Tuesday, March 27, 2007

day 2 of single parenthood

we're surviving, folks.

the goo woke up in the middle of the night last night. nothing a little air conditioning fan noise couldn't help. she woke up still not feeling well. big h woke up in a FABULOUS mood.

let me hear an AMEN!

we all got up and did our morning routine. i.e. set baby on the floor and let her play with the same toys she plays with every morning, get big h some "no-nee" (aka milk) and 2 "dings" (aka eggos) and get mama a bowl of life cereal.

i'm reading that feeling sorry for the goo. she's the second born. bless her heart.

called the doc right when they opened. 9:50 appointment. perfect.

big h did great getting in the car. was actually excited about the whole prospect of going to school today. sweet jesus. thank you, thank you.

dropped him off and headed for the doc's. remember -- appointment at 950. we got called back at 1040. unfortunate for us.

let me digress. so there was this lady/mom there. she wasn't sitting with her son, who was maybe 9 or 10. she looked like she was digging in her purse when she would start to fall toward her purse. i thought, "poor her. rough night." but clearly no infant with her to have caused a sleepless night. so i did what any concerned fellow citizen would do. i gossiped about it to the mom next to me. ok, not really gossiped. just asked if she thought anything of the lady's apparent narcolepsy. well, apparently my genuine concern and interest in her well-being became the talk of the office. i had at least 2 staff members ask if she was ok. i mean, people, i was really worried for this little kid. he appeared to be totally fine with this, as though this is not out of the ordinary for his mama. she started putting on mascara (already had on mascara, but that's neither here or there). and she kept closing her eye and falling forward and getting mascara on her forehead. now, i am no makeup wearer, but i'm almost positive mascara only goes on your eyelashes. correct me if i'm wrong.

anyway, sleepless lady, if you're out there, i hope you're ok.

anyhoo. we got to see dr. g, who asked about big h. we LOVE this man. after a full exam, we were told "she's got a cold." nice. i love paying insurance money only to hear that we can use some over the counter medicine to cure her ails. such is life. took her home and got her a nap and me some quiet time.

in medical news, this is what is going on around the wisner house:
the kid is such a hoss! he holds his own nebulizer mask.
i know what you're thinking. i am a beacon of hope to other women who just hope that one day they will look this good in a white t-shirt and black sweat pants and no shower.

anyway, picked up big h, who was thrilled about how much fun he had at school. i told him we needed to go to the store to get the goo some diapers. and he reminded me that we were out of "bo-nanas" and that we needed to get some "so fast, mama."

super target, here we come. oh, some days, i wish i could walk around that place by myself. it's a beautiful place. so serene. full of so many extravagant purchases that could be made.

only spent an hour there and headed home for goo's 2nd nap.

we had our buddy A over tonight. we babysit him every other tuesday night, so his parents can be together. then, they return the favor on the other weeks.

let me tell you -- i can only imagine what this 2 1/2-year-old must have said on the way home. i don't know what happened to me right before he got here, but this mama turned into a full on OGRE! i kid you not. i think the "i miss my hubby" set in in full force, and i had no patience. the poor kid somehow picked up every "no" toy we own. bless his heart. i think even big h was looking at me like, "mom, are you ok?"

got the goo down. got big h bathed. he's down now. and now i am breathing a sigh of relief that i have only one more night of daddy not here at bedtime.

speaking of daddy. this is how much my husband loves me. he called me when his conference was finished for the day, letting me know that he was heading back to the mall to look around some more as well as eat dinner somewhere fun. and this is what he says. "um, i'm on the shuttle over to the mall, and i overheard some people talking about how the nordstrom at this mall has the biggest shoe section of any nordstrom in the US and minnesota doesn't have sales tax. wanna get online and look for some shoes you want me to get for you?"

tears. tears of joy and gratitude. and he's mine.

so to daddy...


Kelly from Montana said...

you are going to make it - only one more night:) what shoes are you ever going to pick. fyi - no sales tax in good ol' MT either but...no Nordstroms. I know you shutter at the thought! Also - no need for nebulizer treatments until the smoke of forest fire season hits at the end of the summer! Love ya - K

Bitsy aka Biscuit said...

Thanks for taking care of Big A tonight. He had a blast and didn't say a thing in the car, except that he was hungry :-) No worries - he still loves you and can't wait to play with Big H again.
Hang in there - holler if we can do anything to help!!
Aunt B

Anonymous said...

i love you sweetie. buz

Big Mama said...

"beacon of hope"...you make me laugh out loud.

R said...

Awwww! He's such a sweetie!

Reminds me of the time J bought my Prescriptives foundation and came home with more make-up that I didn't even need. Beginning to feel self-conscious that maybe he didn't like my make-up "palette", I asked him why he'd purchased so much more. He handed me another bag and said, "Because they had a free gift with an x-amount purchase, and I wanted you to have it!"