Tuesday, February 20, 2007

so long, farewell...

to winter janet.

it's been a tough day around here. one sign read 80 degrees. that's EIGHT-ZERO! february.

my heart is sinking as write this.

supposed to be only 73 tomorrow. whew -- so glad we are having such a cold front. my mother-in-law has to tell me today, "oh honey, it snowed here today." that's just salt in my wound.

now, you might say, "keep your chin up. surely, there is more of winter left." hmmm...you've never lived in north texas. once it hits the 70s, it'll never go back down. never.

so tonight, as i sit in my own depression, i will mentally prepare to say goodbye to her. winter janet, we hope you enjoyed your stay here, ever so short. we love you, and you will be greatly missed. go ahead -- pack up your sweaters. put away your cute little black boots. lock the closet door because there is no need for coats for a long time. and tell summer janet she's back in business. let her know that the season in which everyone throws caution to the wind with regards to "fashion" is upon us. go buy mosquito spray for big h. because every summer of his life, he has gotten that one mosquito bite that has led to a massive scar on his cute little face, due to his picking habit. i have no idea where he gets that. get out the sunscreen. put away the recipes for soup and casseroles. and look for the ones containing fruit and yogurt. get out the razor. better start putting it to use again. go buy "summer deodorant." you know...the kind that works even in the 41 straight days of 100+ temperatures.

ugh...just writing all of this has given me an upset stomach.

i realize some of you live where you get snow, and i have read your blogs. i know you're complaining because, what, you can't get out of your driveway or something? please. there is no sympathy from me coming your way.

all that to say -- let's have a moment of silence for winter janet's departure. we'll miss you.

p.s. and for those of you praying today, big h's haircut went fine. even though he now looks like he's 17. (yes, people were praying about big h's haircut. he's weird. i've said it before.) his last haircut was when the goo was 2 WEEKS old. that's how long it's been. it was time.



big h *WANTING* to take a picture with the goo!!!! this is HUGE!


Becky said...

Oh. Janet. It was with a heavy heart that I read this post. Truly, the tears ran in rivulets down my chubby cheeks (made so by all the casseroles I've been eating) as I read about locking the closet door full of coats. Coats. People who live north of Texas don't understand my fondness for coats. And putting away the soup recipes. I love soup, especially ones that aren't approved by the "Best Life Diet." Ones that have cheese. And potatoes. And corn.

Much like fall, spring in Texas lasts about as long as it takes to put your Rainbows back on - then it switches to the season known as SWELTER.

Two small things to look forward to: small cans of Dr. Pepper and lip balm. That's about it.

I mourn with you, my friend.

love, BM

Big Mama said...

I cannot tell you my sorrow to learn that it is time for Winter Janet to go. Didn't we just finish dealing with the heat (my God, the heat) and the mosquitoes?

Franklin5 said...

Oh, I am so, so sad right along with you, winter Janet. Winter Amy was thisclose to getting organized enough to enjoy the next arctic blast... I just know I'm gonna find that big box o' sweaters from last year any day now.

What's worse: my curmudgeonly attitude toward warmer climes has rubbed off on the kids. We were having a great time in the backyard today when C suddenly yelled, "MOSQUITO!" and headed for the house. Poor kid must have sugar water in his veins, because those things eat him alive every summer.

At least we now have this absurdly cute picture of big H to cheer us up. Love the 17-year-old hair!

Kelly from Montana said...

My door is ALWAYS open!!! Bring up the coat closet and the boots! I'd love to let Winter Janet run loose up here!