Monday, August 06, 2007

night off

because buz is such an incredibly amazing husband and father, every so often, he gives me the "night off." now, to you stay-at-home moms, can i get a praise Jesus?

PRAISE JESUS! thank you, sweet buz.

honestly, some nights i go to the grocery store.

(moment of silence for my ignorance.)

rarely do i go see a movie. if it's worth seeing, i will go on a date with buz. if it's a chick flick, i will wait to go see it with my mom.

usually, it consists of going somewhere for dinner and sitting.


sometimes journaling. sometimes listening to music. to be honest, sometimes staring the heck out of people because i'm so fascinated. all of this i can do without my children. don't get me wrong, i can do these things with my children. actually, scratch that. journaling does not happen with big h and the goo. please. that's called coloring on mama's grocery list. and listening to music. my own music? worship music that is slow and inspiring? seriously. so really, only people watching with the kiddos. and i'm more watching them and other parents than anything else.

i digress. a lot.

tonight, my outing of choice was target and old navy. just to look around. and people, i came to a realization tonight. this fall, i am going to be so last year. or as buz says, "brown is so this year's black." (fyi: he has no idea what he's talking about when he says that.)

i mean, i know big mama informed us that tights are in and all. ok fine, i will not be wearing tights. but seriously? the stuff i saw out there tonight was frightening. not frightening due to trend. frightening due to the fact that i will, in fact, NOT be fashionable this fall. granted, fall around here doesn't really begin until mid-january really, so maybe things will change.

(let me preface with an apology to all of you out there who have already purchased these items. it's not that i don't necessarily like them. just couldn't ever IN A MILLION YEARS picture them on my body.)

but what is this? and this? and this? and this? now, i'll be honest, this last number. while cute on the hanger, made even me wonder how many months along i was. and trust me, i have absolutely no reason to see my ob.

so my question goes out to all you fashion gurus, is this fall the season for maternity-esque apparel? and how old do i actually sound right now?


BooMama said...

All I can say is that if there was ever a time to try for #2, this fall is probably it. What with the bevy of maternity clothing and all.

Janelle said...

I cannot imagine my body in that rainbow dress. I would look like a giant pregnant clown! I guess I will "be so last year" again for the 3rd year straight. Actually, I think most of my clothes are from the Y2K collection.

Thanks for the laughs. Glad you had a night off!

Big Mama said...

The problem is that once you've been through the experience of wearing actual maternity wear you have no desire to wear it EVER again, even for the sake of fashion.

Alana said...

I often find myself going into clothing stores these days and thinking "I don't even know HOW to wear that.

I guess we can console ourselves with the fact that atleast once fall comes, it will no longer be swimsuit season!

Yay Rah, Sis Boom Bah!

Raquel said...

alright AMEN somebody agrees everything for fall looks like it is made for a pregnat lady, or a size 0 super model. I mean if the clothing has "trapeze" in it, I for sure should not be wearing it!

Anonymous said...

i bought a shirt similar to the last one and since i haven't been pregnanat in a long time, i delighted in the roominess and fact that the gut can hang out and no one will ever know...until they aked me at work if i was pregnant.

all that rainbow dress needs a fruit garnished turban.

Aunt Boo said...

That is exactly what I think about the clothes "these days". I have bought several cute tops that when I put them on, I look 5 months pregnant. I end up giving them to my step-daughter who is all into "the style" right now and it looks cute on her, just not me. Seriously? Who wants to LOOK pregnant when they aren't?

crazydaisy said...

I agree! P.S. I am the late-bloomer of fashion fads. I like it after it's gone OUT! So this season, I will be proudly sporting my gouchos and layers. Dare to be different, I say!

wads and bob said...

TELL ME ABOUT IT! I go out to get "transitional clothes" (aka I can't fit in my pre-pregnancy ones and probably never will again) and they all make me look like I am 6 months along! Not the look I am going for with a 3-month old in-tow, thank you very much. So thanks for bringing such an important issue to national attention :)

R said...

Thank you for finally being the one to point it out, J! I don't want to wear the maternity-esque tops even though I'm 22 weeks preggy!

Kelly said...

Personally I'm happy about the fashions these days because I'm trying to get PG and if I do - I won't have to buy actual "maternity clothes"! I only buy clothes these days that I think could also be worn after 6 or 7 months of a baby bump. :-)Anything for fashion. ha!