Sunday, February 11, 2007

dedicated to all things buz

no, this is not because wednesday is valentine's day. (honestly, buz and i spend valentine's day at souper salad. i know, he is for real. we both hate crowds. and so the first valentine's day we spent together, he suggested we go somewhere that i wanted to go that he didn't. you show his love for me. you should have seen his face when i said, "souper salad." hysterical.)

my spouse kicks A! this weekend was very big for all of us. especially for the goo and for me. this was the first weekend we were away from each other overnight. (well, other than when buz was in cardiac ICU. but that doesn't count, right?)

nance (my mom, for those of you who don't know) asked me to go to an arts and crafts fair this weekend. (stop laughing.) i dragged my feet forever because i was really nervous about being away from the goo. but finally this past week, buz threw out the "why don't you leave on friday and come back sunday morning?" i'm sorry, what? after a "discussion" about him not making me feel guilty about being gone (cue back of the hand to the forehead), i decided to go for it. some of you with older children are feeling so sorry for me right now. he got home on friday afternoon and was kindly nudging me to go. i kissed the goo and told big h i was going to spend some time with nana. "um, ok, mommy. see you ya-yer. i wub you." i just kept telling buz thank you and i love you over and over again. and then i did it. i got in the car. and of course, i started crying. sometimes i really love being a girl. what, with all the emotional freedom and all.

arrived in oklahoma city and went to straight to old navy without having to get anyone out of a carseat. i SO live on the edge. met up with nance and we headed to target. i mean, i was out of the house and i wanted to close the shops down.

sheer craziness walking up and down aisles reaalllly sllloooowllly. with no agenda.

went to breakfast yesterday morning with nance and her friend and her friend's daughter and niece, neither of whom have children. what would i say to these girls? would i have lost all socialization skills? i was surprised -- i managed to carry on a conversation about something other than pee-peeing on the potty and amoxicillin and nap time and car seat safety. i was so proud of myself.

arts and crafts fair was a huge success. seriously, stop laughing. it really was a great time. then, nance and i just piddled for what i think may have been 17 hours straight. we lingered at dinner and did everything at such an incredibly beautiful pace. woke up this morning at EIGHT THIRTY! had some breakfast and headed home.

oh...the point of this post. the whole weekend, buz kept calling me. not to ask questions about basic baby care or tell me both kids were crying at the same time. just to tell me they were having a great time but that they really missed me.

sometimes i forget to tell him. buz, i love you. i appreciate you! i am so glad you are my best friend! you are the best daddy around!


Big Mama said...

Seriously, that sounds like the best weekend ever. Old Navy, Target AND a craft were living wild and loose this weekend.

weentrab said...

oh my.

can I be you this weekend?

seriously-you live the life I dream of with your child-free weekend and husband that shoves you OUT the door (instead of sucking you back in).



(and thrilled for did sound mighty chipper on the phone saturday!)

Kelly from Montana said...

what a great post to honor Buz! I am dying to know if you saw him in his movie debut yet (Facing the Giants)?