Tuesday, January 23, 2007


we've started off pretty slowly with this whole potty training thing. my pediatrician (who big h absolutely LOVES) told us that h is not going to be a pull up guy. he is going to be a straight to skivvies (sorry...underwear. long story.) kind of guy. he is so black or white, 1 or 10, on or off little fellow that pull ups are just too middle of the road.

seems that henry only wants to go pee pee at night time before he goes to bed. hmmm...

and then gets on an insane sugar high. i think from the time we started the "wind down" process until he was actually asleep tonight, i counted that he went pee pee 5 times. and he really went. really.

so that makes FIVE trips to the "eggs treats factory." (sidenote: henry calls any place where food is served a factory. a hot dog factory. a pizza factory.) and we don't just give him 1 peanut m 'n' m for pee pee'ing. we give him 3 or 4 in a little baggie. it's all about how the treat is delivered. yeah, so after the 67th peanut m 'n' m, he officially physically crashed.

not sure why nothing works during the day. maybe he's more hungry at night? (gets that from his mom, i guess.) but he is such a stinker. i mean, he's no idiot.

took the goo to her 6-month check up today, and i couldn't love this little girl any more. got there, and she was asleep in her car seat. melanie (the nurse) was probably so relieved to see that it was only the 2 of us. that the louder of my 2 children was occupied with schoolwork this morning. got her undressed and weighed her. and i promise not ONCE did this punkin make any noises other than coo sounds. everyone commented on her cuteness. i'm not going to lie -- she is cute. and i can say that because i am her mommy. did all the well visit checks. got loved on by dr g. got shots, cried for 6.4 seconds and then was back to smiling.

she and i had such a fun day together. we picked up h, and i got a glowing report from his teacher. i'm not always this conceited, but when i actually have a reason to be, don't think i won't brag on my little people. she said that he informed her of every time he played with someone nicely. bragger. teachers' pet. oh please, Lord, don't let my kid be the one that the other kids want to beat up on the playground. :) but she just kept saying that he did such a great job playing with other kids today and having buddies. my little man. God love him.

we actually had a smooth journey to school. course, it might have been because i told him he could have a sprinkle donut on the way and maybe also because i let him wear his buz costume. mind you, he did NOT wear a costume for halloween. probably because that is what you are supposed to do. so he chooses january 23 to do so. whatever floats your boat, big h.

nothing of much news today. obviously. so for those of you who stayed with me through this incredibly boring post, thank you. you are the faithful ones.

pray. tomorrow, i put the goo in the church nursery for the first time. nervous. i'm a geeky parent. i admit it. but am secure in myself. i just pray it goes well. we'll see.

just some fun from the point and shoot the other day.

the goo about 4.3 seconds from falling out of her chair.
my kiddos getting some sugar from their dad, who i call "daddy disneyland."
again, i PROMISE she is not always serious. she just saves her smiles for special occasions.
the goo -- 6 months (also prior to her falling out of the chair)