Wednesday, January 24, 2007

the verdict is in

she did it. actually...

i did it.

the goo and i were separated today! and if you could see me as i type this, you would laugh at my girly, somewhat hormonal tears that stream down my face. my baby is growing up. (don't laugh.) i mean, you'd think i would have the same feelings about henry getting older too.

but someone once told me that when you know it is your last, there are just so many different feelings involved.

here me, oh grandparents. greta is our last child. period. not entertaining thoughts of EVER having another.

so all of the goo's firsts are the lasts for us around here. and it gets me a little weepy.

big h was all pumped to go to church. (night and day difference from when i say we're going to school. i won't get into that tonight.) :) so dropped h off, and then i walked ever so slowly to the class where she would be. they checked her in like she was heading off to boot camp. i was teary even while they were getting *all* of my instructions. they are the nicest group of ladies around these parts, so i was resting assured that my sweet goo would be in good hands. once i finished telling them *all* of my instructions, one of the ladies finally said, "mom, go have a good time. enjoy yourself. henry turned out fine, didn't he? don't worry -- we'll give her lots of lovin." and so i began the walk from the nursery to my classroom. took a deep breath and just knew the pager would go off.

and i'm here to tell you. didn't. go. off.

i was elated to go get her. i was almost as excited as i was in 7th grade when i got to go get my guess zipper jeans and guess vest out of layaway from the brass buckle. ok, maybe a little more excited than that.

good report. they said she did great! she played with toys. she drank her bottle. she "night nighted" with one of the ladies. i'm sure the lady was *ok* with some snuggles with the goo. no one gives better snuggles than my peanut.

henry walked in and without even seeing anyone said, "hey lady...where's my gree-ya?" he saw her and said, "oh, hi sweet girl." melt.

gosh, who knew this would be such a cheesy night for me?

we all took naps. hallelujah.

we all woke up in good moods. hallelujah times two.

and we are SO looking forward to tomorrow. daddy gets to go to henry's school for "donuts with dad." that is wonderful on so many different levels. i don't have to take h to school. buz does. :) h gets donuts for breakfast. h gets to introduce his friends to daddy.

and i get to have a girls' day out with just the goo. and weentrab.

oh yeah, the goo gets a photo shoot tomorrow. she is really excited. scratch that. mommy is excited.

and one more topic of exciting news around the wisner household. hold on to your seats.

we have a date on saturday night. i'm serious.

my parents are coming into town to do house stuff. we won't see them really at all, but they are providing us with an incredible service saturday night. kelly, i'm sorry, but i have to share this. here is what we are doing. go ahead. tell me it is -4 degrees. just to get back at me.

that's about it.


weentrab said...

wow. I am so impressed!

can't wait to play with the Goo tomorrow!!! am super excited about her big blue eyes and chubby cheeks!!!

Linda said...

I can tell you that even when you're baby is all big and apparently pretty grown-up to other people, he/she will be about 8 years old in your head. It's amazing. First time here, enjoyed your posts.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I totally can relate to the 1st drop off & even all the ones that follow...I still get a sick feeling in my tummy every time I drop Sarah off...probably always will! Well, maybe not once she's in full swing temper tantrum throwing toddler mode...

Hope you have a fun date night sweet friend!!

Love ya,


Kelly from Montana said...

Have a great night out! You guys really deserve it! Can't think of a better place to go - wish Joe and I could join you. Even Whataburger would be fun! Wanna go?