Friday, March 09, 2007

buz asleep. me? not asleep. big bummer.

so the recount of the day. got to go to northpark with my bff (aka "ee-mee" per big h) and her kid and kid-to-be (as of april 2007). fun time had by all. even better that big h threw not ONE fit at the mall. NOT ONE. this is big. big h had an extremely nutritious lunch including chips and a winnie the pooh cookie. but clearly the highlight of the morning was riding in the double stroller with his buddy wes. the goo doesn't really interact with big h yet. so having someone tickle him and giggle and play was almost too much fun. bff, he talked about his "priend wes" the whole day and told dad the "punny" thing he and wes do. came home and was able to perform the "lift and lay" for BOTH children. both. i am an amazing woman. i am able to perform the lift and lay more often than even i can believe. (sometimes i have to give myself compliments. it's sad. i know.) big h to the couch and the goo to her crib, of course. i began to lay down after picking up around the house. (never ending chore) i heard big h get off the couch. it is SO MUCH FUN to hear him wake up from a nap when he's in a good mood. now, when he is NOT in a good mood. yeah, not so much fun. but he talks to himself. it is so stinking funny. today, i heard, "hmmm...i wonder where my mommy is. i should prolly find her and her help me pind my big buz. hmmm...where is she? i will go yook por her right now." honestly, i was so tired (probably because i don't go to sleep at night) that i just kept my eyes shut. he thought i was asleep, so he played in my bathroom. some of you might be fearful of your 3-year-old boy playing in your bathroom. me? not so much. big h just finds something with wheels and drives it all over my bathroom counter. and then sometimes "cleans" that wheeled item. with a q-tip. i think the worst thing he ever did was "clean" one of his items with my toothbrush. it didn't gross me out. i just got out another toothbrush. no worries. all of the sudden, he comes and gets. in. bed. with. me.

i'm almost crying at the cuteness of this moment. and he proceeds to say to himself, "i should prolly lay her next to my mommy. good night, ah-nee, says mommy." i love that big h has conversations with himself. and i don't find it the least bit strange. :)

the goo woke before him. she got herself some no-nee. (translation: milk. big h has called milk no-nee since before he began saying anything else. and it's the one thing other than his name that he doesn't say correctly. and we love it.) daddy got home earlier than normal, which makes any normal day a party. and we headed to our friday night extravaganza. to say that big h was pumped would be a poor understatement. and we met some new friends from church. so the mom/wife/girl is great, and i have known her for about a year and a half. but we decided to get the families together. her son is 2 1/2, and the only time he and big h hung out together, they both did great. that is saying a LOT. ok, so the dad/husband/guy is just as great. OU fan. check. plays playstation. check check. sings at church and has an amazing voice. added bonus. i promise we won't make you sing if/when we have you over for dinner. but big h did great. and shocker, so did the goo. just sat there eating her little baby food smiling at everyone, having a gay old time in the bjorn.

great day overall. tomorrow is "get things accomplished" day at the wisner house. i LONG for saturday mornings. i mean, we check things off lists like there is no tomorrow. it makes me smile really, really big. and checking things off lists makes me happy. and papa is coming into town for a visit. just papa. nana is on vacation. papa is doing some stuff with their new house and will stay the night with us tomorrow night. i told big h about it when i was tucking him in. we were talking to jesus and he thanked jesus for papa. and he wanted to thank jesus for nana too, "even if her isn't coming to our house tomorrow." always looking out for everyone.

well, i'm pretty sure that was the most boring thing i have written in a while. but it passed some time. AND it kept me from going to buz will appreciate that.


Kelly from Montana said...

i do so love your entries - your life is so fun - truly blessed:) I am intrigued tho - what would you be looking for on Share your shopping finds with me - if we can't physically shop together I guess will have to online! Love you buddy!