Monday, April 16, 2007

two words

praise. Jesus.

buz called this evening on his way home and asked me what i was doing. to which i replied, "taking pictures of the goo."

"doing what?"


let me state for the record how much i love that she has enough hair to have bed head.

my baby is back.

she has had THREE bottles of formula. pedialyte-diluted lactose-free formula. but "milk" nonetheless. she took a FOUR HOUR NAP. big h took a 2 1/2 hour nap. guess what mom did?

napped with him. i couldn't pass up the opportunity. i just couldn't. so while my baby rested from her tough 5 days and began the recuperation process in nighty-night land, i snuggled with the boy who doesn't want me within 10 feet most days lately. bliss.

tomorrow is a new day. and because the goo is finally on the road to recovery, i believe i am going to shower. and finally shed my ski breckenridge hand-me-down t-shirt from my brother circa 1989 and my brown yoga pants. and clean this nasty head of hair.

tomorrow is a new day.

and franklin...for your viewing pleasure. the monstrosity that has become our living room. (yes, big h is wearing his lovely and HOT elmo costume. never ceases to amaze me.)

2 comments. what magazine is my son posing for? and why on God's green earth does it look like he's wearing a shade of mauve on those lips?


Donna said...



Kelly from Montana said...

come on mom, mauve looks good on him. but i am wondering where the potty is now that spiderman has invaded the living room or is that old new now???

Sugar Photography said...

oh my goodness, SO glad to see happy goo again!!!

and, of course, elmo-henry is pretty fun to look at too ;)

yay you!

Franklin5 said...

So unbelievably thrilled to see happy Goo. And beside myself to see the amazing Spiderman contraption. You are the coolest mom in the entire world.

Also: reassured to see that mine aren't the only children still wearing their Halloween costumes on a fairly regular basis. I'd like to think that Katie WON'T want to wear her full-length plush giraffe costume once the temps soar into the 90s, but I'm certainly not going to put any money on it.

Your family is just too cute for words. said...


Jami Leigh said...

Love those smile'n baby pics! So cute.