Monday, January 19, 2009

to a new beginning

so i stumbled upon a blog several months ago. and lurked.

oh please, like all of you don't do it too.

anyway, i loved that this girl a) took pictures of her breathtaking daughter and b) spoke so highly of all of her family, including her husband.

and one day, i noticed that in one of the pictures her daughter had on some shoes that i had been looking for for goo. so because i'm shy and reserved, i emailed her and asked her what they were.
and she emailed me back.

fast forward to last thursday night when my friend weentrab texted me asking me to go to a kickboxing class. (seriously. stop laughing.)

i felt bad for her because for some reason i got the impression she didn't have anyone to go with. so i asked buz, and he was all for it. funny enough, it was down by my old house.

anyway, i went. and apparently, i didn't get the memo that you wear long pants and some form of dark top to kickbox.

and so aside from being the newbie, i also stood out a *tad* due to my bright yellow t-shirt and baby blue basketball shorts.

good times. always fun to draw attention to myself.

anyway, when i called weentrab to let her know that i was there and was peeking inside the window and was scared that everyone in there was bowing to their sensei, i found myself nervous and anxious. and she said, "we'll be right there."

that "we'll" made it clear to me that weentrab was not, in fact, coming alone. sweet. this meant i had an out.

nope. i wanted to stay. and so i did. and weentrab introduced me to all THREE of her other friends. one of whom i had heard about, one whom i had met before (who i thought was way fun), and one whom i had never met. when she introduced me to the girl i had never met, i realized it was the girl i had emailed about the girls' shoes.

small. freaking. world.

and again, in an effort to constantly bring attention to myself, i said, "oh! nice to meet you. i sent you an email about your daughter's shoes one time."

remember that part in dirty dancing where baby says, "i carried a watermelon" when she meets patrick swayze? great. now you know how i felt when i met her.

anyway, we have since exchanged emails, and i could just eat her up. and she is on a quest to put a picture of her children on her blog everyday as well as something she's thankful for everyday.

and i am inspired and encouraged to do the same.

but since i didn't decide to do that until this evening, yesterday's pictures will have to do.

as for something i'm thankful for, buz and i started doing this several years ago. my mentor in grad school gave me the suggestion to (as we're going to sleep at night) tell each other the best part of our day and one thing we want to pray for. we've been doing this since well before goo was born. and about how to end the day great. some days, the best part of my day seems small but is always big in my eyes. and some days, they are big things.

today? best part of my day (or BPMD) was when we were all ready for church and getting ready to walk out the door. goo had put her princess dress on over her church clothes. sunday is one day that i feel that it's important to look our best. i was not about to let her wear that to church. i said, "goo. we're ready to go. can you take your dress off yourself or do you want mama to do it?"

she took it off and then went and told buz, "i did it ah-self!"

huge milestone.

as for the pictures, we had a wonderful day yesterday. buz and big h got donuts and went to home depot. goo and i slept in. we had a great morning just getting little things done. we went outside in the afternoon and had a ball.

normally, i'm not a "whack out your images" kind of gal. but i was playing with my computer and liked this one of big h. clearly, it's not a vintage photo, but for some reason i loved it.

in this one, goo just kept throwing leaves and saying, "i yub ball." (read: i love fall.)

don't you just want to eat him up? no idea why he's so pale.

and goo getting to bounce with buz.

(and for the love of all that's good...why are my posts spaced all weird? ugh, that kills the OCD in me.)


R said...

i don't get the funky spacing either! it bugs me too.

how fun is this? i've been thinking about jumping on the "digital 365" bandwagon, but i've been scared to since my december daily failure. :0) this is a good idea, though!

R said...

i don't get the funky spacing either! it bugs me too.

how fun is this? i've been thinking about jumping on the "digital 365" bandwagon, but i've been scared to since my december daily failure. :0) this is a good idea, though!

Kelly said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures for your first day! Can't wait to see what the rest of the year holds. Great idea about your bedtime ritual. Love that.

Kristi said...

My New Year's resolution is to leave a comment when I visit a blog for the first time. So here I am . . . first time visiting and first time commenting.

Lovely photos. Witty prose. And although I don't actually "know" Kelly, the e-mail shoe gal, I do enjoy her blog and would love to meet her at a kick boxing class.

Colored With Memories said...

such a small world...that is crazy! loved the dd clip.

great pix!

Anonymous said...

It is a small world! It always amazes me how we're all connected.

PS. Great photos!

Anonymous said...

oh, i am so behind in reading all of the posts! LOVE that you kickboxed. so envious that you followed through and love, love LOVE these pictures in the leaves!!!