Friday, March 23, 2007

wish i had a funny story

so, i haven't written anything in a week or so, and i thought i would sit down tonight and jot down a couple of things on my mind. but you would be so sad to learn the things going on in my head right now, due to their "mundaneness." (the fact that i just made "mundaneness" a word should say something.)
  1. it's a friday night, and i could be listening to anything i want on my ipod, but i am listening to the CARS soundtrack. i am the mama of a boy. all boy.
  2. sweet big h is WAY INTO playing dress up. buz and i are not concerned. yet. he does go into my closet frequently these days coming out with various "outfits," if you will call them such. given his "issues" with shoes, we find it interesting that he has been trying all of my shoes as well as dad's. yesterday, i experienced such a proud moment of a mommy. i wanted to run an errand down in the "city." i went to have one of the goo's dresses monogrammed. mind you, this is a very, very swanky childrens' clothing store. when we were finished, we were going to pick up dad at the train station, as a little fun surprise for both big h and daddy. when he found out that we were going to get daddy after we "runned some ay-yuns," he decided to get in the car wearing this...then, the same day, i was going to get the goo out of her carseat, and i come back into the kitchen to him wearing this...
  3. last night, i got to celebrate my bff's pregnancy. she has one month to go. bff, i can't wait to meet baby #2. thanks for letting us love on you last night. you are one chic chick!!!
  4. yesterday was the birthday of my very best friend. kelly, thank you for coming into my life in 4th grade. i long for the day when we get to see each other again. "you dumbo nuhd."
  5. tomorrow we have a birthday swim party to go to. no offense to the mom of big h's best friend, but who wants to get into a swimsuit in the middle of march after just recently having a baby? hmmm...isn't having a SEVEN MONTH OLD still considered "just recent?" where is my swimsuit? can i wear a t-shirt and running shorts over my swimsuit or is that just for 7th grade girls?
  6. on the same note, i find it disheartening that everywhere i have gone to get the goo a swimsuit -- oh yes, we are getting homegirl in the water -- all they have are bikinis. now, i realize that i will not be getting into a bikini, well, ever. but a 7-month-old? seriously, what is wrong with that picture? goo...i will NOT be putting you into a 2-piece tomorrow. sorry. you'll have plenty of years left for that.
  7. begin the mourning process. buz is going out of town for FOUR DAYS. he leaves on monday and does not come back until thursday night after both kiddos go to bed. now, before you get on my case...all of you whose husbands travel on a regular basis...this is new to me. i am not used to sweet buz going out of town. i am not even used to him being home late at night. so, like i said, pour on the sympathy.
  8. sad news around the wisner house. we are officially finished with the infant carseat. (weeping out loud) we haven't installed it yet, but it has been purchased. no more carseat carriers for the wisners. ever.
  9. my heart melts for my little man. as big h and i were "resting" today (resting used in the loosest form possible), he began to list all of my facial features by touching them one by one. "mama's 1 eye. mama's utter eye. mama's nose." then, out of nowhere, he says, "hey mama, i (pointing at his eye) have hid your word in my heart (pointing at his heart)." tears. lots of them.
  10. yesterday, i got to talk to my sweet friend, marino. what a hoot. we have one of those friendships where we can just pick back up where we left off. every time. and to learn what a hoot she is, you can read about her here. just thinking about her makes me smile. really, really big.
  11. have i mentioned how much i LOVE the goo? i haven't? i LOVE the goo.

i think that's about it. see what i mean? i'm thinking that not that many people care about who i've been talking to on the phone this week or what kind of safety devices we are installing in our cars these days. but thanks for dropping by anyway.


Big Mama said...

If I thought Henry would wear that outfit to pick me up at the train station, I would totally hop on a train right this minute.

Oh, and I hid your word in my heart. Makes me melt.

Oh, and in the middle of watching the Sweet 16 last night, my sister and I started talking about the header picture of Henry holding out that train and got hysterical.

That's all.

R said...

So much to comment about!!

AMEN to the bikinis-for-newborns. COME ON! I saw one at Baby Gap the other day that was a string bikini for 3-6 month-olds. No lie...strings on the sides of the bottoms, and strings on the top holding two tiny triangles. Makes me sick!! And people wonder why society is on a rapid decline.

I feel for you on the hubby travel. I'm lucky that J doesn't, but I have plenty of friends whose men do. Hmmm...maybe M and I need to come out your way one day next week? I don't get to the stores up there as often as I'd like...

I, too, grieved the last outing with the infant car seat carrier. No one told me about all the sadness associated with babies growing up! Even moving up sizes in diapers made me cry...

Gotta go make salad for Home Group tonight. Talk to you later!

Marino said...

Big Jan...right back at ya my sweet friend...there's nothing like "home" friends!!! Love ya much,


Kelly from Montana said...

with a blog this long - how can you say you have nothing to share? you are too good!