Tuesday, August 21, 2007

it's my birthday, and i'll...

cry if i want to.

(will get to that in a minute.)

so yesterday (08.20) was my birthday. to be honest, i couldn't think of a way to blog on the actual day without just writing "happy monday. it's my birthday. feel free to stop by and say hello. thank you." but since it's the day after, i can say "it was my birthday yesterday. feel free to stop by and say hello. thanks."

the day started off nice. with a little dora and the music box. followed by an episode of todd world. both watched in mama's bed with a little person in big boy undies under the covers. then, we got the goo out of bed and gave her a little morning pick-me-up (i.e. some warm milk). then, in our jammies, we headed out for some breakfast. mama even scored herself a complimentary latte. you know, because i flat out told my java assistant that it was my special day. thank you, starbucks guy. plus, i think he could see that i had my hands full. (not that my two children are tough or anything because i know some of you out there have MORE than two children. and to you, i tip my hat. my two are plenty.) so goo proceeded to eat her ENTIRE cinnamon swirl coffee cake. you think i'm kidding. big h was more interested in conducting their inventory by counting their different coffee mugs and coffee makers. he also pointed out that their coffee makers were "yots better" than ours. right. hence, the reason we're here and not at home making our own. back home. and this is where i was really living on the edge. big h requested that we listen to some "getcha head in the game music," and people, out of my mouth came, "nope, today's mama's day, and we're listening to mama's music." i should be insured for all the recklessness. and that we did. listened to mama's music. some lovely old school music that i got to sing REAL! LOUD! to.

and then, the day got more exciting. i put goo down for her nap, and big h and i watched a wiggles movie (that he hasn't watched in about a year, i might add), and i folded laundry. seriously, stop with the envy.

big h and i had macaroni and cheese for lunch, and goo had some leftovers. and then...

this mama had some peace and quiet. $28 for two hours of errands run ALL BY MYSELF. so i used my time so wisely. i went a long way to a jewelry store, where they didn't have a single thing i liked. came back to being within 1 block of my children and shopped. didn't buy anything fun and exciting. but people, do you understand what walking in and out of a store just because you can feels like? and touching things because your fingertips aren't orange from the cheetos? and walking in a store without giving a child whiplash because the door frame is too narrow for your double-wide?

bliss, i tell ya. bliss.

then, i headed to dinner with some friends, my mom, and my husband. big h played with two of his best little friends, and goo just walked everywhere. she's a walking maniac. it brings her more joy than she knows what to do with. i even got my own cookie cake. and i drank a dr. pepper in my own honor. (and i maybe refilled it about 3 times.)

was lavished with gifts. my mom gave me flight and spending $$ for my trip to washington at the end of september with my very best friend. my in-laws gave me more spending $$. i got a coffee cup and a toiletry bag from biscuit. and i got an advance on my new handbag (buz, you can stop reading.) from my bff. and in two days, i get to celebrate again with my brother and his family.

and then, i got this. (this is the reason i will "cry if i want to.") seriously, why did the Lord pick me, of ALL people, to be buz's wife? how much do i love him? this is why he is my best friend. (oh yeah, and he gave me two coupons for a friday night/saturday morning in my house without anyone else. seriously. i don't know what i will do with myself. perhaps i will use one to clean my entire house and declutter and other fun stuff like that. perhaps for the other -- i will have a big girly sleepover. anyone interested? i'm sure i've written this somewhere before. but for the record, since big h was born, i have never been in the house by myself. except for when he's at school. ever. thank you, buz. you have no idea how much i love your gift. and your creativity.)

so that's it. now, i'm 32 and not feeling a day over 25. except for when my hairstylist refers to my "God-given natural highlights." and could NOT be more blessed.

off to pack for a four-day excursion to *camp cousins.* anyone have any suggestions on keeping a one-year-old occupied on an airplane?

thank you, big h and goo, for looking uttely miserable at the thought of the photo opportunity. :)


crazydaisy said...

Happy birthday! And congrats on the 'alone time!'

Alana said...

Happy Birthday! 8-20 is my husband's birthday as well!

It sounds like you had a good day. Good job scoring the free Latte!

I agree the $28 spent for running errands alone was WELL spent. Only a Mom of little ones can truly appreciate that fact!

I love Buzz's gift. And not one, but two coupons!? He's a keeper!

And regarding this...

"anyone have any suggestions on keeping a one-year-old occupied on an airplane?"

Valium...for YOU, I mean!

Chrys and Mike said...

you are so cute.

glad you had a great birthday.

thanks for always making me laugh.


Kelly from Montana said...

I want in on the b-day dinner and the sleep over too! What a fun and blessed life you lead! Thanks to Nance for the plane ticket! Can't wait! BuzWordz? Too much - a man after my own heart:) "Welcome Home to Homebase!!!

Janelle said...

It sounds like a lovely day for a birthday! Hope your trip this fall will be fun.

R said...

M loves to destroy magazines on airplanes.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and thanks for the great blog entry. I laughed out loud all the way through!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and thanks for the great blog entry. I laughed out loud all the way through!

Alana said...

Hey friend!

Check out my last post, there is something there in your honor!