibly amazing husband and father, every so often, he gives me the "night off." now, to you stay-at-home moms, can i get a praise Jesus?

    PRAISE JESUS! thank you, sweet buz.

    honestly, some nights i go to the grocery store.

    (moment of silence for my ignorance.)

    rarely do i go see a movie. if it's worth seeing, i will go on a date with buz. if it's a chick flick, i will wait to go see it with my mom.

    usually, it consists of going somewhere for dinner and sitting.


    sometimes journaling. sometimes listening to music. to be honest, sometimes staring the heck out of people because i'm so fascinated. all of this i can do without my children. don't get me wrong, i can do these things with my children. actually, scratch that. journaling does not happen with big h and the goo. please. that's called coloring on mama's grocery list. and listening to music. my own music? worship music that is slow and inspiring? seriously. so really, only people watching with the kiddos. and i'm more watching them and other parents than anything else.

    i digress. a lot.

    tonight, my outing of choice was target and old navy. just to look around. and people, i came to a realization tonight. this fall, i am going to be so last year. or as buz says, "brown is so this year's black." (fyi: he has no idea what he's talking about when he says that.)

    i mean, i know big mama informed us that tights are in and all. ok fine, i will not be wearing tights. but seriously? the stuff i saw out there tonight was frightening. not frightening due to trend. frightening due to the fact that i will, in fact, NOT be fashionable this fall. granted, fall around here doesn't really begin until mid-january really, so maybe things will change.

    (let me preface with an apology to all of you out there who have already purchased these items. it's not that i don't necessarily like them. just couldn't ever IN A MILLION YEARS picture them on my body.)

    but what is this? and this? and this? and this? now, i'll be honest, this last number. while cute on the hanger, made even me wonder how many months along i was. and trust me, i have absolutely no reason to see my ob.

    so my question goes out to all you fashion gurus, is this fall the season for maternity-esque apparel? and how old do i actually sound right now?