Friday, April 13, 2007

must. get. better.

first of all, bff, let the record state that i am the world's best friend for cancelling on you today. trust me -- you do NOT want what the goo has.

and biscuit, same goes for you.

again...nothing interesting or entertaining. just informing those who have been praying for my sweet baby. as well as blowing off some "couped up in a house for 2 days" steam.

the goo. she is still not well. i do have to be honest, i don't know which call back nurse to listen to. no offense to those nurses out there. i've gotten everything from "don't give her any formula for at least 2 days" to "go ahead and give her a little food if she's tolerating so much pedialyte" to "try just a little formula if she's tolerating enough pedialyte in a bottle" to "don't do anything for 16 days." (ok, that last one was made up by me and certainly NOT true.)

she's only thrown up once today. but has taken 2 INSANELY LONG naps. you may be thinking i should be so grateful. not when fun goo doesn't have her A-game on. it is so pitiful. she has no energy. she didn't even want to be in her "walking seat." (that's what big h calls her exersaucer.) she also had diar----several times as well.

let's just say that the washer and dryer are going to sleep well tonight. they have had a long day.
and my little man. seriously. he has been a little MAN today. so incredibly helpful, i cannot even begin to describe. finally, after the goo's LONG morning nap, i/we HAD to get out. so we drove through wendy's for sickin nuggets and brown no-nee. and as a surprise to him, i dropped by blockbuster to get him a movie or six. ok, really just two. you wouldn't believe how much television my 3 1/2-year-old watched today. and yet, it was totally mom-initiated. and i had no reservations about it whatsoever.

we decided to make it like a daytime sleepover. we opened up the spiderman blow up bed (which did not get used because it was going to take about 116 hours to blow up, even with the handy pump). we did puzzles. lots and lots of puzzles. we played a LOT with things that have wheels. we made up stories. we had snacks. we listened to music. it was so much fun.

i just wish the goo was in on it.

if only i looked this good while sick and with no clothes on. (this was taken yesterday. i couldn't bear to take any today. she was so sad ALL DAY.)

and i refuse to end on such a bad note, i will leave you with some easter pictures.

you probably can't see that my husband -- ultra conservative dresser that he is -- has on seersucker pants.

of course, we had to bring our props outside.

couldn't get enough of the fact that my kid who has very bazaar issues with clothes and shoes has on a BELT. a plaid one, nonetheless.

going through the loot.

see...this is what she looks like happy.

our sad attempt at a family easter picture. the tripod can't make the goo look in its direction. such is life. (and to my mom: no, i did NOT wear jeans to church on easter sunday.)


Marino said...

Oh, that little pitiful sweet goo face just makes me want to cry...hope she gets better soon! And thank God for T.V. on sick days....what in the world did anyone ever do without it??? Sending prayers for health your way...

Love ya,