Sunday, February 04, 2007

she did it!

we, the wisners, are a family with "milestone delays." big h didn't roll over until he was 9 months old and didn't crawl until he was 10 1/2 months old. (of course, he decided to walk around 11 months. stinker.) and didn't talk until about 2 1/2 (and that's pushing it.)

today was an incredible day! first of all, we got up and made it to church. (ok, that wasn't really what made it so incredible.) but gosh, we have been missing it so much! we got dressed and ready, and (drum roll please) big h was excited to go!

of course, our super crazy church decided to "observe" superbowl sunday with only 3 services. which meant that our normal 9:00 service that we are always so proud to make was at 8:30. darn them. oh well. such is life. left the goo in the nursery to get some lovin'. dropped big h off in his class (proudly carrying his backpack and all). and headed in for all of our 30 minutes of the service.

came home and played. big h played puppet show and the goo played with big h's trains (without him completely LOSING it). i put her on her tummy, which she despises with all that she is. and all of the sudden, plop! there she is looking at me again! i didn't know what to do with myself, other than call everyone i know (or just the grandparents). get after it, goo! we are so stinkin' proud of you!

then, it was becoming quite clear that big h was not going to be taking a nap. he just wasn't "weepy, mommy." and if big h has not taken a nap by about 2 or 2:30 in the afternoon, we would rather him not take a nap at all rather than take a nap that late or we know nighttime is going to be a bear. so we either give him a car nap (that is a very real word around our house) or do our very best to keep him up all day, so he's ready for bed around 5:30. ok, not really. (not too far off, though.) we always ask each other if there are any errands that need to be run. and today, i had some. so big h got in the car and before we were out of the alley, he was gone. so i ran some drive through errands and then headed down to return something of the goo's. this was one of the coolest experiences i have had with a child. big h and i just hung out together. like buz and i do. we went inside and he played while i made my return. since we had nothing else to do, i decided not to watch the clock. we would move from section to section, me looking and big h playing. and he was totally cooperative. (notice the surprise in my voice?) we had such a great time. then, i decided to push the envelope and go shopping for a minute. he was fixated on getting green apples. he had asked for those before he ever fell asleep. so he assumed every store we went in was the "apple factory." we went inside, and it was clear that this was not the apple factory. so i was going to ask one of the salesman something, and he walks up to her and says, "hey lady, you know where my apples are? the green ones?" i so wished she was someone who would have appreciated his age and humor and just plain cuteness. but since she was all of 19 and didn't own anything in her closet that was NOT black, she wasn't amused. it was funny. it was.

finally, he was getting weary of going into stores that were clearly NOT apple factories. so we got in the car and headed for the nearest "grokey" store. and his response -- "oh, mommy, we are prolly goinga find some lots of apples. lots of green ones. lots of big ones!" and everyone at the grokey store knew exactly what big h was looking for. and lots of people hoping to help up find those green apples. he was just about as happy as a 3-year-old can be.

headed home and the whole way big h was saying, "oh mommy, we prolly must tell daddy we brought some green apples. and we didn't brought any for baby gree-ya cuz her is too yittle."

i. love. this. kid.

i have to say -- i didn't watch one SECOND of the super bowl. don't feel bad for me. we tivo'd it. i will watch commercials later. i know the colts won. seriously, don't feel bad for me. i'm ok with not watching it. we decided not to do anything for it either because our previous plans got "cancelled" because our date apparently had other stuff to do. like, i don't and sell a house. whatever. (bff, we saved you and bob some superbowl sandwiches.)

both kids are in bed. my sweet buz is sound asleep. and i sit here with a smile on my face. i love my little family.

i love big h. i love that he only gets his hair washed about every other week. i love that he makes up conversations with each and every one of his toys. sometimes they are not even with toys. can be tables, water cups, shoes, seat belts, etc. i love that when he gets hurt, he calls it an "ow-see." i love it that it has been 5 straight days of not wearing his normal shoes. i love it that his entire body lights up when "baby" wakes up in the morning. i love that the first thing he wants to do every day is watch baby einstein (and it's typically the same one everyday). i love it when he sings. i love it more when he dances. i love it EVEN more when he *lets* me dance. and i love it that he never eats a meal or goes to sleep without wanting to "sank zeezus."

i love the goo. i love that she saves her smiles for special occasions. i love that she has a dimple and no one knows it other than mommy and daddy...because of the previous reason. i love that one of those special occasions is when big h is around. i love that she has about 7 teeth and she's only 6 months old. (she probably does NOT love that.) i love the 3rd toe on her right foot. it kind of sticks out more than all the rest. i love that her hair is finally starting to SLOWLY come in. i love that she goes to sleep in my arms. and i love that someday, some boy who loves Jesus is going to fall in love with her.

and finally, oh how i love my sweet buz. i love that he continues to change jobs just to get us in a "better place" than before. i love that he is an incredible daddy. i love (most of the time) that he's a softie with big h. i love it even more that he has no idea how much of a softie he's going to be with the goo when she gets older. i love how he looks in a long-sleeve t-shirt, old grungy khakis, and running shoes. i love that the last moment of our day is the question, "what was the best part of your day?" i love that he loves me and would do absolutely anything for me and loves me for the woman i am. and i am madly in love with how much he loves Jesus.

sap. i know. it doesn't happen often, but boy, when it does. it flows, huh?


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gramma wiz said...

Now you understand why you loving my "little" boy and him loving you
you so much makes me feel so happy.!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

gramma wiz said...

Can't wait to tell Wiz the new green apple story during HST in the morn. So funny.