Tuesday, April 03, 2007

we shall see

so tonight we began a journey of sorts. or so we've heard.

we started this journey some time ago, but it lost its lustre. so we're at it again. in full force.

pray for us.

potty training with a vengeance.

i had a talk with my brother and sister-in-law last night. just to get some encouragement. and my brother's comment was, "dude, your kid's three and a half and he's still in a diaper?" ahhh...nothing like a little sibling love. my sweet sister-in-law proceeded to apologize on his behalf and offer more helpful suggestions and potential solutions. but that comment haunted me the rest of the night. buz and i talked about it and decided we would start on friday. good friday. fitting, right?

however, we headed to wal-mart for some milk and "gree-ya no-nee" (translation: formula). i told him repeatedly that we were not going to buy anything. sad when you have to reiterate that comment so many times. he asked if we could look at trains. "sure. but we are NOT going to buy any trains." he is not into games, but he found the game aisle appealing today. chutes and ladders, which we have but he doesn't understand how to play yet. hungry hungry hippos, but really he just liked the name of that. i was trying to explain all the things you learn by playing these certain games. "that game teaches how to count to 10. that game teaches us how to spell with our letters from a to z." (i know. i'm a barrel of monkeys. everyone wants to play with me.) we were so interested in what these games would teach us. until...

we saw a go diego go "game." mind you, this "game" was packaged in a "rescue pack." (if you do not have a toddler who has ever watched noggin, you can go to someone else's blog or some other website because none of this will be of interest to you.) basically, it is an orange glorified backpack that contained about 10 different games. card games, bingo, dominoes, etc. i will be honest, if i thought he would really be interested in the games, i would be thrilled about this pack. however, the guy really only cares about the fact that he can wear it and look like diego and save the pygmy marmosets and red eyed tree frogs. after i said no several times, he started to be really, really sad and said to me, "but mama, this game will teach me lots of things." genius. pure genius.

i was kind of frustrated. but even more so, i wanted to get the goo home for a nap. she was starting to fade on me. so out of my mouth comes, "that's fine. you can get that game. but we go home and put on underwear. and other than nighttime, we aren't going to wear diapers anymore, ok?" he said ok, and i thought to myself, "what the heck did i just do? i LIKE my kid wearing diapers. it's easy." but i had said it. and there was nothing i could do about it.

so we talked on the way home about why he got the rescue pack. i wanted him to make sure he knew that this was big. HUGE.

so we got home and put the potty in the living room. for convenience. and we had bought diego underwear. i know this will be fleeting, but i'm not sure there is anything cuter than the tush of big h in big boy underwear. i LOVE it. so he went. he had one accident. and he told buz about it. it was right before bath time, and he had just finished his breathing treatment. and dad forgot to ask before he started the treatment. so technically, i think i can say that he did a great job today. poor church workers tomorrow. poor preschool teachers on thursday. we'll see. he may just surprise the heck out of us.

but there's no turning back. underwear is here to stay.


Marino said...

Oh, big Jan I feel for ya! Not that I or Sarah are anywhere near ready to potty train yet...I went ahead and bought a little potty just to start the warming up process. Some may question why would I do this considering I really have no intention of trying to potty train her for another year or so...well, I promise you it will take her almost a year until she feels it's okay to even sit on it with clothes on! Right now she takes out the easy clean out insert and backs up slowly, sits on the very edge away from the huge empty hole for maybe a nano-second, if that!!! So, all that to say congratulations on your successful day Big H!!! And here's to many, many more!!!

Big Mama said...

May God have mercy on your soul.

R said...

Exciting times in the Wisner house! We'll be praying positive potty prayers for y'all.

Anonymous said...

oh gosh-fingers crossed for you guys!

we run hot and cold in our house, poor ben never knows when he can go or not go.

we like to keep him on his toes ;)

I'm sure H will do awesome!


Kelly from Montana said...

yea - cold turkey and bribery! i'm sure it will work! now...to actually use the bathroom in the bathroom:) can't wait to hear how things go especially away from home and the living room toilet! way to go, j! love ya!

Jenn said...

Oh you are a brave, brave woman. I so wish I had the gumption to go cold turkey, but I'm afraid Kimberly Clark is going to make a fortune off of us and our pull up purchases.
Go Henry!