Thursday, March 15, 2007

we went to eat dinner with buz's brother and sister-in-law tonight. they have an almost 7-year-old boy (who big h idolizes) and an almost 4-year-old daughter. and a little boy, brandon michael, coming to meet us in july.

we had a talk with big h on the way about being sweet and sharing. sometimes when we go to their house, things get ugly with his girl cousin. they are roughly the same age, and sometimes they butt heads. anyway, we were rehearsing some potential scenes (something i've started doing that has worked). and he was saying all the right things. which was good.

we got there. and he really was being sweet. i was so proud of him. anyway, when my nephew gets *into* something, he really gets *into* it. right now, he is into this movie. he, my niece, and big h played so well tonight. i was so proud of big h.

we get home and are getting ready for bed. as we're reading stories and getting ready to talk to jesus, he says, "mama, you sing that, ok?" "sing what?" "you know...the UNGH song."

right. of course.

i told him to sing it to me. he gets out of his bed, as though he was preparing for a broadway show and proceeds to sing, "unh. get your head in the game. chick chick. get your head in the game. oh yeah, get your head in the game. yeah, yeah."

mama, you do it.

i couldn't. i just couldn't.

the dancing that this boy was coming up with. where did he get those hips? papa?

not to mention that the goo had her first CACKLE watching my nephew sing the "get your head in the game" song. cackling, people. it was so stinking hysterical. guess we need to get the soundtrack. oh, to have something new to listen to in the car, other than the wiggles sailing around the world or veggie tales.

changing the subject.

i was NOT wife of the year last night. long story. actually, it's not a long story at all, but i would prefer not to embarrass myself to that extent for all to read. let's just put it this way -- i was NOT nice and sweet to my spouse and was ashamed of my actions.

so i went to pick big h up from school and decided we needed to go get daddy an "i'm sorry" goody of sorts. and nothing says i'm sorry like chocolate chips. so we headed to the big cookie place to get a cookie cake as a present for daddy.

big h is VERY big into making phone calls. this is the conversation i heard from the backseat.

big h: hi. present guy. it's me. ah-nee. we are doing great. tank you for asking. my mommy needs to know if you have a big present for my daddy. oh? you do? that is you-ti-ful. we are on our way. we need it soon because mommy was really mean to my daddy, and she needs to say she's sorry really really past. thanks. i'll talk to you later.

hey mommy, present guy has a big cookie. then you can give daddy his present and say sorry lots. and daddy will say, "oh that's ok. it was just an accident."

God love this kid.

one more thing. i can't NOT comment on this. even though she did and she always does.

american idol.

buz and i have actually watched this season from the very beginning. and for those of you who are watching, i have one question.


why this?

actually, i thought i would have more to say. nope. i'm speechless. period.


Kelly from Montana said...

so i've got to know...did the bedtime dance ritual take place with the new shoes on too??? come on - get your head in the game!

Big Mama said...

I cannot explain Sanjaya. There are no words.

Also, if anyone ever bought me a large, chocolate chip cookie cake I would forgive them for anything.

Lastly, every time I click over here and see that picture with Big H holding out that train, it makes me laugh out loud.

henry and greta's mommy said...

hey big's not just "that train." his name is neville. these are not just little details. very, very important facts to a 3-year-old boy.