Friday, February 16, 2007

hmmm...miscellaneous thoughts running through my head. have NO theme for tonight. no one funny story that will take up six paragraphs. just things i was thinking about tonight.
  1. the goo is brilliant. in the morning, she wakes up *early* and rolls to her side where she is somehow able to turn on her own mobile and put herself back to sleep and sleeps for another hour and a half. love it. genius. where does this fall in the philosophy spectrum? sleeping "props" or soothing herself to sleep. don't know. don't care.
  2. big h has begun telling us stories at bedtime. he clears his throat (i'm serious) and begins with "unce upon a time." tonight it was "unce upon a time, there was a boy named me, i mean, ah-nee." he always ends with "and wivved happuwee ebber affer. dee in." i love it. it is priceless. the kid is a riot.
  3. i've happened upon a new (not really new, just noticed lately) phenomenon. it's the stay-at-home mom sense that even though you are in your 30s, you often feel like you're in 7th grade. this being evidenced by the fact that most of the kids in big h's class this year are going to new schools next year because of some changes in his current school. and i was so the last to know. seriously, i felt like it was monday and i was overhearing the details of the sleepover that i wasn't invited to that had occurred on saturday night. everyone was telling me that "my kid and her kid are going to the same school next year" and "well, i talked to sally sue's mom and we've decided to put our kids in the same school." i wanted to come home and tell my mom that the girls left me out. so dorky. and then at the end of last week, the mom of one of big h's friends came up to me when we were picking them up and told me that the school that she was going to put her kid in had an opening and she gave me the info. i felt like the head cheerleader had just asked me to the homecoming after party with her and her friends. ugh -- takes me back. to a place i don't ever want to go again. and i'm 31 years old. what in the world? and i promise i have no deep-rooted self esteem issues. i really don't.
  4. listening to "suddenly" by olivia newton-john on my ipod right now.
  5. big h is starting to have a compassion that i am so moved by. today, we were at the mall (shocker), and he had obeyed for several days in a row and so i told him we could get a toy at the toy store. his first question was "hey mommy, did baby obey? i've always wanted her to have a toy." melt. and his second question -- "hey mommy (everything starts with hey...), we get dr. g (pediatrician) a present today? i must get him a fun toy to play with." all this from the same kid who is very clear about what's his is his and what is someone else's is also his. laws of a toddler.
  6. the goo has just started laughing. not cute little giggling. no. FULL ON laughing. hysterical. and was it me? think again. buz? nope. big h. he was playing peek-a-boo with her, and i promise she was at the peak of her happiness scale. the girl is madly in love with that boy. she has the key into his world. no one else does. NO ONE.
  7. my valentine's day was perfect. my husband is the best around. (i say that as though i have never said it before.) big h, the goo, and i went to bible study and lunch with our buddies, brooke and mason. buz took the afternoon off. i got to go help weentrab with a wedding. mainly provided some moral support and hopefully some comic relief. when it was over, i called and asked buz what he wanted for dinner, and he let me get whatever i wanted. so for our romantic valentine's day dinner, we enjoyed some delicious cuisine. put the kids to bed and opened presents. we got really romantic this year. i got him a white dress shirt and some trousers, and he got me a bowl to put mail in and a big frame for the hallway. we discussed that valentine's day is just one of those holidays that come and go for us. we normally eat at souper salad because he says, "that is the biggest gesture of love i can offer -- to eat somewhere i can't stand." guess that's one way of looking at it. :)
  8. this picture is for my dad. here's to you, ace.

is it sad that this is all i can come up with? so for you, grandparents, i will leave you with some recent pictures.

(big h watching "gree-ya's" show with her. making LOTS of comments throughout. surprise, surprise.)

(see...she smiles. smiles BIG.)

(the girl loves the moment right before bath.)

(no, i did NOT put lipstick on my daughter. look closely. that is spit up.)

(such a tough guy.)


Big Mama said...

The kids could not be any cuter. And can I tell you that it makes me feel less like a dorky 7th grader to know that someone else has Olivia Newton John on their iPod?

Franklin5 said...

1. Your kids: just so incredibly cute, in both photograph and action. Thank you for sharing them with us!

2. WHY WHY WHY have I had the entire Xanadu soundtrack running through my head for the past few days? Now that I am rereading this, the mystery is solved.

3. I was and am the uncool 7th grader: for starters, NO IPOD. And my Luv-it jeans with the appliqued red satin lips on the back pocket don't fit me anymore. (If you remember this, I give you SERIOUS props.)

But I'm forever finding myself on the tail end of the mommy grapevine at C's school, too. No advice, just sympathy.

3. Glad you two had a happy Valentine's Day. You deserve it!