Wednesday, January 31, 2007

a parrot and a broken record

there was an incredibly insightful employee at a local pharmacy working the counter that big h and i walked up to. we were checking out, and henry and i were having a little conversation of sorts. finally, she (appearing to NOT have children of her own, due in part to her age) said, "i guess it's kind of like living with a parrot, huh?" from then on, i cannot get that analogy out of my head. it really is like living my life with a parrot around. sometimes that is scary. like the time that buz got home and big h said, "are you still mad at mommy?" oh, had i been able to crawl under the table.

i know some of you know what a tough time we had when big h wasn't speaking. i had so many mommy issues: being jealous of others' whose kids were speaking, etc. and every well-intentioned person in my life would tell me that there will come a day i wish he would just be quiet. i have to say that that day has never come. don't get me wrong, sometimes the sheer constant noise i could do without. but the talking. nope. i love it. i prayed and prayed for that day, and now that it is here, i love it. i love hearing the things he comes up with. today, he told papa on the phone that he thought it was probably snowing in the ozos (translation: ozark) mountains. the other day, he was so distraught. and when i asked him what was wrong, he said, "oh mama, rocket's anchor is stuck at the bottom of the arabian sea." (for those of you little einstein fans, you know what he is talking about.")

yesterday, he was having some cheese crackers (that are mighty tasty, i should add), and i asked if i could have some. and in his blunt honesty, he responded with, "mommy, i think you are too big to have any of these crackers." i mean, he could have cushioned the blow just a little.

sometimes i don't blog at night because i don't want to sound negative. typically, these feelings come from that little person weighing in at about 38-40 pounds. there are days i am SO AMAZED that such a little person can get to my very core. my. very. core.

(big sigh)

so the said little person is in bed. mind you, not asleep, but in bed. is it sad to admit that there are days when that is the best part of my day?

my little person is going to go straight to politics. it's just in his blood. as an update, "potty training" has taken a backseat for now. (note: potty training in quotes because i'm not sure anyone who would take witness to our life would actually refer it to as such. it's basically a way for big h to get peanut m 'n' m's pretty much whenever he wants. and after the first two poops i had to scrape out of his underwear, i made the executive decision that daddy and i needed to do more "research" before we went head first into this thing.) so tonight he had already had his bedtime snack. (i won't even tell you what it is and has been because you pediatric dentists out there would turn us in.) and he had already had his 67 eggs treats for going pee pee in the potty. i told him that if he needed to go pee pee again, he wouldn't get anymore eggs treats. he said ok. he says ok but really means, "well, i see what buttons i can push next time." so i hear that oh so sweet delicate voice saying he needed to go pee pee. i reminded him that he would not be getting eggs treats. he said...ok. all of the sudden, out of nowhere, he starts crying. i mean, really crying, saying he was "soooooooooo hungee." in the boy's defense, the kid has eaten everything in sight today. all 3 meals and miscellaneous snacks throughout the day. the 3 meals part is when we know he is really hungry. so i budge (i know some of you are SO surprised) and say that he can have a graham cracker. he does his best to hold up 2 fingers and says, "two pees." i say one, he says two. you get it. so i go in and break the graham cracker in half and give him "two." (i SO outsmarted him.) he says three. i break it one more time. at this point, i am laughing. and then, he says, "mommy, i would like my broo (blue -- graham cracker box is blue) crackers in a sack." i'm sorry, what?

when did i become a waitress?

so as a joke, i laughingly said, "sweet boy, would you like basil or oregano on top?"

and he answers. "yes, i would like basil."

and now he is in his room crying (whining) saying, "oh mama, i would like basil on top of my broo crackers."

the kid does NOT know what basil is. (of course, i'm sure some of you are surprised to know that i know what basil is.)

the goo is on antibiotics. again. bless her heart. she now has 3 teeth, and her pediatrician told us on monday that her top FOUR are coming in. torture for my little peanut.

date on saturday night was SO MUCH FUN! went with some friends (pattisons, you know who you are) to houstons. kelly, i'm sorry, but i have to write this down. it was absolutely DELICIOUS!!!! then, because we are parents, we went to barnes and noble for some coffee and to look at potty training books. big h cried a LOT when we left but was fine afterwards. the goo did not fair as well as we did not know she had an ear infection yet. oops. poor ace and nance. we have another date tomorrow night. TWO DATES IN ONE WEEK! we can barely stand it. praise JESUS!

finally, some pictures from the evening.

i mean, look at those cheeks. and i hate it for her that she is "between sizes." shoes, that is. 0-6 is just not cutting it. and 6-12. well, look at them. it's like she has on my shoes or something.

and let's comment on the goo getting some more hair. we just keep praying. :)

yes, it is january, and we are STILL wearing our halloween costume. there is humor on so many levels with this picture. the costume itself. the costume at dinner. the massive-sized 3-year-old sitting in a highchair in the costume. the mack truck on the high chair accompanying big h for dinner.

and the child will not even put on a different pair of shoes. this is what i walked into tonight. so weentrab, my hats off to you. you did it. you got my child to actually put something else on. now, we'll see what he chooses for school tomorrow. :)

and i mentioned the goo's photo shoot last week with the oh-so-talented weentrab (who just happens to be one of my best buddies). here it is.

first of all, just look at those pictures. and then...notice who graces the TOP of the blog. the goo herself. gosh, don't you just want to eat her? that's talent, folks. thanks, weentrab.


weentrab said...

cannot even express how happy I am to see henry in those boots. I knew when I saw them that they were so up your alley! just thrilled to bits that they fit!

Anonymous said...

Big Jan~ I just say you go ahead and buy Big H his Halloween costume for this year his rate he should be good and ready to wear it by summer with plenty of time to him!!! I swear he & Sarah are made for eachother what with the late talking & all their little quirks....

Love ya,