Monday, January 26, 2009

monday january 26 2009

i'm gonna bring it to you real tonight.

i am only on here because i told myself i would do this.

today has been a whew. and if you don't know what that means, it means that you literally say, "WHEW" when you think about the day.

long story short, goo has been lethargic.

thanks for stopping by.

ok, you know me. i can't stop at that.

we took big to school. where i found out that i will be helping with valentine's parties for BOTH kids. on the same day. sometimes i amaze myself with my own intelligence.

we came home, and she did not want to play. just wanted to lay on the couch. on the days that big h is in school, i do my very best to limit her television viewing to one 30-minute show right before nap time. but she was dragging.

and i'll be honest -- it was cold and rainy outside, and i wanted to be with her with a nice hot cup of java. java for me, by the way. it's a little too early for her.

i put her down for her nap, and she OUT. i had to wake her to go get big h. never fun. we got him, and some of his friends wanted us to come play at chick-fil-a. also, the mom (who is one of my buddies) wanted to talk to me about several things. so chick-fil-a we went. and had a great time.

but we got home, and she got on the couch and NEVER. MOVED. and the tv wasn't even on. big h just played by himself while i did the dishes and picked up a little. and she remained on the couch the rest of the afternoon. she ate a couple of bites of chicken and maybe one green bean (which are her favorite), and some corn on the cob. bless her heart. so buz started the bath at about 615, which is early for us. gave her a bath. watched one story time theater, and i put her bed. it's now 715, and she has been ASLEEP for about thirty minutes. no fever, but i gave her a motrin just in case.

bless her heart.

and i'm thinking big h's school will be canceled tomorrow. they have talked non-stop today about possibility of ice. i'd be ok with a day at home with my peeps.


Kelly said...

Oh sweet Goo, get to feeling better. It scares me when Lucy is like that. I hope she feels a bit more energetic tomorrow.

I felt the same way about posting today. Blah.

Jenna said...

Poor baby! I hope she wakes up feeling much better! Love you friend!

ispeakbeanish said...

Poor goo! I hope she's just tired and not sick! Stay warm tomorrow!

Beck said...

It ain't easy bein' Goo.

Dear G - could you please sneeze some lethargy in our direction? Trying to "play" with an infant is

aimee said...

Hope goo feels better soon! You are doing a great job of posting everyday!

Alana said...

Okay, who are you and what have you done with my friend? What is this turning into a super prolific blogger when I wasn't looking ;-) You're making me look bad! Seriously, though, I've been catching up a bit on life with the Wisners...and there was a lot of catching up to do!

Okay, those pictures of she feeling any better?

Colored With Memories said...

i'd hate for her to be sick...but don't you sort of like it when they are so sweet and cuddly like that!?!