Tuesday, February 27, 2007

because there was no room for them in the inn...

first of all...apparently, the shoes are/were a hit. thanks for all the affirming comments. :)

sometimes big h blows me away. this is the kid who at 2 years old was saying, "chugga chugga" and "ah-buhl" (translation: thomas). nothing else. you get the theme we had/have going.

today i pick him up from school. i didn't have the goo with me. she was napping at home. i left the monitor with my next door neighbor, and she has the code to the garage. works out lovely. i pick him up and he immediately tells me he wants me to see his "cammmaaaa cameeeeyeee." right. you got out of that about as much as i did. his teacher proceeds to tell me that he made a camouflage chameleon today at school. of course. because we always use those words. together.

so we get in the car, and i asked him how school was. he normally responds with "um, we did puzzles and read books and played and eated." today, his response was too much. "um....

wait...first i have to mention that big h begins every sentence or thought with either um or hey and a person's name. anyway...

"um, i played chase with boy (name not used to protect said boy) and girl. we runned real past (fast). boy tried to hold girl's hand, but girl said 'um, no thank you, boy. i don't pink (think) i going to need your help.'"

and then, he said, "hey mommy, bad boy hit other boy today on the playground." "oh no, big h. was he ok? did he tell the teacher?" "um, yes, he do ok. and i say 'bad boy, dass (that's) probably not nice.'" "that was so nice of you, big h." "yeah, it was."

he's so humble.

then, we get home and he is DYING to get into baby's room and get her out of her bed. but, as usual, he got sidetracked. he found a nativity scene that kelly gave buz and me when we were first married (maybe just engaged?). it's a little wooden barn. when you open the doors, the characters come out. he began to play with it and ask questions. (luckily, the goo was still asleep, so i didn't rush in to get her.)

"mommy, what is this?" "it's the manger scene." "what's a mager (manger)?" "it's kind of like a barn where animals lived, and that little manger is like a little baby bed full of hay, and it is where jesus was born." "does it hurt?" "well, i don't think so." "why didn't he get borned in a hopissel like baby gree-ya?"

ok, hmmm...trying to figure how much to give him at this point.

"well, because they didn't have hospitals a long time ago when jesus was born. and his mommy and daddy walked and walked and couldn't find anywhere to have the baby. and the only place was at this barn with all the animals."

"oh. poor jesus. mommy, they not have a car with a carseat like mine?"

i told him no, and that was it. all of the sudden, i think something clicked. and he RUNS through the house straight to the goo's room, opens the door ever so quietly, and screams, "gree-ya, gree-ya! you know what? jesus wasn't born at a hopissal!!!!! and his mommy and didn't have a carseat for him."

mind you, the goo couldn't care less. but God love him. i love that he wants to share things with her.

ok, fast forward to tonight. since daddy is working late being head honcho in charge of the hospital's project, we (ok, I) decide to take the family out for dinner. it is a nice enough day. i am trying to be positive here. it is "nice" enough to sit outside, and big h is thrilled about this idea. so the employees, who by the way are some of the nicest around, help us with our high chair and food and drinks. we sit outside, and we start listening to the music they have going. my kid has some rhythm. he did NOT get it from his papa. :) all of the sudden while eating his rice and cheese, he starts bopping his head, not knowing that i was watching. then, he starts shimmying (word?) his shoulders to the beat. and then he says, "mommy, this is my faborite song i ever heard in the whole world. is it yours?" note: neither henry nor i have ever heard this song before, but it has a great beat. and then, he proceeds to say, "yeah, yeah, get it on, mommy." there is nothing sweeter or more innocent? :) by the way, the "that" he is referring to is "my groove." yes, kids do pick up on what you say. and apparently, buz and i say "get your groove on" when someone is dancing.

love it.

took these yesterday when we went to visit my old presby buddy, lowra, and her kids. her youngest is 5 days younger than the goo.

i LOVED their brick. obvious, i know.

"don't mess with my sister"

he is so tough. (or just thinks so.)


Gramma Wiz said...

Oh Sweetie, I so love your blog.
I am so proud of him and I love to read his "talk". Of course, he also is so sentitive now to right and wrong. like telling that boy it was not nice to hit.

but the story about Jesus and the hospital brought tears to my eyes. Jesus is so real to him it is wonderful.

Love the pictures of my little ones. Henry is coming close to a James Dean clone in the one pic.

Henry will love to read this all someday. Love you Honey

Aimee said...

Jan - I just got your newsletter today and had to hop on and read your blog. Sorry to hear about some of the hardships this past year, but I know you will always bounce back! Congrats on all the amazing things happening in your life!

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! And hits so close to home, because Isaac has such a fascination with Jesus. Love the pictures of Big H and the goo!

P.S. It's March, I think it's safe to say the holiday season is officially over.

Anonymous said...

and by that, i mean i think you can safely take the creche down now....

henry and greta's mommy said...

hey miss witty (aka sarah kate), it was in the garage in the bin marked "CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS."

TheCoordinizer said...

JANET! Oh, how I miss you. Got your note in the mail, and I found the address to your blog. I'm so excited that I get to peek into the Wisners' life!

We're still in Arlington...BLECH! I miss Collin County!

Rhonda D