Wednesday, February 07, 2007

manly man

i just know my son will be a manly man.

this evidenced by his response to my question this morning. today we had bible study at church, and he LOVES going to the nursery. picked him up and asked if he had fun. "oh yes, mama." what did you do today?

"well, i did crafts. i can't believe i've always wanted to do that."

(one of my favorite things he says is that he can't believe he's always wanted to do something. we're not sure exactly sure what it all means. but coming out of his mouth is so stinking funny.)

and when buz got home and he told him that he had made crafts, he was quick to tell him he made crafts with PINK! HEARTS!

and the absolute highlight of my day yesterday (and the answer to buz's "what was the best part of your day" question) was when big h and i started talking to jesus. i was thanking him for some things, and then he interrupted. "um, ze-zus, sank you YOTS for me getting to be line leader at school. amen." i mean, doesn't that pretty much sum it all up? yeah, and he wore his buz costume and boots to school yesterday. one of his teachers was out last week because her son was sick. and so i asked him as we were getting out of the car if he was planning on wearing it the entire day. "nope, i must just show ms. kyra. she was at home last night." (translation: last night means anytime in the past.) so when we got to school, he said very LOUDLY and in all seriousness, "ms. kyra, i sorry you not here last night. you better? i show you my buz costume. now i take it off, ok?"

yeah, that's me. rolling. on. the. floor.

and for those of you dying of curiosity...yes, we got the door unlocked. with a screwdriver. ???


Kelly from Montana said...

he will be just as manly as Jesus wants him to be! What a blessing he is!