Monday, March 12, 2007


(warning: i got link crazy tonight.)

well, hallelujah. the Lord is on my side. not only did He bless me with a cool pair of shoes to ring in the new season (which i despise so much.) He chose to do the same for my sweet big h.

now, for those of you who are new to big h's character, he has some quirky tendencies. the main one is that he has only worn one pair of shoes (different sizes, of course, but he doesn't know that) since july of 2005. refuses anything else.

up until february. and he got these. and just so you know, i would have pasted a picture of them, but i cannot find them online ANYWHERE. that's how scared buz and i were about these shoes. we were going to need them in a bigger size at some point.

plus, summer is coming. and he can't wear these boots without socks. they give him blisters. we've already figured out that. and don't ask how many "bang gaids" we went through during that trauma. so buz and i were literally praying that those exact boots in one size bigger would miraculously show up on our doorstep, and we could teach big h about how God works miracles. teaching moments, people. that's what i'm always looking for.

so today happens. we play at the mall with my buddies weentrab and franklin. and another girl who i don't know. nice girl. but when you play at the mall, you don't get into deep conversations, other than who's kid has to go potty and who can't find their kid, and what kind of pizza your kid wants vs. what kind other kids want. we're getting ready to leave, and i wanted to run "just a quick errand." we are in a kids' clothing store, and see some very cute shoes. i thought to myself, "i wish my kid was *normal* and would just wear shoes because i tell him to." (yes, i really did think that to myself.) he sees them and immediately starts crying saying, "i don't want those shoes. i don't want laces." what? so for a year and a half, you wore tennis shoes with laces, and now your new thing is no laces? ok, ok, appease the little guy. "buddy, we don't have to get them. i just thought i'd show them to you."

"but i wwwaaaaannnnntttt new shoes, mama."


you want what?

don't think i didn't run out of that store as fast as my feet could carry me and head to my favorite shoe store. i don't mind admitting. i'm a shoe snob. you know why? because if my kid is going to have ONE pair for 2 years, i sure as heck don't want something i am not going to like looking at for those 2 years. go ahead...say what you will.

we walk in, and i walk toward the shoes with NO laces, since that is what we are now into. i see some and say, "hmmm...these are pretty cool." fully expecting to have him start crying for some reason or another.

"yeah, mama, those are sooooo coooooollllll."

when i told the sales clerk what size, she said those shoes didn't come in small sizes. i immediately asked her what size the display was. honestly, i don't even remember if she answered. i just took it off the display and put it on big h. he LOVED them and continued to say, "mama, these are the coolest shoes i have ever weared. gree-ya, you like these shoes? you want some?"

i will have you know -- the goo did not get herself a pair of these miracles.

he did not take them off until bath time. and i'll have you know. he is wearing him under the covers with his jammies as i write this. at first, he wanted them to be tucked in with him. but he decided it was a better idea to just wear them. "them are so comfy, mama. thank you for the coooooollll shoes." you may be thinking to yourself, "i would no more let my kid go to bed in his new shoes." and i say back to you, "yes you would. if big h was your son."

here they are.

do you notice a strong resemblance to my new shoes? :) apple doesn't fall far from the tree, i guess.

(yes, i have dedicated an entire post to my kid's new shoes. talk as you wish.)


Anonymous said...

can we have a moment of silence for the OU rainboots?

they were good boots.

they just didn't hold up all that well. guess they weren't made to be worn 24/7 for more than one month at a time ;)

seriously-SO excited to see his new comfy shoes! CANNOT wait to see Greta's!!!


Marino said...

I am cracking up so hard at Big H, and love him for wanting to sleep in his cool new shoes....after my own heart!!! I tried to put sandals on Sarah the other day, which she hasn't worn since last summer & almost thought they were not going to get her approval, but I think she's okay with them...for now! Gotta love our little quirky ones!!!

Marino said...

great post!

Kelly from Montana said...

I defintely approve! Very nice!

Ang said...

I'm glad that my little guy isn't the only one w/ shoe issues :) We recently got out of the cowboy-boot hastobewornallthetimeevenbedtime phase (the "duck boots" are slowly dissapearing too, except for on rainy days)