Wednesday, January 31, 2007

a parrot and a broken record

there was an incredibly insightful employee at a local pharmacy working the counter that big h and i walked up to. we were checking out, and henry and i were having a little conversation of sorts. finally, she (appearing to NOT have children of her own, due in part to her age) said, "i guess it's kind of like living with a parrot, huh?" from then on, i cannot get that analogy out of my head. it really is like living my life with a parrot around. sometimes that is scary. like the time that buz got home and big h said, "are you still mad at mommy?" oh, had i been able to crawl under the table.

i know some of you know what a tough time we had when big h wasn't speaking. i had so many mommy issues: being jealous of others' whose kids were speaking, etc. and every well-intentioned person in my life would tell me that there will come a day i wish he would just be quiet. i have to say that that day has never come. don't get me wrong, sometimes the sheer constant noise i could do without. but the talking. nope. i love it. i prayed and prayed for that day, and now that it is here, i love it. i love hearing the things he comes up with. today, he told papa on the phone that he thought it was probably snowing in the ozos (translation: ozark) mountains. the other day, he was so distraught. and when i asked him what was wrong, he said, "oh mama, rocket's anchor is stuck at the bottom of the arabian sea." (for those of you little einstein fans, you know what he is talking about.")

yesterday, he was having some cheese crackers (that are mighty tasty, i should add), and i asked if i could have some. and in his blunt honesty, he responded with, "mommy, i think you are too big to have any of these crackers." i mean, he could have cushioned the blow just a little.

sometimes i don't blog at night because i don't want to sound negative. typically, these feelings come from that little person weighing in at about 38-40 pounds. there are days i am SO AMAZED that such a little person can get to my very core. my. very. core.

(big sigh)

so the said little person is in bed. mind you, not asleep, but in bed. is it sad to admit that there are days when that is the best part of my day?

my little person is going to go straight to politics. it's just in his blood. as an update, "potty training" has taken a backseat for now. (note: potty training in quotes because i'm not sure anyone who would take witness to our life would actually refer it to as such. it's basically a way for big h to get peanut m 'n' m's pretty much whenever he wants. and after the first two poops i had to scrape out of his underwear, i made the executive decision that daddy and i needed to do more "research" before we went head first into this thing.) so tonight he had already had his bedtime snack. (i won't even tell you what it is and has been because you pediatric dentists out there would turn us in.) and he had already had his 67 eggs treats for going pee pee in the potty. i told him that if he needed to go pee pee again, he wouldn't get anymore eggs treats. he said ok. he says ok but really means, "well, i see what buttons i can push next time." so i hear that oh so sweet delicate voice saying he needed to go pee pee. i reminded him that he would not be getting eggs treats. he said...ok. all of the sudden, out of nowhere, he starts crying. i mean, really crying, saying he was "soooooooooo hungee." in the boy's defense, the kid has eaten everything in sight today. all 3 meals and miscellaneous snacks throughout the day. the 3 meals part is when we know he is really hungry. so i budge (i know some of you are SO surprised) and say that he can have a graham cracker. he does his best to hold up 2 fingers and says, "two pees." i say one, he says two. you get it. so i go in and break the graham cracker in half and give him "two." (i SO outsmarted him.) he says three. i break it one more time. at this point, i am laughing. and then, he says, "mommy, i would like my broo (blue -- graham cracker box is blue) crackers in a sack." i'm sorry, what?

when did i become a waitress?

so as a joke, i laughingly said, "sweet boy, would you like basil or oregano on top?"

and he answers. "yes, i would like basil."

and now he is in his room crying (whining) saying, "oh mama, i would like basil on top of my broo crackers."

the kid does NOT know what basil is. (of course, i'm sure some of you are surprised to know that i know what basil is.)

the goo is on antibiotics. again. bless her heart. she now has 3 teeth, and her pediatrician told us on monday that her top FOUR are coming in. torture for my little peanut.

date on saturday night was SO MUCH FUN! went with some friends (pattisons, you know who you are) to houstons. kelly, i'm sorry, but i have to write this down. it was absolutely DELICIOUS!!!! then, because we are parents, we went to barnes and noble for some coffee and to look at potty training books. big h cried a LOT when we left but was fine afterwards. the goo did not fair as well as we did not know she had an ear infection yet. oops. poor ace and nance. we have another date tomorrow night. TWO DATES IN ONE WEEK! we can barely stand it. praise JESUS!

finally, some pictures from the evening.

i mean, look at those cheeks. and i hate it for her that she is "between sizes." shoes, that is. 0-6 is just not cutting it. and 6-12. well, look at them. it's like she has on my shoes or something.

and let's comment on the goo getting some more hair. we just keep praying. :)

yes, it is january, and we are STILL wearing our halloween costume. there is humor on so many levels with this picture. the costume itself. the costume at dinner. the massive-sized 3-year-old sitting in a highchair in the costume. the mack truck on the high chair accompanying big h for dinner.

and the child will not even put on a different pair of shoes. this is what i walked into tonight. so weentrab, my hats off to you. you did it. you got my child to actually put something else on. now, we'll see what he chooses for school tomorrow. :)

and i mentioned the goo's photo shoot last week with the oh-so-talented weentrab (who just happens to be one of my best buddies). here it is.

first of all, just look at those pictures. and then...notice who graces the TOP of the blog. the goo herself. gosh, don't you just want to eat her? that's talent, folks. thanks, weentrab.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

the verdict is in

she did it. actually...

i did it.

the goo and i were separated today! and if you could see me as i type this, you would laugh at my girly, somewhat hormonal tears that stream down my face. my baby is growing up. (don't laugh.) i mean, you'd think i would have the same feelings about henry getting older too.

but someone once told me that when you know it is your last, there are just so many different feelings involved.

here me, oh grandparents. greta is our last child. period. not entertaining thoughts of EVER having another.

so all of the goo's firsts are the lasts for us around here. and it gets me a little weepy.

big h was all pumped to go to church. (night and day difference from when i say we're going to school. i won't get into that tonight.) :) so dropped h off, and then i walked ever so slowly to the class where she would be. they checked her in like she was heading off to boot camp. i was teary even while they were getting *all* of my instructions. they are the nicest group of ladies around these parts, so i was resting assured that my sweet goo would be in good hands. once i finished telling them *all* of my instructions, one of the ladies finally said, "mom, go have a good time. enjoy yourself. henry turned out fine, didn't he? don't worry -- we'll give her lots of lovin." and so i began the walk from the nursery to my classroom. took a deep breath and just knew the pager would go off.

and i'm here to tell you. didn't. go. off.

i was elated to go get her. i was almost as excited as i was in 7th grade when i got to go get my guess zipper jeans and guess vest out of layaway from the brass buckle. ok, maybe a little more excited than that.

good report. they said she did great! she played with toys. she drank her bottle. she "night nighted" with one of the ladies. i'm sure the lady was *ok* with some snuggles with the goo. no one gives better snuggles than my peanut.

henry walked in and without even seeing anyone said, "hey lady...where's my gree-ya?" he saw her and said, "oh, hi sweet girl." melt.

gosh, who knew this would be such a cheesy night for me?

we all took naps. hallelujah.

we all woke up in good moods. hallelujah times two.

and we are SO looking forward to tomorrow. daddy gets to go to henry's school for "donuts with dad." that is wonderful on so many different levels. i don't have to take h to school. buz does. :) h gets donuts for breakfast. h gets to introduce his friends to daddy.

and i get to have a girls' day out with just the goo. and weentrab.

oh yeah, the goo gets a photo shoot tomorrow. she is really excited. scratch that. mommy is excited.

and one more topic of exciting news around the wisner household. hold on to your seats.

we have a date on saturday night. i'm serious.

my parents are coming into town to do house stuff. we won't see them really at all, but they are providing us with an incredible service saturday night. kelly, i'm sorry, but i have to share this. here is what we are doing. go ahead. tell me it is -4 degrees. just to get back at me.

that's about it.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


we've started off pretty slowly with this whole potty training thing. my pediatrician (who big h absolutely LOVES) told us that h is not going to be a pull up guy. he is going to be a straight to skivvies (sorry...underwear. long story.) kind of guy. he is so black or white, 1 or 10, on or off little fellow that pull ups are just too middle of the road.

seems that henry only wants to go pee pee at night time before he goes to bed. hmmm...

and then gets on an insane sugar high. i think from the time we started the "wind down" process until he was actually asleep tonight, i counted that he went pee pee 5 times. and he really went. really.

so that makes FIVE trips to the "eggs treats factory." (sidenote: henry calls any place where food is served a factory. a hot dog factory. a pizza factory.) and we don't just give him 1 peanut m 'n' m for pee pee'ing. we give him 3 or 4 in a little baggie. it's all about how the treat is delivered. yeah, so after the 67th peanut m 'n' m, he officially physically crashed.

not sure why nothing works during the day. maybe he's more hungry at night? (gets that from his mom, i guess.) but he is such a stinker. i mean, he's no idiot.

took the goo to her 6-month check up today, and i couldn't love this little girl any more. got there, and she was asleep in her car seat. melanie (the nurse) was probably so relieved to see that it was only the 2 of us. that the louder of my 2 children was occupied with schoolwork this morning. got her undressed and weighed her. and i promise not ONCE did this punkin make any noises other than coo sounds. everyone commented on her cuteness. i'm not going to lie -- she is cute. and i can say that because i am her mommy. did all the well visit checks. got loved on by dr g. got shots, cried for 6.4 seconds and then was back to smiling.

she and i had such a fun day together. we picked up h, and i got a glowing report from his teacher. i'm not always this conceited, but when i actually have a reason to be, don't think i won't brag on my little people. she said that he informed her of every time he played with someone nicely. bragger. teachers' pet. oh please, Lord, don't let my kid be the one that the other kids want to beat up on the playground. :) but she just kept saying that he did such a great job playing with other kids today and having buddies. my little man. God love him.

we actually had a smooth journey to school. course, it might have been because i told him he could have a sprinkle donut on the way and maybe also because i let him wear his buz costume. mind you, he did NOT wear a costume for halloween. probably because that is what you are supposed to do. so he chooses january 23 to do so. whatever floats your boat, big h.

nothing of much news today. obviously. so for those of you who stayed with me through this incredibly boring post, thank you. you are the faithful ones.

pray. tomorrow, i put the goo in the church nursery for the first time. nervous. i'm a geeky parent. i admit it. but am secure in myself. i just pray it goes well. we'll see.

just some fun from the point and shoot the other day.

the goo about 4.3 seconds from falling out of her chair.
my kiddos getting some sugar from their dad, who i call "daddy disneyland."
again, i PROMISE she is not always serious. she just saves her smiles for special occasions.
the goo -- 6 months (also prior to her falling out of the chair)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

motherhood 101

you may want to grab a cup of coffee or a dr. pepper. this may take some time.

first of all, i'm sure all 3 of you have been waiting on the EDGE OF YOUR CHAIR to find out the update of henry's first mommy-less playdate. however, i couldn't bring myself to write about it in my state of mind the last 3 days. but now that i am in better spirits about my son, i can bring you the latest WONDERFUL report of big h. i arrived at CJ's house very refreshed and ready to start the weekend. she proceeded to inform me that "henry is such a well-behaved and sweet-spirited little boy." i'm sorry, what did you say? she told me that he was so great at sharing. she said he had incredible manners and that he said please and thank you the entire time he was there. he was fascinated with CJ's baby sister who just turned one (not surprising). he ate his entire lunch. (what?) and he told her that he had just gone potty and needed to have his diaper changed.


a first. a first. incredible.

i was beaming from ear to ear to hear such a great report from CJ's mom and was so excited that he had done so well. and funny -- CJ had to be put into time out while big h was there, and he asked CJ's mommy what time out was. :) classic. i'm sure she's like, "what an angel. this boy doesn't even know what a time out is." no, his mom doesn't mess around with the time outs, she just goes straight to the spank or ignore tactics. but love it that she thought he didn't know what it meant to be in trouble. bless her heart. then, she asked me if i thought the goo was going to be my "wild child" or "temper girl?" i asked why, and she proceeds to tell me that CJ was such a mischievous little boy and had such a temper, and h was so mild-mannered. i'm literally on the floor laughing. ON THE FLOOR. again, bless her heart. so i replied with, "yeah, you just come to our house next time with our toys and play on our soil. blood will be shed. you will see a different side of henry." but all in all, i was so proud of him. so as a reward (don't laugh), he didn't have to take a bath on friday night. i know. rewards for my kid have to do with hygiene. gross. but that's just the way he is. for some reason, we didn't think through one of our mottos that we learned early on with big h. "if you want henry to do something, never, NEVER stop doing it. not even for a day." we forgot. guess who pitched the grand mal fit on saturday night at bathtime? we're idiots, i tell you. idiots. and sunday night. and a less intense one last night. UGH!

my kid has issues with all sorts of things that never cease to amaze us. they come and go and come again. currently, one of our strongest is the transition from clothing to jammies and from jammies to clothing. when we are ready to go somewhere in the morning, he whines so much about putting on his clothes. i mean, this is a daily beating for me. greta lays on the floor next to us patiently wondering what in the heck someone did to her poor brother. nothing, greta. nothing. clothes, henry. all we are doing is putting on clothes. and we put them on EVERY morning. these are not daily surprises that i am springing on you. *big sigh*

so we fought through the clothing battle and got in the car with all of our toys, including the kitchen sink. who says boys don't have security blankets, of sorts. henry has a security toy of the day.

we turn into the parking lot of school, and he is mumbling under his breath, "i not want to go to cool. i not want to go to cool." *big sigh* something big is probably coming.

i go to get him out. mind you, it is freezing. not figuratively speaking. it is literally freezing outside. not that i minded one little bit because that meant winter janet was wearing a sweater. praise jesus. anyhoo. i put his shoes and socks on. (those are always the last to go on.) and i get him unbuckled. i walk around the car to get the goo out of her car seat base. thank the Lord that she is still in her infant carseat or i would have had a nervous breakdown. i come back around, and henry has taken his shoes and socks back off and has buckled his seat belt. Lord help him. so i proceed to "help" him do these tasks ever so gently. we are kicking and screaming the whole way to the front door of the school. i had had it. i sat him down on the concrete with the goo actively catching a cold and let him know that he had two choices, both consisted of going to school. we could STOP CRYING and go inside and have fun or we could go to the car and calm down and have a talk and STOP CRYING and then go inside and have fun. he didn't make a choice. so i made it for him. we went to the car, and i all but threw the goo back in the car seat base. (at this point, she's wondering if this is what life is going to be like when she gets to be henry's age.) i proceeded to tell henry that mommy and daddy worked very hard (actually just daddy works) to give him this wonderful opportunity. i actually went so far as to tell him that there are kids who don't get to go to school. (i'm trying not to laugh.) he has friends who will miss him. he has teachers who will have 1 less child to love on. and jesus wants him at school to learn more about him. (yes, i went there.) so "we" calmed and went inside. i felt obligated to tell his teachers that we were late in the mornings because that is when most of our "teachable moments" happened. they're listening to my story and looking at my kids' tear-stained face. hmmm.

but finally, we were together, just the goo and me. we headed for weentrab's house to pick up some things and have a quick bite to eat. then, we headed to the hospital to visit sweet elizabeth's new baby...coleman charles byrd. adorable.

and here is where i failed at motherhood 101. i'm thinking about not writing it, but i can't not because i would feel sorry for someone like me if this happened to anyone other than me. i consider myself pretty prepared most of the time. i get to elizabeth's hospital room. ever since i had henry, i try REALLY hard not to take henry or now greta to the hospital room so thenew baby can be the center of attention, and none of the attention is on either of my children. well, right now, that is kind of next to impossible. so instead, i try to go at one of the goo's best times so she's quiet and rested and just cute to look at. so she's getting a little fussy, and i KNOW she's hungry, but i don't want to leave elizabeth's room yet because we are having such a great time together. so i ask if i can feed greta in her room. not nurse greta. feed greta. she's all for it because we're having a great conversation. i get greta out of her car seat, and up her ENTIRE BACK is a LIFE SIZE poop stain. nice. perfect. there is no way i can divert this from ANYONE'S attention. this is big. i am mortified. elizabeth, in her southern hospitable way, was saying i could borrow her ONE-DAY-OLD's new shirt. i'm sorry, are you kidding me? your kid was literally born yesterday! i am not going to borrow it for my five-month-old. plus, it won't fit anyway. so, i just feed her while she's soaking wet. vomit. she eats great. then, i try and figure out how in the world i will change her without getting poop in her hair. this is disgusting. and i look down to see the goo just laying on elizabeth's bed smiling from ear to ear. i love this girl. so in true white trash fashion, i leave her bib on, without a shirt, and put her pants back on. and mind you, she's got her ski cap on because it is, after all, freezing outside. (see picture. i am STILL appalled at myself.)

we pick up henry at school, and i am in much better spirits. he is excited to see me. i love that. greta doesn't have a shirt on. so i tell him that on our way home, we are going to stop at the grocery store because i need to get a couple of things. he tells me that he needs to get something for baby and something for him. toys, he means. oh my, he is so spoiled. so we arrive at wal-mart. why, oh, why did i pick wal-mart? why not kroger or my local tom thumb? we walk in and he immediately recognizes that "this is the store with the new doc!!" (from the cars movie. dad got him a toy the other day. dad caved.) so we get all of our items. and he is still requesting to go see the new doc. i, like an idiot parent who failed motherhood 101, replied with, "we can go look at the new doc, but we are not buying him." my kid is 3. does he have the capability to go and say, "yep, that's him. i'll just wait?" so because i have been stressing about the whole potty training concept (my kid turned 3 in october, and doesn't do a pull up, big boy underwear, nothing), i decided to try something. i told him we could get the new doc but we could only get him out of the box after he had gone pee pee in the potty. he said ok.

long story short. he wanted to just sit on the little potty in the living room and watch cars. so classy. my kid on the john in the living room. (sidenote, our "living room" hasn't been a living room since big h was born, so i've kind of given up anyway.) dad comes home wondering what in the world his son is doing sitting on the toilet in the middle of the living room watching a movie. i take him to the back to explain said situation, and all of the sudden, i hear, "mommy, i did it. i did it!" i go in there and lo and behold, there is urine in the pot of the little potty. at this moment, i'm almost crying. i hug him like he's just accepted Jesus into his heart. and he wants to go pour the pee pee into the big potty. we do that, flush, and he wants to wash his hands with soap, and "get um ree-yee keen, mommy." i'm still crying. we go back in the living room, and he says in that sweet little henry voice, "mommy, please you open my new doc now?"

i tell him that from now on, everytime he goes pee pee in the potty, he can have some eggs treats. (translation: peanut m 'n' m's.) so when his movie is almost over, he says, "mommy, i went again." i'm like, "yeah, right," and there it is -- pee pee in that potty again! (i're thinking, "janet, you have GOT to get out more.") and of course, i didn't think he would go again, so we don't have any peanut m 'n' m's, so i ask if he wants to go with me to the store to get some, and he was all pumped about. we take his bath, which was not trying at all tonight. praise the Lord. and when he gets out of the bath, he says that he would like some more eggs treats. i proceed to tell him that eggs treats are only for when we go pee pee in the potty. "oh, ok mommy." he marches his naked little 3-year-old body into the living room (nice.) and goes pee pee. shock has overcome my whole body. so, of course, the kid gets the m 'n' m's.

(pictures to document my child having NO PROBLEM sitting on the toilet watching his shows. oh, and you can't see anything private in this picture. no worries. excuse the insane amount of clutter. yuck. and these aren't the finest pictures ever taken, but hopefully you get it.)

i barely remember why i was mad earlier.

and the last big monumental event of the day. you say, "can there be more?" oh yes. i'm wearing my wedding rings again. so? well, when i nurse, i can't wear my wedding rings because they dig into either henry or greta's skin. well, this morning marked the last morning i will ever nurse a baby. i'm sad about it. i won't lie. but i am less stressed. and it is for the best for both of us.

Friday, January 12, 2007

oh, my little man

(ok, here's the preface: for those of you who do NOT want to read something dorky and highly cheesy, please feel free to visit another website at this time.)

this morning something big happened. big h went to play at a friend's house.

without me.

this is so big. this is a FIRST! tears upon tears when i actually realized what had just happened. i am overwhelmed with pride.

a little history. henry has little friends that he plays with. most are the children of my friends or buz's. so they are kind of friends by association, if you will. so he started mothers' day out last year and absolutely loved it. so we signed him up again. around october, he came home one day and said that he had "a new friend called CJ." not a friend named CJ or just a friend CJ. a friend called CJ. i inquired about this. his teachers informed me that there was a new kid at school, and big h had befriended him. so cute. well, CJ is into trains. selling point #1 for this kid. CJ is a boy. selling point #2. (there were only 2 boys in his class at the time.) and CJ liked big h. selling point #3. so i started seeing his mommy at school when i would drop h off and pick him up. finally, his mom asked if we wanted to get together sometime. i, of course, said yes, feeling like i had said yes to a first date with someone. getting together with other moms is kind of like stay-at-home mom dating. it's a strange phenomenon. i digress.

so this morning, i told h what we were doing today, and he couldn't believe it. honestly, i don't think he could understand how in the world we could see CJ but not at school. still a very hard concept. he asked if he could play with his toys when he got there. i told him he would have to ask. so i suggested we practice asking. "CJ, please i play with your toys?" (in the voice none other than henry's. priceless.) so we get there, and CJ and his mommy come out to greet us. there is 3-year-old conversation between the boys about trains and being glad to see one another. cute enough. and then h whispers, "mommy, i ask now?" i didn't know what he meant, but i said sure. and he says, "CJ, please i play with your toys?" i'm crying at this point. then, we get out of the car, and he wants to wear his backpack. (thanks, bff.) crying more. then, he marches off with his friend and turns around and says, "mommy, you be back, huh?" and that was it.

now i'm home feeding the goo and going to lay down for a minute, as i don't feel so hot. reason for me not staying to play in the first place.

thank you, CJ's mommy. i owe you one.

will send update of the morning.

my little man is growing up.

Friday, January 05, 2007

some recent pictures...

for no reason.

you've heard me talk about my child's interest in photography. this is big h trying to take a picture with a tripod. all his idea. "see mama, you put your eye on this black thing and take a picture, ok?"

and big h telling us where to stand. bossing us around. :)

big h and dad working in the garage. safety 1st.

the goo in her christmas dress. you'll notice that the right side appears a little darker than the left side. yeah, that's my pitiful attempt at cleaning up ALL of her spit up right before i took the picture.

and i know this isn't that great of a picture, but i HAD to get one of her smiling. she DOES smile, i promise. :)

we are slowly coming back

well, there is light at the end of the tunnel. the wisners chose to ring in the new year with a trip to the pediatric urgent care on monday. we are always looking for a good time. we didn't really notice that he didn't touch his dinner on new years' eve. we just thought he was too caught up in the moment. monday morning he wakes up and doesn't want breakfast. ok, now i assume something is wrong. when big doesn't want "TWO DINGS AND SOME NOH-NEE, OKAY?" (that is in caps for a reason. he says it extremely loud.) translation here: 2 eggos (they make a ding noise coming out of the toaster. hence, ding.) and noh-nee is milk. always has been. probably always will be. why? no idea. in the beginning stages of his communication, he was making up some way out there words. noh-nee stuck. even though he can say milk, doesn't matter. noh-nee it is.

back to my sob story.

he lays around all day on new years' day. doesn't sleep at all that night and joins us in our bed. translation: no one sleeps. we don't have a problem with those of you who have kids who sleep in your bed. my brother's kids do. but we don't get ANY sleep with henry that close to us. lays around all day tuesday and all day wednesday. finally, wednesday afternoon, his fever is STILL 102, and i am worried. so i take him to see dr. goebel, who henry thinks is actually part of our family. he loves this guy so much. wants to hug and kiss him and will do almost anything for him. strange.

no strep. no flu. suggests getting a chest x-ray on friday if fever is not down. but is stumped by this viral infection of sorts. mind you...h hasn't eaten since sunday. he lays around all day yesterday too. but by this time, mom is ready to get back into the real world. feel a breath of fresh air. pretty sure the goo is sharing cabin fever with mom. so today, we brave it. we meet bff at the mall. we were late. i HATE being late. (bff, i can't apologize enough. again...i am SO SORRY for being late.)

i don't think h was ready to brave it yet. there was lots of whining to be done. lots of fits because we couldn't stay at the puppet store longer. fits because we couldn't buy anything at the puppet store. (since when does my kid know anything about puppets?) whining because we had to go eat lunch. whining about what to have for lunch. whining about having to leave the lunch place because that meant a nap was in his future. you get the drift. i'm sure bff was pleased to enjoy our company. we were a joy to be around. the goo, on the other hand, was well...the goo. she fell asleep in the baby bjorn. how does one fall asleep in this contraption? who knows. but she did. i love this little girl.

home for naps for all. ah...

dad came home and we were off for some exquisite dining. pizza slices at sam's. where else can you get a piece of pizza, kids claritin, enough shout for 2 months, and enough garbage bags for 4 months ALL in the same place?

who knows what tomorrow will hold? but at the rate we're going, the sky's the limit.