Thursday, April 12, 2007

been a while, huh?

this is more for the grandparents. this is probably one post you can skip through because there is nothing funny or slightly entertaining. just the hard facts, people.

(big sigh)

this will only take a second.

the goo. well, she's just still not herself. last wednesday, she had two ear infections. last night, she threw up. now, i realize that people who read this little piece of the internet are not all mommies, so i will refrain from going into full detail. oh, but i SO want to.

she threw up 4 times around six last night and was just about as pitiful as they come. we had to put her down last night without anything. no bottle. just a teaspoon of pedialyte. wouldn't surprise me if she was thinking, "yeah, um, just knock me out. i can't handle this no warm beverage at night thing." it was so incredibly sad. and somehow i was the one who got the honor? never sure how that works. but in buz's defense, i was done in a matter of minutes, and he had a LONG way to go before he got to relax.

anyhoo. after talking to the on-call nurse several times, we came to the conclusion that we could give her milk after at least 8 hours of no vomiting. she seemed to think that the goo would sleep pretty well. and she was right. woke up at 6. fed her about 4 ounces of a bottle. then, she was doing ok, so i gave her a tsp of pedialyte. and after receiving my medical degree from Internet U, i declared it ok to give her ONE cheerio. this was NOT my finest act of motherhood. definitely would've had my license revoked.

rats! i had to start the whole thing over again. the one tsp of pedialyte every 5-10 minutes. for those of you who have experienced this, it makes for THE LONGEST day. and she never really got satisfied. we went on a walk, and she slept. she took three naps. poor goo. finally around 4:30, the nurse had called back to tell me that it would be ok to give her some pedialyte in a bottle. 2 ounces or so. we did. she loved it. she also said we could give her a little formula. she did NOT, however, love that so much.


so again...back to square one. big h proceeded to tell every living soul at school that "baby greeya was not feeling well and she kept pitting up all of her orange carrots." and i was nervous about sharing too much information.

she is asleep. we were told not to give her any more milk products until at LEAST tomorrow night. :( so it's pedialyte for now.

poor goo.

oh, and it's sad enough that i can't think of a single funny big h story, other than him being adamant about me "not eating my toes, mama. toes are NOT! FOR! EATING!"