Tuesday, January 20, 2009

oh friend. i SO hope i can keep this up the entire year. i don't want to be debbie downer and already think that i may not be able to do it.

but i am having so much fun. all of the sudden, this "pressure" to capture their every day. has caused me to see things from different points of view. :) thanks for the suggestion.

goo and i played in her room today with her little people and princesses and crayons. seems belle and cinderella had a pretty exclusive lunch date today. see the princesses in the background? just hoping they would be asked to join? and mulan? she's pretty bold trying to get in on the action.

and they are so cliquish that they put jesse out in the food for the animals. snobs.

such a delicate eater.

goo too.

big h lovin' some ball time with goo.

we do this to her hair every time it gets washed. and she's so over it at this point. but it NEVER gets old for me. seriously? hilarious, right?

BPMD? when i put goo on the potty after bath tonight (which is rare but shouldn't be), and she said in her little inflection, "uh yes, i go tee tee on uh potty." seriously. if there was ONE picture i wish i could've caught...that one would've been it. her face LIT up. thinking maybe next week we'll buy panties. if i can muster enough courage to say 'panties' on a frequent basis. i am so used to undies and skivvies. panties just doesn't flow off the tongue quite as easily.


Anonymous said...

Love the little moments you've captured!

I'm crossing my fingers that the potty thing sticks! That's so nice when they get there!

Colored With Memories said...

panties! panties! panties!

yay for panties!

oh, and you must take her to disney world...she'll be free until she's 3! mulan does the best character meet and greet...i can totally see goo doing the warrior move she taught lily. you know w/the microphone/telescope thingy!?!

Kelly said...

Oh friend, you can do it. Just give yourself a few more days to get into the swing of it. You are doing awesome and the posts that come with it are fabulous. Keep me posted on the potty training business. We try to get Lucy to sit on the potty and she pretty much tells us that is not her things. Hum..... Not sure how to make it her thing. It would be heaven to have one in diapers and one out of diapers.

R said...

i know what you mean...i'm toying with the idea of starting this too, but i just can't stand the thought of failure! :0)

i hear ya on the panties too...i'm more of an "undie" gal, too!

chrys said...

oh wow...jesse in the animal food had me laughing aloud. i seriously would. not. know. what. to. do. with. a. girl! hilarious.