Friday, January 12, 2007

oh, my little man

(ok, here's the preface: for those of you who do NOT want to read something dorky and highly cheesy, please feel free to visit another website at this time.)

this morning something big happened. big h went to play at a friend's house.

without me.

this is so big. this is a FIRST! tears upon tears when i actually realized what had just happened. i am overwhelmed with pride.

a little history. henry has little friends that he plays with. most are the children of my friends or buz's. so they are kind of friends by association, if you will. so he started mothers' day out last year and absolutely loved it. so we signed him up again. around october, he came home one day and said that he had "a new friend called CJ." not a friend named CJ or just a friend CJ. a friend called CJ. i inquired about this. his teachers informed me that there was a new kid at school, and big h had befriended him. so cute. well, CJ is into trains. selling point #1 for this kid. CJ is a boy. selling point #2. (there were only 2 boys in his class at the time.) and CJ liked big h. selling point #3. so i started seeing his mommy at school when i would drop h off and pick him up. finally, his mom asked if we wanted to get together sometime. i, of course, said yes, feeling like i had said yes to a first date with someone. getting together with other moms is kind of like stay-at-home mom dating. it's a strange phenomenon. i digress.

so this morning, i told h what we were doing today, and he couldn't believe it. honestly, i don't think he could understand how in the world we could see CJ but not at school. still a very hard concept. he asked if he could play with his toys when he got there. i told him he would have to ask. so i suggested we practice asking. "CJ, please i play with your toys?" (in the voice none other than henry's. priceless.) so we get there, and CJ and his mommy come out to greet us. there is 3-year-old conversation between the boys about trains and being glad to see one another. cute enough. and then h whispers, "mommy, i ask now?" i didn't know what he meant, but i said sure. and he says, "CJ, please i play with your toys?" i'm crying at this point. then, we get out of the car, and he wants to wear his backpack. (thanks, bff.) crying more. then, he marches off with his friend and turns around and says, "mommy, you be back, huh?" and that was it.

now i'm home feeding the goo and going to lay down for a minute, as i don't feel so hot. reason for me not staying to play in the first place.

thank you, CJ's mommy. i owe you one.

will send update of the morning.

my little man is growing up.