Friday, July 18, 2008

public service announcement

seems that there is an issue in need of clearing up.

my blog name? is life with the wisners, right?

hundred (imaginary) dollars to the person who doesn't know me in real life but who knows the correct pronunciation of my last name.

and here's the clue: it does NOT rhyme with wise guy.

and here's the other clue: it DOES rhyme with wiz kid.

i know. you think there should be a Z in there. but there's not. but there's also NOT an E following the S.

poor buz. got his name mispronounced all. the. time as a kid. and a teenager. and an adult.

and then, we got hitched. and so the legacy continues. we always know when a telemarketer is on the phone. (other than the unavailable or out of area that shows up on the caller ID.) because they say, "hi, may i talk with janet WIZENER please?" and the sad thing? they ask with such confidence. like they are so sure of the pronunciation.

bless their hearts.

before i got married, i had pretty much the easiest maiden name. i mean, it was no jones or smith or anything. but NO ONE mispronounced it. no one.

but now? all. the. time. (and i'll let you in on a little secret? when i met buz, i thought it was wizener too. so don't feel bad.)

and so the record has been set straight.

(i know one cute, little person who is loving this post. she actually calls me wizener because her name is always mispronounced too. yeah. my friend weentrab that i always talk about? turns out her last name is NOT weentrab. just my little nickname for her. and no, you cannot call her that. it's exclusive to me. only me.)

go forth in confidence.

and enjoy your weekend.

oh, and also enjoy this photodocumentation that there is indeed a mr. and mrs. buzz lightyear.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness those pictures!!! I love them:-)

Colored With Memories said...

Glad to know I am in good company with that last comment I know, among telemarketers, etc. I just always assumed it was said w/a long I.

Thanks for the much needed PSA.

Janelle said...

A little birdie (alana) whispered in my ear about how to pronounce your last name. Gotta love the little birdie!

Those pictures ROCK.

Sugar Photography said...

I am tickled pink to see this post. Not just that-but a shout out by My Buddy Wisener? Seriously made my day.

Much love to my Noone-Knows-How-To-Pronounce-Our-Married-Names friend

The one, the only, the Weentrab

R said...

girl, i can relate.

i've had the problem ALL my life, though--both in my pre-marital AND marrried life. before i married, i was a snively. after i married, i became a dees, but i hear it pronounced "deese" and "diaz" all the time. i mean, Husby IS Hispanic and all, but who would ever think "dees" was pronounced "diaz"?!

Megan said...

Cooper to Ruwe wasn't easy, either. It never occurred to me that we have that in common. Love you!

Marina said...
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Anonymous said...

i need to know - what was your maiden name?? and feeling you...

xo - sarah katherine forbes figueroa radicello