Monday, July 21, 2008

overall, i'd say it was a good day

so buz and i ended the evening last night recapping the day for our birthday girl. (after she was asleep, of course.)

and we were pretty sure as she nuzzled into bed with all of her nighty-night items, she probably thought that her second birthday was near perfect.

it took me the entire day to agree with her.

(big sigh)

you know that mom? the mom that is easily frustrated? and makes everyone around her grumpy?

i was that mom. yesterday. on my daughter's second birthday. sad, but true. i'm afraid.

goo didn't sleep well saturday night, which means i woke up a lot and just looked at her in the monitor tossing and turning and moaning. never really waking so never really warranting any parent to enter. but still.

when i looked at the monitor early in the morning, i noticed that i could see, IN THE MONITOR, her bottom. like her bare bottom. like her bare bottom with no diaper.

nice. made me IMMEDIATELY think of amanda and what she seems to be going through these days.

it just so happens that i could NOT get goo's slide show to work. i worked all night on saturday night. i know...i know how to have a good time on the weekend.

buz woke up yesterday morning early to try to fix/post it for me. he was diligent. he was ready to get his unstressed wife back. in a hurry.

all three of us went into goo's room with balloons (that big h and i had bought together at party city the night before). i think she was excited but maybe a little overwhelmed.

oh. and did i mention she has a runny nose? the yellowy thick kind? well, she has a yellowy thick runny nose. so obviously not quite up to par.

we all get a little sad around here when goo's not up to par.

so we did the balloon thing. and then big h was DYING to give her his gift. that he picked out himself.

i know what you're thinking. goo is too young for polly pockets. we think so too, but big h is determined to make them her favorite toys of all time. (and shhh...he loves playing with him. i am SO printing this out for his fiancee.)

anyway, he wanted to 'help' her open the gift. and she mistook that for trying to play with her toy. and let's just say she was less than thrilled with his generous assistance. she may have said something along the lines of PUSH PUSH. or something.

which made big h cry. like real big boy tears streaming down his face. while in his spider man jammies complete with spider webs hanging from the elbows.

and goo? doesn't really know how to play with polly pockets anyway. big h does. it was a mess.

i took a shower and got ready for church while buz got the kiddos ready. yes. he's a saint.

goo didn't have much trouble going to sunday school which was nice.

picked her up and big h up. life was good.


we told big h we were going to stop by the toy store to let goo pick out three toys for her birthday. because her slacker parents had NO CLUE what to get a two-year-old GIRL for her birthday. let her pick, we thought.

oh my.

the pouting that ensued. we (meaning big h) pouted the entire time we were there. but we (goo) finally decided on some things.

the pouting continued on the way home. and when we got home? i went immediately to the computer to try to fix the stupid slide show. seriously, janet. why bother? at this point, it was about principle. i had to finish.

they had lunch. big h played with goo's polly pockets and he let her play with his team geotrax.

i had to check his carotid artery.

she took a long nap. i took a long nap. dad took a long nap. big h, however, did not.

but big h and i headed to a birthday party at a gym, and he got to see all of his school friends. which did wonders for his self-esteem. goo and daddy came later.

once the birthday party ended, we took goo to her favorite restaurant for dinner. really, it's her favorite. i have never been there where she hasn't gone to town on some pasta, fruit, and m'n'm cookie. and fresh lemonade.

headed home for a final viewing of max and ruby with brother. bath. and bedtime.

so all in all, i think this is how goo must have viewed her birthday:
starbucks scone for breakfast
church with easy drop off
toy store for anything she wanted
pudding for lunch (she was offered more, but that was all she was interested in)
extended team geotrax play
long nap
playing, cake, and ice cream at brother's friend's birthday
pasta, lemonade, fresh fruit, and m'n'm cookie at favorite restaurant
bath time without having her hair washed

don't you agree? surely she concluded that this was indeed a good birthday.

even though it took hindsight (and buz) for me to realize it.

and tomorrow night, we're heading to the mall for a little family night. dinner, cupcakes, and no stroller. she lives on the edge. she's two, you know.

and mama? didn't take ONE picture of my two-year-old on her birthday. hanging my head in shame.


Anonymous said...

Totally know those days :-) Any occasion that falls on a Sunday is a little doomed. Sounds like it worked out okay though :-)
The slideshow is adorable! (Of course! With Goo how could it not be??)

Happy 2 Goo!!

Aimee said...

It does sound like a good b'day to me. I'm sure Goo had a great time. But I am distressed that you took NO PICTURES! WHAT?!?!?!? Oh well.

Colored With Memories said...

So Goo is flashing you in the video monitor, huh? Maybe I am glad we didn't go high tech.

No pictures? I was hanging my head too when I didn't get any good ones of the tater on her day. So, two days later we just dug out the clothes from that day and shot away!

No stroller? You're brave!

Anonymous said...

it's the days that you want to be perfect that so often aren't. i don't know if it's the pressure or what, but it can go downhill so bloody quickly.

pete and seem to have the biggest arguments on days like our anniversary. at dinner.

today is a new day with another celebration! onward and upward!

Kelly from Montana said...

i think you made up for all the pics over the last year - you are way too good. but i look forward to pics from the mall celebration:)

Janelle said...

Hold your head high. You are an amazing mom! Pictures, or no.