Friday, February 16, 2007

Dedicated to the hardest job: motherhood

I have to admit I was very nervous taking care of both kids when Janet left on Friday night. To review some past performances when Janet ventured out:

1. When Henry was about 6 months old I gave him 2 tablespoons of Triaminic nighttime instead of 2 teaspoons. (Poison control said he may just be sluggish).

2. When Greta was 5 months old I laid her on the side of the bed, not realizing she had learned to fall forward. (and off the bed onto the ground).

3. When Greta was 5 months and 5 days old I learned that the BUMBO does not prevent falls off of the couch. (even with that wide base)

Needless to say, I implemented some very successful strategies you can share with your spouse the next time you want to go out of town for a few days.

10 keys for successful weekend

1. You can never watch enough Veggie Tales. Most DVD's now have a REPEAT feature.
2. 7:30 am may be too early to put the baby down for morning nap, but 8:30 is okay.
3. 5:30 pm is not too early to put the baby down for the night. (see infant Motrin or children's Benedryl label)
4. Blockbuster Video opens at 10:00am. The animated section is usually to the left by checkout.
5. Toys being saved for potty training rewards can be used for bribes in an emergency.
6. If you move the exersaucer to different parts of the same room during the day, you can maximize the time the baby will stay quiet.
7. Bath time is a privilege. It can be taken away if you decide the Henry, eerrr, your child needs to be put to bed early.
8. There is nothing wrong with pajamas during the day. (this helps the child adjust to the mothers absence).
9. Call your wife periodically during the time she is gone and tell her how well things are going. (this will decrease phone time during BONUS HOURS).
10. Finally, clean the house Sunday afternoon, and remind the 3 year old how much they miss mommy. BIG DIVIDENDS once she walks through the door. (This also buffers reaction to keys 1-9)

BONUS HOURS: It is possible to rent two movies (SAW 3, X-Men) and one Playstation video game and enjoy all three between Friday night and late Sunday afternoon uninterrupted. Pay attention to KEY #9.

BONUS BONUS: Remind your wife every day how special she is, and how difficult her role is. Remember she pulls it all together. You're just a part of her day. I love you pretty.



Kelly from Montana said...

We all love you too, sweet Buz! You've got this daddy thing down - even with a heart condition. You are so good to my friend, Thanks!

Marino said...

Sweet Buz!!! I am just so absolutely impressed...not only at your ability to care for two small children by yourself, but you seem to have quite the blogging gift yourself! I will be forwarding this along to my husband right now....and will be highlighting the "clean the house" it!!!


weentrab said...



graamma wiz said...

Two funny people in one house. No wonder Gree-ya has learned to laugh out loud already.So proud of you both. Henry always is the happiest little boy in any picture and Gree-ya will follow in his footsteps. Probably, I realize, her is still laughing inside about something you guys said earlier and he is still laughing inside.
AND how fun for us to get to share in how much you love each other. Nothing could possibly make me happier.

Franklin5 said...

What a man! I'm printing this out for Trey as a Subtle Sign to either a) guest blog, b) watch the kids for a weekend, which sounds like heaven on earth, or c) both. I'm hoping for c).

Great post!