Friday, July 04, 2008

God love him

buz, that is.

it's 915 on friday night. friday, the fourth of july. and he is with big h. at the local fireworks display.

and that local fireworks display? yeah, it doesn't start until 930. and they have been there since eight o'clock.

God love him.

have i mentioned that buz isn't that fond of crowds? i haven't? small detail.

big h heard about fireworks somewhere (me) and has been excited ever since. when he has a chance to go somewhere, he will ALWAYS pick buz. i used to have a complex about it. ok, i lied. i still do have a complex about it. but it is easier to swallow because big h is nicer about it.

so naturally he wanted to go see fireworks with daddy. and i was totally fine with it because i'm just writing letters and doing silly computer time and reading the latest issue of my magazine. while goo is nighty night.

but big h doesn't understand the whole concept of waiting. bless his heart. actually, bless buz's heart.

they left (with big h donned in jammies) with some snacks (upon my suggestion, i might add thankyouverymuch) and headed out to the field. at eight o'clock.

buz has called no less than fourteen times to discuss various things going on. oh, and he's not a phone talker. so he just called (915) and asked if i could look up online what time they start.


"you're kidding, right?"

no dear. not kidding. and i loved it. because big h is in the background talking non-stop to who knows who about who knows what. just excited to be awake so late. :)

i am absolutely 100% madly IN LOVE with my spouse, the father of our children.

God love him.


Colored With Memories said...

love it!

we haven't seen fireworks since 2003...either pregnant or with young baby or just didn't want to miss their 7:30 bedtimes...

i think splitting up like that is very smart! great idea.

R said...

i have a girlfriend whose 1-year-old son is beginning to "choose" his daddy, and she's having a hard time with it. :0(

Janelle said...

Hope it was worth the wait! No doubt, memories were made.

How was your magazine?

Alana said...

Hope they enjoyed those fireworks. I'm sure it was worth the wait. Way to go, Buzz!

Life In Progress said...

We did the same thing this year. Jason stayed home with a sleeping Charlotte & I took Caroline down the road to watch fireworks.

It worked beautifully.