Tuesday, March 06, 2007

heat -- bring it

oh my goodness. one thing i do VERY seldom is get ANGRY. i get my feelings hurt, and i get sad. and lots of beautiful hormonal emotions like that. but i rarely get angry.

boy howdy...buz can attest to my mental state right now.

i came into contact tonight with an ebay sniper.

i need to pause so i can take a deep breath.

outraged, i tell you. i was bidding on something very fun. what i was bidding on is not important at this point. :) what matters is that i have been watching/bidding on this item for FIVE days. it gets to today. i have hours left. minutes left. i have about 10 minutes left. i am so psyched i can't stand it. so i go ahead and run my little errand. i come back to pay with paypal, and i see it.

the big red X that says, "bidding for this item is over. you were outbid by another bidder."

where is that bidder and how can i get my hands on her? i know it's a her because of the item that i was bidding on.

so buz was telling jokes tonight. being all cute and witty. couldn't do it. couldn't bring myself to laugh or even smile. he knew this had to be big. i have tried thinking happy thoughts all night. and all i can think about is, well...HER!

anyone ever sent a not-so-nice email to someone who "snipes?" this is new to me. so any suggestions would be welcome. i promise to be as nice as possible. who knows -- maybe i will be over it by tomorrow.

in other news, the goo has been going through a rough patch the last couple of weeks. i took her to the doctor on friday WITH big h, who was a champ. "no, mrs. wisner, she does not have an ear infection. she *just* has THREE new teeth coming in." had i had water in my mouth, it would have gotten all over the doctor. i'm sorry -- does that bring her to a grand total of NINE TEETH????? needless to say, she's not the most delightful baby to around. and she is definitely the winner of the wet t-shirt contest EVERY NIGHT.

went to a park today to meet up with big h's best friend, CJ. by his actions, however, no one would ever know he was his best friend. i mean, my kid was horrific. growling at him "yike a yion." awful. but at least he knew it -- buz came home from work and asked big h if he had fun playing with CJ at the playground today. big h's response was, "yeah, but i was really mean to him." classic. :) so CJ's mom -- if you're reading this, big h is really sorry and wants to "cuh-yer" (aka color) your son an "i'm sorry picture." (don't know what that is, but i appreciate the sentiment behind it.)

and for those of you following my consignment journey, the first one is over, and the 2nd/last one is this weekend. and then, i am done. for now.


Anonymous said...

what's the consignment journey?

(we have greta's jumper for you guys!)

emailing you a free auction sniping tool


Rhonda D said...

I, too, am curious about the consignment journey.

But I'm with ya on the sniping...would have shaken me up good, too! :0)