Friday, April 06, 2007

taken hostage

by the potty training demons, that is.

i really and truly thought i would be writing a beautifully uplifting story about how my child LOVES underwear and wants to embrace his new manhood by saying, "out with the old and in with the new."

or not.

people have failed to mention the potty training devil that is unleashed.

seriously. what happened to my big h?

tuesday was a good afternoon. but wednesday. heaven help us. headed to church for a little bible study. left church wanting to swear. the irony is too much. he had an "accident" in the nursery. funny because big h doesn't really get what the whole "accident" word means yet. he pooped in his go diego go underwear, and one of the church nursery rules is that they don't change poopy underwear accidents. don't blame 'em. so for the first time in three and a half years, i was paged to the nursery. i thought that he would have a hard time with me in his class in the middle of the class. nope. "hey mommy, i went poo poo in my pants." done. back to bible study. get big h and head to the infant class, where the teachers inform that the goo is "just not herself today." funny, i had been thinking the same thing for 2 or 3 days. made an appt for that same afternoon.

oh right. back to potty training. get home from bible study to have a 30-minute lunch. get back in the car and head to dr. g's. get back to the exam room before having the goo weighed and sniff, sniff. please, please let that be the goo. nope again. "big h, did you go poo poo in your pants?" "yes."

so the goo gets put back in her stroller so that i can survey the scene. oh people. without going into detail (which i desperately want to do to accurately describe my selfless act of motherhood, but i won't), poop was literally everywhere. so after using an entire box of wipes, which i randomly had in my diaper bag, dr. g walks in only to find the goo with not one, but TWO ear infections. guess that's why she hasn't been herself lately. homegirl is such a trooper.

we headed home, and the whining began. oh. the whining. i found myself wanting to say things to him that i never would have thought i would want to say. but rest assured, i didn't.

but believe you me, by the time buz got home, i had my bags packed, and i handed both kids over to him and grabbed my keys. i couldn't take it anymore.

took him to school yesterday morning in some nemo underwear. his choice. poop accident at school. if he has one more poop accident in his underwear he will have to wear diapers to school until the end of the year. no pressure.

i just thought i was against pull ups.

yesterday was actually worse than wednesday. even buz was frustrated. that is big.

so we decided to put both of them down early by about an hour. or six.

today, i said, is going to be a new day. we get to the mall to play with bff and wes. and i was secretly crossing my fingers and having constant conversation with God to please, please keep the potty training demons away this morning.

sometimes God answers our prayers in ways we don't understand. this morning was one of those times.

oh poor bff. she was giving me that "i am so sad for you but SOOOOOOOO thankful it's your kid and not mine" look. i lost count of the times she asked "what can i do for you?" i wanted to tell her in all seriousness, "just find a stick." but i thought that might be inappropriate. i just let big h know that there would be conversation in the car and it wouldn't be fun conversation. there would probably also be conversation at home, at dinner, at bathtime, at bedtime, at storytime, and at talk to jesus time. definitely at talk to jesus time.

little man and the goo both did great at the good friday service this afternoon. and i was so moved by our service that for that hour, i was able to focus on what i wanted to set my mind on today.

so all is *better* around here. we have a new approach. a more laid back approach. a don't stress out big h approach. a we'll be fine if you get your learner's permit in your pampers approach. whatever floats your boat, big man.

just a few pictures to share.

imagine the crash after this.

i've told of big h's interest in dressing up. work it, big h. own it.

this is his idea of "parking the cars" at night. (they are hanging in his bed rail.)

i'm thinking he needs just one more toy.

sweet goo, preparing for spring.
an easter miracle for winter janet. high for tomorrow: 43. easter high: 52.


Big Mama said...

Here is what I'm going to tell you, don't ever underestimate the power of bribery when it comes to potty training.

And don't stress out. No one goes to the prom in Pampers.

Donna said...

Oh, so familiar! It's just nearly impossible to push them without crushing their little spirits though. We did pullups for quite a long while because I just can't see the point of repeatedly throwing away underwear that I am too gagged out to rinse off.

DS #2 had huge issues with pooping on the pot that now, just a couple months shy of 5, are slowly resolving--the goal is me not having to enforce a poop time each day (otherwise he holds it until he gets all scrunchy faced and crabby) and independent wiping to prepare for Kindergarten in the fall. The wiping is just about done. Hopefull the withholding will take care of itself this summer.

Hang in there. Motherhood can be sooo messy! :)

R said...

No Easter miracle indeed! I actually get to STRAIGHTEN my hair for church tomorrow and feel cute!! I'm with you all the way on the warm-weather woes...I'd trade with a straight-haired girl any day...