Wednesday, April 25, 2007

just a regular 'ol wednesday around here

we go to bible study at our church on wednesday mornings. fun is had by all every week. the goo gets fed, loved on, and put to sleep for some beauty rest.big h has been described as "a ham" in the chapel time of the morning. and his teachers talk lightning mcqueen (yighteen ah-keen) and mater mater with him, so they have been invited into his core inner circle. and mommy. well, she gets TWO uninterrupted hours with women. i sip on a beverage of my choice, enjoying a morning treat of my choice. and marvel at the intelligent adult interaction that is occurring around me.

not today.

buz and i had other plans for the day. or i should say God had different plans for us. because we definitely did NOT plan this one.

i woke from a deep sleep at 4:00 this morning. before i go any further, let the record state that i am ONE DEEP sleeper. buz used to get very frustrated with me when both big h and the goo were infants and i was nursing because he had to wake me when they started crying in the middle of the night. sign of a bad parent? i don't think so. i just value my sleep. i love. to. sleep. anyway, woke up needing to use the restroom with quite a bit of urgency. after galloping to the restroom, i came to the realization that i did NOT feel too well. note the understatement. buz woke up asking if i was ok. to play the martyr, "oh yeah, i am fine." and then i was doubled over. now, i am confident in my pain tolerance. buz gave me the nickname "hoss" (so ladylike) during our labor with big h because i labored without ever having an epidural. (weentrab, don't even start. i know, i know. you went natural. you are and will remain my hero.) anyway, to see me on my knees facing the porcelain throne at 4:30 a.m. was a big deal. buz made the executive decision to call his brother and his wife (who live all of 5 minutes away) to have one of them come over. buz felt like we needed to go to the ER. lucky for both of us, neither of us are afraid of hospitals. buz has always worked in a hospital, and i worked in one prior to having big h. so my sister-in-law got to our house within 10 minutes, literally. and we headed over to the local (in-network) ER. gowned up and got ready for my urine sample, catheterization, IV, and CT scan. nice. kidney stones, people. this is NOT enjoyable. i repeat. NOT fun at all. so after 2 hours and an encounter with a VERY WEIRD ER doc, we received my Rx and we were out the door with orders to go home to rest. any stay at home moms out there? go home and rest? is that a joke? yeah, maybe with a overpriced babysitter and a hotel room. but reality. nope. so buz took big h to run some errands, and i napped while the goo napped. and life is back to normal now. i am just armed with some potent pain meds if and when the need arises.

just a regular 'ol wednesday around here.


Weentrab said...


you poor thing!

I've never had kidney stones, but I hear they are NO FUN

so sorry you had to go through that. big hugs! so glad you have family around to lend a helping hand when you need it!

feel better HOSS!

Franklin5 said...

Oh, NO. No no no no no no no. Didn't you get the memo? Mommies aren't allowed to be sick! And most certainly not permitted to be doubled over the porcelain throne at wee small hours of the morning. This won't do AT ALL.

Honey, I am so sorry for you and hope this passes (I cringe as I type) quickly and easily. Because it's true that unmedicated labor is no walk in the park, but at least you get an incredible human being at the end of it.

Mad props to cute Buz for getting you to the doctor so quickly and giving you a wedge of quiet time. Feel better soon!

casey said...

oh Jan...i have been there and i so feel your pain. Had them when I was pregnant with very painful. Much worse than labor in my humble opinion. Hope you are feeling better...ughhhh.


Kelly from Montana said...

last time you blog about having no stories to tell, huh?
take care of yourself or better yet have someone do it for you:)
love you and get out here and see us!!!

Jenn said...

yeek! No bueno. I'm so sorry! I hope Thursday has been better.

Melody said...

I just stopped by to visit via Boomama, and was so enthralled by your man's post that I decided to read a little more of your blog. I'm so sorry to hear about your kidney stone...I completely empathize with you on this one. I have had more than 25 of them myself, and yes, they are worse than labor. I have had 4 med-free births, and while the pain is quite similar, the labor is relatively short compared to a stone which can last for weeks...

That said, DRINK, DRINK, DRINK. You want to flush that thing out as soon as possible! Although, if you were puking and now you aren't and the pain is gone, you may have passed it already...YAHOO!

Anyway, I'll have to be checking back to see how you are doing!

Oh, and go kiss that man of yours, he's a KEEPER!

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